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  1. This is what I found on mine. This is the carb mid body removed and viewed from above. Old pilot screw tip was broken off and replacement was ran behind it. This caused extreme lean below 1/4 turn with no effect of idle screw using various pilots everything else was great.
  2. Hole of vacuum release plate needs to be at bottom, but if you switched carbs has to be air leak. Is the air filter oiled and no gap at seal?
  3. I'd try to get to track on open practice day. If they won't let you pull starts at gate just bounce off track and pull a few between lanes. I'm a 2nd year 50yo but on a 450 so I don't know any better than to say go for the full front brake high rpm preloaded chain clutch slip 2nd gear "proper" MX start. Lot's of vids out there ..... really doesn't take long to get the feel for if you can get some reps in.
  4. Since you say sand and whoops in same sentence I assume you mean rollers. Besides basic sand suspension setup, lean back a bit and time throttle blips to touch front to tops of rollers. So basically a series of wheelies to singles. Again another example of speed being easiest way through sand.
  5. Croom, CFMP and Bartow MX all get that extra drop of the sag. But seriously just come to terms that you can only give it a general direction in that deep beach sand. Give up trying to get it in an exact spot.
  6. If I'm changing my tire pressure to go to the sand track, I'm taking a turn out of sag (drop the rear @5mm)
  7. Maybe Suspension Direct......good luck
  8. Definitely definitely definitely drop the rear
  9. +1 to previous comments add not to get up on the front to far in sand. Stay to low side of the berm. One of my local tracks is pure sand, only clay on faces, has a sweeping 180 about 3-4 lane arc. This is where I learned to stand completely through the turn. Keep riding it will come.
  10. I wanna convert my 06 crf450r to the all white plastics with some red splashed in the graphics......still saving up lol. Planning on calling it the albino Honda. You both have show quality rides! [emoji523]
  11. I think that would be easily done if you can find a key switch that has normally open contacts in the on position. So in off position, kill wire through switch to ground.
  12. Agreed with wingman, only other spot is rebound adjuster o-ring which really doesn't fit description.
  13. To tie it all together, applying rear (and front) standing with arch on peg then pivoting heel up off peg during transition to seated position as in pic
  14. The item I copied claimed +5mm to actuator arm length. I made mine adjustable +2 to +8ish. I'm running @5, now very nice with 2 fingers even possible with 1.
  15. 06 crf450r