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  1. drz250vid

    TTR125 Home made chain guide pics

    Thanks guys.
  2. drz250vid

    TTR125 Home made chain guide pics

    I bought that pit bike chain guide that I saw some posts of some time ago and then modified it to fit the ttr125. I took the black plastic chain guide that is stock on the ttr that sits on top of the swingarm and took it off. I then cut two pieces of the plastic into rectangles. I drilled two holes to match the existing ttr chain guide holes then two holes to bolt up to the pit bike chain guide. I then took the other plastic rectangle and sandwiched them both together for extra strength. I put two washers between the plastic mount and the chain guide for some extra chain clearance and bolted it up. I dont think the washers were necessary but I added them anyways. In retrospect, I may have tripled up the plastic to achieve the extra chain clearance. The chain guide is strong but malleable. If it were to bend in a crash it would bounce back; I think. If and when it breaks, I will probably experiment with the cutting board.
  3. drz250vid

    Riding at Buffalo now?

    I actually just heard that the BR bigfoot is actually some hippy that went away to live amongst the wild back in the late 80's. He is very tall, hairy and smelly. It is rumored that he loves the movie Deliverance and likes to act out scenes with unexpected trespassers of the forest. Stay out of his way!
  4. drz250vid

    Riding at Buffalo now?

    Ya well I am sure that the CLOSING of BR will not stop the hardcore riders from riding there. If you ask me, who here is not in love with this sport and Buffalo Range enough to want to take a risk riding there at least a few times. BR is closed but not abandoned and certainly not forgotten. People have ridden there for years before it was a park whats going to stop them now?
  5. drz250vid

    Riding at Buffalo now?

    Screw that track we need to ride right up to the sand and make sand castles.
  6. drz250vid

    Riding at Buffalo now?

    There is one thing to stop you! Rumor has it that bigfoot occupies those parts. If you ride 4 strokes there it is rumored that the sasquatch drops in on u from a tree and makes you his toy for the day. True story.
  7. drz250vid

    Riding at Buffalo now?

    Matt are you saying you are riding trails?
  8. drz250vid

    Riding at Buffalo now?

    I have no problem sneaking in. Catch me if u can!
  9. drz250vid

    Got a question about district card???

  10. drz250vid

    Favorite 200 Mod

    Haha. Yea I blew up my yz250f. Rebuilt it and it lasted one race so I must have done something wrong. That was it. Back to two strokes!
  11. drz250vid

    The KTM 200 Club

    Check the flux capacitor.
  12. drz250vid

    RED BUD 9-1-08 death?

    After reading something so sad like this it really makes ME feel selfish. Yea we love this sport and do it and enjoy it and its one of our prides and joys so who is anyone to frown upon it? But when you step back and think, you ask yourself; Am I being selfish out there enjoying myself risking myself getting my kicks at the REAL expense of my family and friends?? Its bad enough that the fam suffers while you are gone all day racing, its gonna be even worse now. Just something I ponder. Its a tough life and a tough sport.
  13. drz250vid

    2008 "Thumpy" Awards

    Hi moose
  14. drz250vid

    2008 "Thumpy" Awards

    best thread evarrrr!!!!!!1bbq
  15. drz250vid

    its very moist in here

    Darryl have you ever looked into coming a professional rapper? You could ride quads and bikes with redwing boots. MC Ryda!