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  1. +1 to previous comments add not to get up on the front to far in sand. Stay to low side of the berm. One of my local tracks is pure sand, only clay on faces, has a sweeping 180 about 3-4 lane arc. This is where I learned to stand completely through the turn. Keep riding it will come.
  2. I wanna convert my 06 crf450r to the all white plastics with some red splashed in the graphics......still saving up lol. Planning on calling it the albino Honda. You both have show quality rides! [emoji523]
  3. I think that would be easily done if you can find a key switch that has normally open contacts in the on position. So in off position, kill wire through switch to ground.
  4. Agreed with wingman, only other spot is rebound adjuster o-ring which really doesn't fit description.
  5. To tie it all together, applying rear (and front) standing with arch on peg then pivoting heel up off peg during transition to seated position as in pic
  6. The item I copied claimed +5mm to actuator arm length. I made mine adjustable +2 to +8ish. I'm running @5, now very nice with 2 fingers even possible with 1.
  7. 06 crf450r
  8. I am struggling to find where I have shared this info before..... I got the idea from an item seen on crfs only. Quick Google search gives this I am very pleased with the outcome of my custom variant.
  9. HRC, When you gonna finish that beautiful babe up?
  10. Sounds like you need to revalve for woods. MX is valved stiffer. Springs are for ride height, suspension valving is for desired terrain and speed/ability.
  11. Yeah. .... don't wanna be blinged out in the back of the pack. I prefer to be in the front on the ugly bike. Now if I can just find my way to the front lol
  12. In 1st scenario where was running good and soft tip over....did you use hot start? I'm guessing not. I'm not trying to be offensive by any means just some "new to 4 strokes" don't know what that lever is for. It is the opposite of choke. Also the starting procedure is quite different from 2 to 4t. Otherwise the 2nd issue sounds like you may have something adjusted out of whack. Maybe simple as idle adjust or you could have assembled something wrong. This can happen on the vacuum release plate. The hole should be at bottom (can be seen with just carb removed) lots of pics and threads around on that topic. Again with limited info I'm guessing a lot
  13. As I have advanced from total noob to solid novice at age 50. I have found seat time to be MOST important. BUT time has to be spent aggressively riding. AND not to much time off between rides. If I go 2 weeks without riding I lose speed due to lack of practice. Once a week is just enough to maintain, twice a week is what I need to see improvement. Racing, even if just against buddies pushes your limits and will get faster. Won't be faster if not pushed......I have problem with this on practice days, I just enjoy the track and forget to push harder. If you getting smoked on straights on that bike something seriously wrong.... Gearing - 1st gear only for pits. 13/49 or 50 most popular combos for 450. Corner gear selection - 3rd to rail outside berm, slide back on seat when done with corner (bike return to vertical) for better traction and yes front will get light. 2nd for inside rut, tap to 3rd as foot comes back to peg and slide back for traction. Tire selection for soil....they have to match. Fine tune with air pressure adjustment 2 or 3 pounds an be big difference. Type of soil - nice soft loam or sand pin it spin will accelerate. Hard pack needs gentle roll on to keep back tire behind front. I'm no expert these are my opinions/observations as a fellow rookie
  14. Here's some insight from another old rookie. Some good tips so far so I'll try not to repeat.... I was a very fast BMX'r (up to 17x) joined navy rode street standards, sport and sport tourers) for 20+ years. Only included to point out that the only thing in common between dirt and street is location of controls.....I don't even use them the same. I started mx at 48 on a 06 450, had a severe clavicle break (out/off for 6 months) basically started again from day 1. Turned 50 early October, still back of the pack but I've caught up enough to be racing couple guys. Finished series 4th in +45 and 6th in open beginner. Fear - it's scary at times....that's most of the fun! I love banging bars (the old BMX'r) especially starts. Doesn't take much to point it and pin it. Just stay in your limits (which will have to be pushed to get faster). Finesse - get a lot of schools in. At my local track school is one of best values (3.5 hours on track for $25). Skill/technique will make big difference in stamina! Fitness - No way around it if you want to get faster. Depends on how fast you want to improve. Seat time will do it if no hurry.... but I'm kinda competitive so....MX was the motivation I needed when nothing else could get me off those dam cigarettes. Now I've started weights and bicycle cardio. Next season I move up to +50 the fastest vet at my track is 56 he rules +50, +45 and is in top 3 of +35 so age isn't an excuse. If I could do over I would have gone the 250 4t route. A 450 is tough without some basic skills.
  15. I saw the family 74 site or FB just a little far for me. I've heard good things about FTT. Haus, if you want trails Croom is worth a stop even if an overnight. Right off I-75 can camp or hotel right in front.