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  1. MO_YZ450F

    Aftermarket Pipe opinions...which is the best?

    I would say for the money, the White Brothers E2 is a good buy and offers track or trail setup.
  2. For trail riding (what I mostly do), I went to a renthal 13 tooth front sprocket. Considering going 49 tooth back as well. I've heard flywheel weights are good too for series trailriding (mountains and such), but you would want to take it off for track most likely.
  3. MO_YZ450F

    Oil Change Question 04 YZ450F

    Any need to drain the side bolt (under gear shift) and oil filter drain bolt then, if only doing an oil change without filter change? So just those two bolts, or all four? thanks.
  4. MO_YZ450F

    Oil Change Question 04 YZ450F

    S....O.....B. Case Closed. I found it. Damn. Thanks everyone. (knocking self on head with wrench).
  5. MO_YZ450F

    Oil Change Question 04 YZ450F

    The engine was warm when I drained the oil, plus I kickstarted it with the kill switch on 5 times to get it all out. The only plugs (according to the manual) are on pg 3-15 of the manual. 1) oil tank plug (dipstick), 2) Oil filler cap, 3) Drain Bolt with gasket (main plug at bottom of engine), 4) Oil Filter drain bolt, and 5) Drain Bolt with Gasket (under shift lever). If all of those are drained, what am I doing wrong? It's been 2 hrs, went back and checked it dead cold, oil still flows out when I take the dipstick out. Where is this "frame" bolt under the dipstick located? Do I need to remove a plate or anything? Thanks fellas.
  6. Okay all, I've been riding bikes for many years and this new 04' bike has got me stumped. Here is the problem. When changing the oil (typical, no oil filter change), I take out the drain plug (bottom of engine), then side bolt (by gear shift lever), then the manual says to also unscrew the bottom oil filter drain plug. Should I have to do that if I don't want to change the filter? Part two: After all the oil has drained, I hold down the kill button and kick 5 times, clearing out all oil leftover that didn't drain. Then I put all the screws back in, and fill with 1000ML or 1 Qt. Manual says 1.07 for typical change, 1.17 w/ oil filter change, for a total of 1.27 qts. Anyway, once I fill the bike with 1000ML, I start for 3 minutes. Let cool for 5. Check the dipstick for oil level and as soon as I unscrew the dipstick from the frame, oil starts flowing out!! This makes me believe I have to much oil in the bike, but this can't be! Please help! Also, I do check for oil pressure and that is fine. Thanks.
  7. MO_YZ450F

    What size sprockets you running?

    Running Renthal 13 tooth on front, stock 48 on back. The 13 on the front is like going up 3 in the back I believe, although some may argue. I'm considering going to a 49 or 50 on the back, since I ride more trails now.
  8. MO_YZ450F

    Aftermarket Pipe

    Hey Guys, shopping for pipes again. I have an 04 450. I'm looking at the White Brothers E2 pupe for best price I can find of $294, rockymountainatv.com Anyone have opinion on pipes? I would like to stay at 300 or under. Don't race weekly, mostly run trails, but ride track too. I like the E2 because it comes with the spark arrestor insert, or the end cap for closed track. What about big guns, fmf, pro circuit...anything out there compete with the white brothers? thanks fellas. MO_YZ450F
  9. MO_YZ450F

    2006 YZ450 Or 2006 CRF450????

    Yes, wait for sure. My experience is that the Honda's are a little shorter, more manueverable, a little slower, but more rider friendly. Yammy's are taller, stiffer, faster. This is based on the 04's, have no idea about 05 and 06's. I love my yammy and I know Honda's are equally as good, if not better. Just depends on your riding skill I would say, and how you plan to use the bike. Harescrambles, motocorss, desert....Good Luck!!
  10. MO_YZ450F

    Aftermarket Pipe 04 YZ450F

    I actually like the 13 tooth on the front. I still have stock on the back, but am considering going up one or two more. I almost bought a flywheel weight (12-15oz), but decided to try sprockets instead. I'm looking to sacrifice a little top end/speed, for more grunt/low end. Particularly because I ride trails more and would like to be able to use the engine and gears more, rather than the brakes when going down hill and down over rocks. Right now, I have to work the clutch all the time through the trails. Any other thoughts on how to handle this situation? I want to still be able to hit the track though without losing too much. Thanks.
  11. MO_YZ450F

    Aftermarket Pipe 04 YZ450F

    Sweet, thanks for the reply man. That's why I probably will spend $215 on the White Brothers E Series pipe. It's aftermarket, will sound better, perform better, and I'm sure is lighter. Just didn't know if there was anything else out there to compare it with. Forget spending $800, I've got a ton of more mods I could buy for that. 200 of which would be for an ICat. I hear those are sweet, along with switching out my stock air filter for a UNI, and a DID or Renthal chain and sprockets. late
  12. Hey all, anyone have an opinion on aftermarket pipes? I'd like to trade out the stock and put on maybe a white brothers E series S bend, for about $200 bucks. What about FMF pipes or Pro Circuit? I'd like to stay under $300 if possible. And do I HAVE to buy the midpipe, or can I just pull off the stock pipe and stick on a new one? Thanks, later!
  13. MO_YZ450F

    Lake Perry Riding

    been there many times over the years. it's trails and open areas, no track. There is a small kids area track for the little ones. They recently put in bathrooms and picnic tables too and increased parking. Trails are distinct, however, it's go anyway you can, non-directional if you will, so look out for other riders. It's not that big of an area, so it makes for a fun day and you will get to ride all the trails. Find Perry, KS on mapquest and look for the Dam, on the lake. The ORV area is next to the dam. Email me if you have more questions. Later!