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  1. you are rigth i am not a baller but i just won $30,000 in a world seris of poker tourny so im hood rich for the time being
  2. Im annual about my things. but with an engine sitting idle for long periods i think with gravity/time the oil drips and settles into the bottom of the case. I could be completely wrong, but i like to keep things lubricated through the entire engine by running the bikes every so often if that makes sense.
  3. I want this but cant justify the cost. This is the one thing i dont like about Kawasaki.
  4. I got some ride engineering 20's off ebay for $150 used that came off a 2013 kx450f. I dont have many hours on them but I like em. I would have rather went 21.5 but I couldnt pass on these for $150. They needed new lower bearing, other than that only minor blemishes. I'm happy. Def keep an eye out on ebay. I watched for a few months before I found these
  5. I feel like this is bogus and the only time it applies is to a shady shop. I gave mine a blank check with my suit and loafers. If you are worried about how you look and whether they will do you right then you shouldnt go there in the first place
  6. I feel like this is crazy expensive rip off for a rebuild. I was quoted at $1500 for an entire top/bottom end rebuild from Tom Zont Racing. The guy was super honest with me and up front. Will Call me before he adds anything we hadnt talked about. I told him if there were any parts that were iffy to go ahead and replace them while everything was apart. The guy builds race engines for Arenacross guys specifically KTM and KX. $3k to me is just absurd, and the fact they did things without asking him is a HUGE RED FLAG. Never go back OP, find a new shop
  7. I have a Honda Grom and a kx450f. I only ride from march-September for the most part. when my bikes are put away for the winter I always go out and start them once a month for a few minutes to get the oil pumping and parts lubricated. If they sit too long I have found the oil will eventually flow to the bottom and just pool up. I think it is a good idea to keep that from happening. Just my 2 cents
  8. fBgM54

    Wiseco clutch basket any good?

    I have been hearing this a lot lately. I bought my clutch basket because it carried a lifetime warranty so I figured wth ill give it a shot. This is a bit off topic but, I recently took my motor to Tom Zont Racing to be completely rebuilt and I asked him about piston manufacturers and his recommendation. He said wiesco pistons were junk and in general it seemed like the quality of their products had gone downhill. take that with a grain of salt
  9. fBgM54

    must haves in garage?

    not for the garage, but having a good bicycle tire pump with you at the track is a good idea. easy to transport, doesnt take up room. I also have a mini lighter plug in automatic air compressor I carry as well. For the garage a nice toolbox is a good idea IMO, I also have a small portable toolbox for the essentials when going riding. spoke wrench, metric 1/4" and 3/8" drive socket sets. One thing i like to take with me to the track is a Milwaukee 3/8" drive battery powered impact. They have plenty of torque for most applications and is a great replacement for Pneumatic Tools when you cant lug around an air compressor. 3/8"-1/4" socket adapter for tight spots and vice versa. A nice 3/8" breaker bar socket wrench is a must for breaking loose bigger bolts that require more torque. 3/8" drive Torque wrench and the service manual to your bike. ALWAYS torque bolts to OEM specs, dont just wing it. I also have 1/2" drive sockets but I dont use them all that much. Cresent wrenches, small, medium and large Metric set of ratchet wrenches Needle nose pliers A good plastic hammer/mallet Electronic LCD digital Caliper measuring tool. This IMO is ESSENTIAL when setting ride height of the fork tubes in the triple clamp. I could go on but im getting carried away i think
  10. Take action link in OP is broken, can anyone help me out??
  11. fBgM54

    Wiseco clutch basket any good?

    Mine has been great. I only have maybe 10 hours on it. I have it combined with the Rekluse exp 3.0, no problems mixing. I think it is solid.
  12. fBgM54

    Auto Clutch Hate

    I have no read this thread, just the OP, having said that I love my rekluse EXP 3.0 I started racing motocross when i was 8, ill be 34 this year. With the auto clutch i have less fatigue, im out of shape and getting older, also at the same time I can still use my clutch like i normally would if i need revs. I can focus on my lines in front of me without worry of working the clutch much at all and I can basically ride in 3rd gear the entire track. I also ride trails on occasion and dont have to worry about stalling out, having to kickstart a bunch at all, or the fatigue that goes along with that. On top of all that I believe my bike runs much better with the auto clutch, maybe that is in my head, but idk it really seems like it is much much smoother and stable. I have nothing bad to say about the auto clutch. It is the best upgrade I have made to any bike I have ever owned and ill never ride without one. I call it my PW-KX-450F. Amazing tech and engineering from rekluse. Setup is simple as well. I have gotten a lot of hate from friends and family who race moto, but i just think it is becuase they dont have an open mind
  13. fBgM54

    Phoenix / Arizona riding buddies

    I have friends who live in Phoenix and I may be road tripping out that way at some point. I was curious what are the best motocross tracks in the area
  14. fBgM54

    Crankcase Breather Mod

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is that 3/8" ID tube?
  15. fBgM54

    KX450F Rekluse clutch?

    YES. I learned this the hard way the first time I rode with it at Redbud. I crashed and the bike kept running when I got up I hit the throttle a little too hard trying to avoid traffic, The clutch gripped so hard and took off so fast which I was not expecting it put my on my ass. I was kind of embarrassed to crash twice within 10 feet, but oh well EDIT: it makes motocross starts interesting. It really pulls like a train and instantly. It depends on what RPM setting you have it set for as well. I dont know how rekluse did it, but it works amazingly well.