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  1. GT316

    wiesco std piston arrow direction.

    take it out and turn it around. Just buy the new clips for the pin. I had a friend that actually ran one at the track with the piston in backwards. It will run fine, it's noisy because you hear the valves slapping. we took it apart and turned it around and the valves were fine
  2. GT316

    06 linkage

    check your pm's
  3. GT316

    06 linkage

    Does anybody that changed out there linkage for an aftermarket one have the stock one that they want to sell? I blew apart one of the bearing cases. Need a replacement asap!!
  4. I tried the link on the faq but no luck!
  5. GT316

    Piston change&valve clearance inspection

    The wiseco piston is going to be a tad bit smaller that oem. Don't be alarmed if it sounds alittle bit different when you go to start it up. You can hear the piston slapping abit more with the wiseco until it heats up compared to the oem stuff.
  6. GT316

    Piston change&valve clearance inspection

    You can't rehone that cylinder, just deglaze it. Make sure if you get the Wiseco piston that you look good at the markings and find the arrow.
  7. GT316

    wiseco piston markings

    I got it figured out. The markings are on the intake side but there is a little arrow that points accross to the exhaust side.
  8. GT316

    wiseco piston markings

    I just got done doing the top end on my 06 450f. I installed the wiseco rather then stock. I noticed alot more noise with the aftermarket piston. I searched this site for piston noise and I found that the wiseco piston is a tad bit smaller for the heat expansion. But I also saw that someone said that on the wiseco piston is installed so the markings on the top of the piston go toward the exhaust rather than the intake as shown in the kawi manual. Is that true???
  9. GT316

    doing your own top end

    Thanks... If I use the scotchpad do I have to rub it in a certain patter?
  10. GT316

    doing your own top end

    Im just about to do the top end on my 06, it's right around 60hrs. I had a question about honing the cylinder, those of you who did your own top end did you hone the cylinder? how can you tell if you need to hone or not? I want to make sure that I have everything that I need before I start.
  11. GT316

    06 450 blew up looking for kawi contact rep

    What was your vin.#
  12. GT316

    Motor blew with no warning!!

    What's your vin. # on the bike?
  13. GT316

    06 and 07 ti-4 pro circuit pipes

    I see that they have different part numbers, but would the 06 fit the 07 and would the 07 fit the 06? The reason I ask is that pro circuit changed up the end cap for 2007 and it is on all the new pipes. Just the tip is an extra $100 if you buy the 2006 pipe, so I did not think that they changed anything on the bike that would effect the pipes but maybe Im wrong. Does anybody know for sure?
  14. GT316

    valve shim question

    I had an intake go down to .08 so I'm reshimming to get it back to spec. and had a question on installing and and tightening the bolts to the camshaft caps. It says to tighten 1-8 in a sequence. Does that mean you tighten bolt number 1 to the right torque and then go to number 2 and torque etc.. or do you snug all the bolts down and then follow the 1-8 sequence and torque them?
  15. GT316

    shimming your valves

    How many of you had to shim your valves on your 06? Which one went first the intake or exhaust side? How many hours. I just had an intake go out of spec. I have 40hrs. on the bike. I thought they would have stayed in spec longer than that!! Just wanted to find out what other 06's are doing.