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  1. foxmotox321

    best hardpack tire for ttr125l

    Never used Kenda tires, and I dont know anybody who has. I would say go with Michelin like I said before, and they arent that much, and are well worth the money. If you want the cheapest price, check www.tiresunlimited.com I bought mine there and if I remember, they were at least $5 less than anywhere else I found. They had great service also, very reliable...
  2. foxmotox321

    best hardpack tire for ttr125l

    I had Michelin MH3's and They seemed to work great on the hard stuff. I ride rock railroad beds a lot, and they held up pretty good. As long as you get the newest model of the MH3's they will be good, the old ones used to chop up. They were also pretty good on the soft stuff, even though they were made for the hard terrain..
  3. foxmotox321

    Oiling the air filter

    Make sure it is all covered, and I am sure that will be good. There are probably directions right on the can itself
  4. foxmotox321

    Smokie Smokie :@

    I have had a carbon problem with my truck before, and believe me, it sucks...It is more than likely the issue. Good luck with that sucker...
  5. foxmotox321

    Oiling the air filter

    I cant stand the liquid, but i use it anyways. I havent used the spray stuff, but it sounds a bunch easier and neater. I hate liquid bc you have to squeeze it out soo much and it makes a mess and is a bi*ch to get off.
  6. foxmotox321

    yz80/TTR125 carb swap ?

    I am not sure what mine were, if i remember right, your main would be too big I think. Also, I bought my P-4 needle from Sudco. I wish I kept it, but I sold it for another $50 with my bike. I had extra parts and stuff too, but they went with it. I know for sure I bought a P-4 needle. I am 95% sure that that main is way too big. The pilot I think is in the range I had. I had 40, 45, and 50 I believe that I messed with. For some reason the main numbers dont come back to me. Hope this helps a little bit
  7. foxmotox321

    Keep your chain tight

    that happend to me like a week after I got my bike, broke off my chain guide and bent the mounts for it...it pissed me off a lil, but it didnt really seem too difficult if you have patience...and with the chain guide, it was a cheap plastic POS anyways
  8. foxmotox321

    Ttr 125l Idle

    dump the tank...hope it works... You have to do it after winter also...bad gas sucks! Good luck, hope it works...also, like yamaha356 said, clean it out, maybe your float is gettin stuck also, or needle. I am not sure, just guesses, its worth tryin to fix b4 bringin it to the dealer of course and payin labor!
  9. foxmotox321

    BBR Camshaft BBR clutch springs finished! Easy

    I used the BBR clutch springs, and they didnt do much, its not worth the $25 over stock springs I would say, unless you really wnat to try and improve and put a new clutch in there as well...that may help. But then again, it still slipped a bit when i rode...maybe it was bc i rode hard, but idk...
  10. foxmotox321

    selling bike (pricing)

    Are htere a lot of people who ride around you? If so, you can try a higher price...not over $1300 thoguh, that a lot for an 01. You can try it and say or b/o. If you know people are out there that may be fit for a ttr, then put a higher tag on it and hope for the best...I am sure it may take a while, it took me pry a year. Finally sold it and the guy gave me more than i asked.
  11. foxmotox321

    What is on your TTR?

    Go for stiffer springs from BBR and the frame cradle first...if you go off any jumps, you will want that, the frame is not even close to being tough enough for a lot of beating like a larger bike. So the frame cradle and springs will set it up for that. I wouldnt buy any other frame guard but the frame cradle from BBR...check ebay for them, you can get them cheap from there! If you call up one of the dealers on there, I am sure you can even squeeze a few bucks out of em and get it a lil cheaper...it depends on how short on cash you are, if any
  12. foxmotox321

    What is on your TTR?

    save graphics and looks for dead last...if you want a smokin bike, surprise the people with the power, not the looks. Until you get all the poer added, then you go for the looks to please... Check www.BBRmotorsports.com and www.powroll.com and others, i know there are threads with plenty of links...i posted one way back with about 20-30 I woudl say.
  13. yea, just tweak the screw out a bit and you should be good, not much more from an exhaust after you just put them new jets in...
  14. foxmotox321

    yz80/TTR125 carb swap ?

    I dont know if anybody has said anything or answered your question fully yet, but if you havent figured it out, call up Sudco. They seem to know there stuff if you get the right person. If you ask one, and they dont know, call back the next day and hope its a new one. Go to www.sudco.com . Good luck I guess...maybe it will help you. I had a different carb that I used, it was not off of a YZ80, but it was an aftermarket carb that could be swapped in on one. I cant remember the model, but it kicked assss.
  15. foxmotox321

    Broke my leg.

    Well, I decided to stop back into TT here and check it out..I seen this posted by you man, and I was like uh oh..bad luck again. Hope you get better...that really sucks man. Haven't talked to you in quite a while I would say, hope all is well. Keep it safe from now on!!!!