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  1. ELgoober0

    heath voss race bike.

    My friend who lives down the street saw him racing once. On that there Speed network channel. mm hmm. I'm just kidding. that header is pretty gnarly though, and those plastic radiator gaurds are HUGE. they stick out about 2" below and to the sides of the radiator.
  2. ELgoober0

    Suspension Bottom-outs

    well, it wasnt that big of a jump. the 230 just has a bad suspension.
  3. ELgoober0

    Suspension Bottom-outs

    the old 230.
  4. ELgoober0

    Post Pics of your 03-05 YZ450's!!

    is that a stock tank or a black one? i cant really tell. But that graphics kit is so awesome I might just buy it if I can scrap enough cash to make the frame black also. awesome bike.
  5. ELgoober0

    worlds youngest backflipper

    I wish I could do that period.
  6. ELgoober0

    Devils Gultch ?

    only one way to find out:D ...
  7. ELgoober0

    Devils Gultch ?

    well, my friend on his xr650 was just up there (devils gulch) but maybe he followed a different trail because he invited me to go up next time and said it was just fine. maybe something got lost in translation. sorry for the mislead folks.
  8. ELgoober0

    Devils Gultch ?

    yea, the trail is pretty rideable. maybe a snowpatch here or there but it should be rideable.
  9. ELgoober0

    Price check....

    I'd have a problem bringing myself to pay for a bike that I haven't started or ridden yet, unless its from a dealer. but that bike looks awesome and you should deffinitely be expecting $4000 if it runs as good as it looks. good luck:thumbsup:
  10. ELgoober0

    Price check....

    wow, you guys are lucky over there on the east side. Im looking for an 05-06 and I cant find anything cheaper than $4500 ( and thats bottom of the barrel kinda bikes). I would gladly pay $4000 for a bike that nice over here.
  11. ELgoober0


    I just put bottled water in the fridge overnight and fill my pack with that in the morning and it stays really cold for about 4-5 hours. my pack also has insulation in it though so that might help. Putting water in will pay off in the end. well, it did for me. I had my bike overheat on the trail and all I had to do was wait for it to cool down and squirt some water down in there to get me back home and I couldnt have done that with gatorade. as for cleaning, I just run alot of water and a tiny bit of soap through mine and its good as new.
  12. ELgoober0

    check this bad boy....

    i think you mean: pretty nice bike btw. the maple leaf backround is awesome:applause:.
  13. ELgoober0

    Radiator guards.

    wow, after going to this website Im sold on the roosters. http://www.brpit.com/pages/products/rooster.html but now what I want to know is do I get to pick between those three sifferent styles they make or do I have to buy the CRF450R STYLE model for my bike? because I notice you have a 450R and you got the CRF450X STYLE model gaurd which is the one I would like to get. the 450R STYLE model doesnt look too great
  14. ELgoober0

    still have the 04

    where'd you get your graphics? those are pretty good uns for the '04