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  1. I saw the family 74 site or FB just a little far for me. I've heard good things about FTT. Haus, if you want trails Croom is worth a stop even if an overnight. Right off I-75 can camp or hotel right in front.
  2. I'm an electronic tech, that IS a high wattage resistor, but it could be any resistance from .1 ohm to 1M ohm. In layman's terms 10,000,000 times difference in value....... you are rolling the dice with random value. Find out where it goes and/or schematic
  3. rubber in my 06. Only o-ring at plastic nut on cable.
  4. 2nd or 3rd may actually be great choice since FTR has a harescramble that weekend. I'm considering entering that event as my 1st woods race.....
  5. An easy quick check of float height is to check your fuel height. I use this method from 4 in line street carbs; attach clear hose to bowl drain. Secure other end of hose vertically in center (front to rear) of bowl, keeping top end of hose open. Open drain screw and fuel level should be +or- 1mm from top of bowl. Again carried over from mikuni street carbs as a quick check.
  6. The tool I have is similar to DRC
  7. Wish I could bring home the liquid nitrogen from work.....
  8. You should be able to read front number plate except for 2 times. 1 when braking 2 when trying to get traction on straights. The few times your front lifted on straights your butt was behind pegs. Proper use of #2. Get butt in front of pegs for turns! When you think you are all the way to front of seat, scooch up some more! And get that inside leg out
  9. I actually intend to transform my 06 to an "albino" when the funds allow. Dunno if they'll fit but I'd be interested in your white plastics. I have heard black plastics are much like black paint, it will show scratches. But I've never owned black plastics. I'd also be concerned about stress lines from drops....are they white like on my red (dark orange) ones? I like your graphic choice on the white vs black.
  10. When you can't figure out why you can't get it kicked, remove tank cap and listen for whoosh of air. Then after it kicks right up (after bowl fills back up) you'll ditch that little bling vent and go with OEM hose setup. Mine cost me 2 motos (only 1 race between them) 2nd I was wore out from what felt like 10,000 kicks
  11. This Saturday, probably park at pit
  12. I'm meeting a couple buds at the pit, one of which is putting his 12yo on 85 for 2nd or 3rd time. I think Saturday cause he thinks less crowded than Sunday. I think same but don't matter....
  13. Before or after thanksgiving?
  14. I don't know the actual mechanics, but after hearing that a couple times I tried it and it works. When you think you have a good leg grip, adjust each foot to an exaggerated "pigeon toe" and feel the difference.
  15. In general from a really "bow legged" track guy.