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  1. It's not all bad seeing Beta prices creeping up... in this case shows demand increasing... and company confidence I'll take my spaghetti bike over rice and goulash everyday and twice on Sunday thank you very much
  2. link to Beta Fuel Cap Rough Edit v1 VF720p
  3. Pickup a set of TEKTON 3573 7-Inch Internal Snap Ring Pliers or Snap-On if you hit lottery. They make easy work of pulling oil filter.
  4. Ray Peters has been an ambassador to the Trials sport for many years. Message him on facebook to order here
  5. Exactly my thought..., except spent an hour ++ cleaning up space with Silky saw and was too dam exhausted to practice! Planning to stuff 5lb Echo CS-2511T chainsaw, lots of water and OFF deep woods bug spray in backpack next time...
  6. Truth be told I'll probably never participate in a trials event. The thought of driving several hours just isn't my thing though I'm sure it would be loads of fun. My primary purpose is to cross train skills, tackle obstacles to improve my riding and enjoy the great outdoors... The Garmin Montana GPS can be easily moved from bike to bike... It is helpful to track riding time, locations, distance and set way point challenges... Some folks use their smartphones to do same...
  7. I'm thrilled never to have to fook with that stupid plastic piece of sheet fuel cap again. Thank you Ray Peters . Bravo!
  8. The cheap Chinese fleabay magnets finally came in the mail today after 2+ months and 5 e-mails back and forth to save a couple bucks Ran into the same challenge lol... ended up having the magnet attach into the triple tree clamp bolt... then put some clear tape over it... Seems okay for now but I'll probably forget it's there!
  9. Sent pics off to my local NJ Beta dealer this morning... Service mgr, who I consider very knowledgeable, said it's relatively common with o-rings and should even out as chain heats up... chain wax is too thick to penetrate past o-ring.... I'll keep an eye on it and if it doesn't then replace... may try cleaning that section of chain with kerosene....
  10. Beta 500 RR-S with about 60 hours on OEM chain that looks a little wonky in certain spots. Chain wax has been liberally applied and it doesn't appear dirty or rusty etc. Should I replace? If so, recommendation?
  11. Good point... Mike @ TryalShop mentioned same and keeping a magnet on the frame... aside from safety, the tether may help save the engine from over revving and blowing up if throttle gets stuck during a fall.
  12. I have a spare magnet just wasnt thinking about it until..... need to keep a cheap magnet on the frame at all times The Silky though comes everywhere and got a workout... had a 20 foot tree partially down blocking the path and couldn't be easily jumped at least at my skill level. Fifteen min of heavy breathing and sweat later tree had a clean 9" slice thru it and no longer a problem... Silky is a lifesaver and highly recommended!
  13. Yesterday evening out riding the side of a small cliff practicing jumping two small consecutive logs several feet away with a small tree in the path... let's just say things didn't go quite as well as planned... I'm diving over the bars and the bike stalls... all ok, no broken bones or parts, kick it 3x and nothin! wtf? Look at the bars and my tether that was wrapped on my wrist was nowhere to be found.... Now I'm a couple miles in the woods and walking back is front and center in my mind. Systematically I start searching the ground under leaves everywhere for the dam red tether.... after what seems like 10 min but probably more like 3... found it not far from my fall... deep exhale, she fires back to life! lesson learned always carry spare tether magnet in backpack!
  14. It flickers a little at low rpm but other than that it's ridiculously bright.... 5 minutes to install
  15. Thank you.... northern NJ.... West Milford in Passaic County....