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    I am selling a "Like New" Moto Tassinari V-Force 3 Reed Valve System Honda CR250 Fits 1986-2001, part #V305A, this was mounted and used for maybe 2 hours. Includes V-Force Reed Block, NEW Gasket, Box, Stickers, and instructions.


    Spokane, Washington - US

  2. I recently had a valve break in my 07 CRF 450, the head and the piston are toast!!! I either need to repiar and replace my clynder, there are a coule of 3/8" gouges (not very deep) in the wall of the clynder, and would like your opinions. Thanks in advance.
  3. This is was what I am referring to when I said Throttle stop screw:
  4. I spent most of the weekend going back through the bike, and had a buddy look at it too. We found a couple of things: Decompression release was a bit out of spec, adjusted to correct spec. Since it has a QickShot on the carb, we adjusted the accerator pump adjustment to the correct spec. Spark Plug gap was no set correctly. I did adjust the Throttle stop screw all th way in, is this correct?
  5. Yeah, I checked them all. I have a pretty good set of feeler guages from Snap-on. Not sure what the issue is???
  6. Thanks for the great advice. I did check the valves, and all looks correct and within manual specifications. I agree, this is something basic I am missing. I took the carb apart a couple times. ???
  7. Took the carb off, and cleaned and replace the pilot jet (45). Checked the vacuum release plate, all ok. Still won't fire up.
  8. To clarify, the bike ran only with the choke on when I bought it. After I cleaned the carb and removed the extra o-ring and washer from the fuel screw the bike will not start.
  9. I searched this topic and spent the last couple of days reading stuff, but didn't find anything? I just bought a 2004 CRF 450, the guy I bought it from could get it to start but only with the choke on. I brought it home, and pulled the carb apart to clean it. I found an extra o-ring and washer on the Fuel screw. I finished cleaning the carb, and putting it back together. I set the fuel screw 1 1 /2 turns out according to the manual. I could not get it fire up, so I checked spark and timing...NADA!!! I kept turning the fuel screw out, still nothing?? Very frustrating. So I am here to ask for some help, please! Any help would be appreciate! Also, there is a Boysen Quick Shot on this carb, manual says to turn the fuel screw out 1/2 to 1/4.
  10. Finally figured it out. I was trying to back off the tenstion by backing off the adjuster, but found it was back all the way off. I used a flat bladed screwdriver with a bit more force, and I was abled to turn the adjuster.
  11. I pulled my forks apart again, and even removed the dampening rod. The center bolt adjuster moves freely when I take it off the dampening rod, but once I start to thread the center bolt I can not turn the adjuster. Before I pulled the forks apart I did back both the Comp and Rebound adjusters all the way out.
  12. Thanks for the info... Yes, before I took the forks apart I backed off the adjuster on both rebound and compression. The adjuster turns freely once I remove it from the dampening rod.
  13. I have a 07 CRF 450, I am in the process of cleaning all my fork componets and changing the oil. I have everything cleaned and starting the assembly process, but after putting one fork together the rebound adjuster will not move??? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Just bought a newer CRF 450, and found my Billy Who Man funnel would not fit properly. Tried to find a new one, but can't? What happened to Billy Who Man funnels?
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