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  1. I vote it should be strictly limited to discussing anything and everything bout Beta trials, smokers and thumpers! Of course add Beta snow sleds too...
  2. Luv it or hate it the white mask is GONE.... now if it would only stop snowing....
  3. Installed fancy new hour meter on Beta evo 200... actually more like a cheap $6 fleabay special... but it works for now...
  4. well more like a cheap $6 fleabay special but it works for now....
  5. and for god's sake I hope it at least came with a horn
  6. Thrilled with new Airoh brain bucket and size medium fits perfect
  7. Traded Beta's today... swapped the 16 Evo 300 with a 18 Evo 200... plan to share the new Italian Princess with the wife
  8. Yup and remove the dodgy electric start.... Real men kick the beast to life!
  9. Beautiful Beta with nice and easy kickstart!
  10. still coming down.....!
  11. Lucky bastard! Mine is buried in the blizzard....
  12. Traded our nearly new 2016 Beta EVO 300.... it was awesome but a bit too much power for wife and I to learn trials properly on.... more experienced trials riders will absolutely love it. I'm sure she will find a new home soon as these don't come up often in this condition at a steal price....
  13. Wow that happened quickly. Adrenaline must have taken over riding home in pain with broken bits. Glad to hear you're on the mend. The trials bike is like learning to ride all over again. I need to practice basic body positioning, balance and covering the clutch and brake at all times for recovery. Kinda wish we started on a 200 like you but we'll likely do more trail then hopefully be ok. It's amazing how she can creep along extremely slowly then just explode like a scalded cat with throttle! Must remember cover those levers at all times and continue watching Ryan Young training videos practicing learning skills.
  14. Congrats, enjoy and post your experience. Don't sweat the resale. Beta's are losing their secret identity and becoming mainstream.