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  1. Bought a ds 450 in march and had to pop start it to ride it and ride fine talked the seller down and bought it, took it home wouldn't pop or jump and took it to a shop they said timing was bad so I took it back after they had it for five months and hadn't touched it, I still went off what they said and took the whole motor apart and it was timed, put the whole thing back together and still won't start hold the starter and it just clicks as in bad solenoid or dead battery but have replaced solenoid and batter and even jumped the solenoid with a wrench across the top and still nothing, now the injected doesn't prime anymore when they key gets turned on and I'm stuck, please help me!!!! [emoji36]
  2. Proudmitch

    2002 yz250?

  3. Proudmitch

    2002 yz250?

    I've been texting a guy with a 2002 yz250 and he wants to trade for my 03 Honda 450 and I'm looking to change colors and to get in a two stroke he says it's a 02 but I can't decide if it really is he sent me the vin for the frame it's Jyacg08c0ya004624 and the vin on the motor is G111e-01244618 but the last to didgints are t that eligible so please can you guys help me out we are supposedly trading this weekend and I want to know what year it is thanks.
  4. Proudmitch

    Is this a good idea?

    Thanks guys you really helped me out but my friends probably won't let me ride it because he'll say I'll wreck it but I've been thinking about buying a 125 two stroke but i dont know if In a few months of riding I'll want something bigger but thanks for the responses
  5. Proudmitch

    Is this a good idea?

    I would but his is decked out with performance parts and the yz is bone stock
  6. Hi I've been riding quads my whole life like sportsmans grizzlies 3 wheelers and I have a 400ex my friend just got a rm 250 and I want to get a bike I'm 5,10 and I weigh 180 lbs I've found a 2000 yz 250 but I don't want to get hurt in it but I want a bike bad what do you guys think btw I'm 15 I know how snappy they are because everyone says that but I've only ridden mini bike I know how to use a clutch and all that and I've just been really ding my quad with my friend but for spring and summer I want to get a bike what do you guys think, thanks