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  1. I was planning on regreasing the rear end (linkage and swingarm bolt) this winter. I was just following along with the workshop manual and it shows that so I assumed I needed it?
  2. So after searching it out, it seems most people are making the tool to remove the locking nut for the swing arm bolt on the 650R. Does anyone have one for sale that they don't need anymore? My fabricating skills aren't really that good and I don't want to booger up the bolt or frame...I also don't want to pay $80 for something I'll use once a year. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. mjf6866

    Will I be happy?

    Dang that's the first I've heard of that spring too! Mines a 98 and living in the north east it's almost always muddy and wet to some degree. Guess I've been lucky with rust. Always hosed the bike off after every ride too.
  4. mjf6866

    Will I be happy?

    i've had my kick stand weld go soft and also the rear sub frame under the seat crack in the 19 years i've owned the bike. luckily i know someone that can weld. whats the shift reset spring issue?
  5. mjf6866

    Will I be happy?

    i'd like to add that I've had my 98 XR400 since July of 99 and have used it primarily as a woods bike. its the perfect bike for where i ride....western PA, tight and technical woods where low end grunt and maneuverability is king. this bike blends both quite nicely. small enough for my 5'8" 175lb frame to wrestle with enough low end grunt and mid range to get me ANYWHERE I want to go. rock solid reliablity cant be matched either. just recently i purchased a plated XR650R for some dual sport action and while that thing is a powerhouse compared to the 400, its just really too heavy to take it in some of the spots i can wrangle my 400 when i'm hardcore trail riding. not to say someone cant do the same with the 650R, but the 400 just does it so well for me. might be because i'm so used to my 400, but i know i would never sell it...even next to how awesome the 650R is. the XR400, in my opinion is the perfect woods bike. edit: i forgot to mention i just put the Mikuni pumper carb on my 400 and it really woke it up. pulls the front tire at will in 2nd gear. rest of the mods are just the basic "gordon mods". never had the engine apart and it never uses oil after almost 20 years. i've just been religious with oil changes and keeping her clean.
  6. No but thank you for checking in with me. I gave up and bought a plated XR650R but may revisit the trials bike down the road again. Are you looking to sell one?
  7. Thank you! I probably will next spring after it's winters nap. Does it really wake it up that much? I found that I should have put a knobbier rear on it cause in the dirt these tires suck if it's even if here a hint of mud.
  8. wow that thing is gorgeous! how much more power are you putting down (roughly)?
  9. thanks...i lucked out the same way when i found my XR400 way back in the day...basically ridden in the field and on gravel roads and owned by an older gentleman.
  10. thanks! i was pretty lucky in finding it. modifying the L into the mid 40hp range would be awesome. the L was more comfortable than my R and having that electric start would be nice sometimes
  11. mjf6866

    Show your Dual Sport XR650R

    Here's my 2005 that I just picked up last month. She's bone stock and actually came with the original tires. Didn't get ridden much. I'll change that lol
  12. i just picked up a 2005 650R when i was looking for a dual sport bike. found mine bone stock, low hrs for $2700. it had the original tires on it and was plated and had the title changed to M status! i really lucked out. this thing has more than enough power for me at 175lbs and 5'8". i'll uncork her eventually but i need to get used to it for a little while. i'm comin off an XR400 (which i'm keeping btw cause now it feels like a small nimble woods bike to play around on after riding the big red pig lol)....i'm a smaller guy and can manage the 650R pretty well in the woods that i've ridden in so far. i test rode an XRL before finding this gem and i can tell you the power is night and day between the two...even when mine is corked still.
  13. mjf6866

    Show your PIG

    thanks no, its actually an 89 CRX Si thats used for local autocross events. I've done a couple national match tours with it too. fun car!
  14. mjf6866

    Show your PIG

    My big pig (650R) and little pig (400R) Love both these bike
  15. mjf6866

    XR650R high idle when hot

    UPDATE: just in case anyone is following this thread in hopes to find a solution for any similar issues, i may have found it in my case. The pilot air screw (the one accessed from the right side of the bike) was only turned 1 and 1/2 turns out from full closed. I read in the manual that is the California version setting and everythinge else should be 2 turns out. i turned mine 1/2 turn out more to make it 2 full turns from stop and that seems to have fixed my problem. i've only got two rides in since doing that, but so far so good. the hanging idle after it gets hot seems to have vanished. it even seems to have a little more pep now. that might be in my head though lol. I will update if anything changes, but thanks for the help!