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  1. irme42day

    GOAT Style

  2. irme42day

    Snoqualmie - North Bend - North Fork Road

    I thought it, Seattle, was nice, but that was back in 1982 when myself and 82,000 of my closest friends went and saw Mick and the Boys play a few tunes in the King Dome.
  3. This is 5 minuets from the end of my driveway. Sorry you have to drive to ride dirt.
  4. irme42day

    Really strange transmission oil.

    Green? Did someone say green?
  5. irme42day

    Good brand names

    All this Mountain Biking talk, well I have never seen a Mountain Bilking! (BOO! HISS! Get the HOOK!)
  6. irme42day

    2019 WR250R Running Lights

    If you get whacked in the head hard enough the whole world has blinkers!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. irme42day

    How to get out of a hole

    And here in the summer it is just the opposite, you can cook your self and the local critters will eat the evidence.
  8. irme42day

    Duct Tape Shootout!

    Don't think I want to beat a gorilla with tape. (BOO, HISS)
  9. irme42day

    How to get out of a hole

    I hate it when that happens!
  10. one betwixt the eye balls does the job, go ahead and ask me how I know.
  11. irme42day

    How to get out of a hole

    They work well but a bit spendy.
  12. What? You didn't have your trusty .22 pump air rifle with you!
  13. I ran into 2 pit bull's and a dane! I had stoped and they come walk'n towards me, not be'n a diplomat I got back on the Honda and got the ba-jiggers out of there.
  14. Tony Llama sez;"All my kin dun came up this was from that there Southern Henisphere, but we shure ain't no Kangaroo!"
  15. Tony Llama sez; "You was in NEvadER and you didn't stop by to say "hi", well I'm just crushed!"