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  1. Today my headlight plastic cover started bubbling due to excessive heat from the factory bulb. No modifications have been made to the headlight assembly. I don't understand why this is happening? Anyway appreciate any insight as to what can be done to prevent re-occurrence while I arrange replacement under warranty. I'd rather not drop $300+ on the squadron setup but will if that's the only viable solution.
  2. Congrats on your new steed, good choice...most folks here just ignore the weep hole... follow Beta manual... fill to 850ml.... then go ride!
  3. Getting baby ready for her new pair of Italian shoes.... Goldentyre GT723's
  4. I'm sticking with recommended synthetic ester Motul stuff but it's your bike and to each his own. Folks do get a little religious bout oil around here but nobody ever got fired buying IBM... oops, I mean following Beta's specs
  5. Mark - thank you for the reply. I understand and appreciate the fact that all tires have compromises. I've got an older lighter honda 2 stroke cr250r that handles the serious off road stuff. Someday maybe an x-Trainer will find its way into the stable. Beta 500 RR-S usage is planned for back roads, fire roads, some woods, single track etc basically lil bit of everything. Noticed the designed in Italy GoldenTyre GT723 recently went on sale ~$185, still pricey, but not as ridiculous as they were. Plan to give it a shot, air down ~12psi for off-road, and see how it goes. Oz mentioned it in a Cross Training Enduro skills video as being new and worthy of consideration. I left the front Michelin stocker for now but may consider one of those fatty tires in future. The MotoZ H/T and I/T both look like good options.... Curious to hear what other Beta riders are using to balance adventure use longevity with off road capabilities.
  6. Congrats Ben! My girl took the MSF class last month which is highly recommend. She was the only woman in the class and got the 2nd highest combined road/classroom score. The top guy was an avid dirt biker! Half the battle is understanding how the bike operates, clutch friction zone, balance, applying brakes etc.... the other half is avoiding the morons trying to hit you on the road... be safe out there!
  7. Beta OEM mirrors are made in Italy and not cheap....
  8. Anyone have experience with these Aussie rear tires for 50:50 street/off road dual purpose usage on Beta or Kaboom thumper? Seem to have good reviews though a little pricey @$150...Other suggestions with respectable wear?
  9. I also switched from factory 15/48 to 14/48 and it seems to be a good compromise for adventure type. Rain mode also helps in the woods with taming the snappy throttle response.
  10. Interesting.... you're using that fountain pen to paint with a broad stroke... but hey whatever works for ya! All kidding aside, the Beta 500 RR-S is being touted, sold and marketed as a 50 state street legal "dual-sport" motorcycle. In fact, Beta was so confident in the motor that they recently increased USA factory warranty from 6 months to a full year. I sleep well doing mine every 20 hours or so... like most folks here.... guided by both the manufacturer and the highly respected cross training enduro folks, see their video above and others here , which in my humble opinion, are all extremely well done.
  11. I understand your point however many folks like me ride Honda high performance four stroke sport quads TRX450R, TRX400ex exclusively in the woods, year after year.... we change the oil regularly following the manufacturer recommended maintenance guidelines... The Hondas are well known and respected for their engine reliability despite the extreme heat, 25 micron whatever dirt, heat cycling etc. endured in Northeast trails.... General feedback on the Beta engines has also thankfully been very good. Certainly if it helps you sleep better changing the oil more often then by all means go for it.... Engines ultimately wear no matter what.... and we could debate this forever so lets not.
  12. Johnny - thanks! we use Sena SMH10R's which are low profile helmet mounted for both street and off road. They also make better more expensive models, further distance etc. but these are fine for most folks. The Grom is a blast and great learner bike. She'd love a Beta 125 RR-S someday but is vertically challenged. Appreciate the lessons learned on oil changes, looks like I'll be doing this often, three things I do know... right tighty lefty loosey, 750ml and don't over tighten plugs For now I'm going to chalk it up to a welcome visit from Beta's very own horsepower fairy... hopefully she comes again
  13. Not yet but have a leftover IRC Battle Rally TR8 4.00 x 18 from another project ready for install soon.
  14. Interesting to hear.... I'm certainly not racing the big thumper or bangin consistently on the rev limiter.... think more traditional dual sport usage. Gumby suggests 30hr intervals possibly more.... this bike has dual chambers (unlike the kabooms) w/ separate tranny and motor... so clutch debris shouldn't infiltrate... and using Beta recommended Motul products... not looking to make this an oil debate... and of course ymmv
  15. Yes, initial oil change done at 3 hours and next at almost 20 hours... oil and filter looked relatively normal (no obvious sludge).... what interval are you suggesting? Krannie's ECU response seems the most plausible.