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  1. MarantzManiac

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    Beta factory is very much aware as they told my dealer to replace after weeks and many hours of troubleshooting.... I'm not convinced there's a small number of wiring harness issues.... this thread certainly validates that claim.
  2. MarantzManiac

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    Beta replaced my wiring harness under warranty... this is a well known issue and we can only hope they fixed whatever problem(s) caused harness to fail. I'm not betting they did. I love my Beta but frankly we should not be dealing with these electrical gremlins in 2018 on any motorcycle... especially one that could leave you stranded deep in the woods. Going forward I'll carry small jump start battery as insurance.... C'mon Beta Factory put out an update. Seven pages of electrical complaints and consumer troubleshooting isn't good for the brand's reputation on otherwise dam good bike.
  3. Ben.... I don't care what Kran says about you.... you're alright! 😁
  4. MarantzManiac

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Got high on singletrack shrooms.....
  5. MarantzManiac

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    Dealer had my bike for 6 weeks troubleshooting electrical gremlins. Service manager was hesitant on my wiring harness suggestion swapping lots of parts before Beta factory said yeah do that and change both. They did the diodes as well and she's charging like she should now. I'm getting ready to trade her in for the new CRF450L.. uh no thanks and I like hondas... watched video of some poor guy who forgot hondas don't come factory with Rekluse, crash into starting line àt exclusive invitation only dealer demo ride ... kinda funny but ouch how embarrassing. Aside from that drama looks like a big red pig showed up really late to the dance. Instead gonna kiss and massage her start button tonight before bed.... thanks for the heads up Ben!
  6. MarantzManiac

    1 year with my 2018 390RRS/Gear

    some folks will say change your oil & filter every 5 hours.... my 2 cents is 20 hours max provided you're mostly trail riding... it's your bike so ride on
  7. MarantzManiac

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    Mine's at the dealer waiting on new wiring harness due to low voltage charging. Seems to be known issue. The voltage regulator was also changed with minimal improvement from 12.8 or less charging. The stator was swapped and thankfully not the problem. I see the 3 diodes in parallel at the top. If you could markup the schematic with red lines showing the modification to yield 14v that would be mightily appreciated!
  8. Good points thanks! I'll definitely ask if they don't need to send back to Beta as they're covering under warranty.
  9. I asked if replacement harness had same part number and it does. Beta does however improve problematic parts without notification so there's a chance a new and improved (longer!) harness will be installed.... fingers crossed
  10. New info today... bike's electrical gremlins appear related to the wiring harness with replacement now on order....
  11. MarantzManiac

    2017 430 RRS...dead battery while riding today? Need help.

    My 2016 Beta 500 RRS has been stuck at the dealer for 3+ weeks for under charging electrical, dead battery etc... they replaced voltage reg but didn't fix the problem under load.... they're working with Beta corporate to further diagnose. Bike has less than 60 hours... hoping its not the stator... wondering if this is a systemic Beta problem?
  12. Strongly recommend other Beta RRS owners install volt meter on frame in plain sight... cheap insurance
  13. My 17 Beta 500 RR-S is in the shop due to electrical charging issues... dealer changed voltage regulator which increased voltage from 12.3 v to 13+ v however once a load is added (stock headlight etc.) the voltage drops back down to 12v and stops charging the battery. It's always been on a battery tender... only adds are Garmin Montana mount, Squadron Pro headlight & tender pigtail.... hoping the stator isn't fooked with < 60 hours run time.
  14. MarantzManiac

    Do Beta Dealers Typically “Deal”?

    If you want a better deal wait until the 19s are out to save a couple hundred if stock is available. At that point you'll probably want the latest and greatest updates unless its just BNG. I've never paid above MSRP or for destination, prep etc and got a sweetheart deal on new 500 RRS. Prices jumped $600 on that model this year. Check Craigslist and Facebook daily for lightly used garage queen and have cash ready.... Betas are not the niche motorcycle they were five years ago.
  15. MarantzManiac

    Show me your...BETA !

    Rattlers and Coppers would be smart to stay out of our backyard... I'm not going to lose one of our dobermans over a snake... however we've seen snake tail coming out of their mouths so not sure they need protection. Saw this deadly guy last year.... harmless pink ring-neck snake!