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  1. Any recommendations for a brace that works well with the Fox Titan jacket?
  2. georet

    Hard to catch neutral going from 1st

    Welcome to KTM. This is a very discussed issue, but with some practice and the above recommendation you'll get the hang of it. Just an idiosyncrasy of the beast.
  3. Yes, the aspens are spectacular right now...but I'm hoping you have no lasting effects from your enjoyment of them! That trail looks a bit dicey, at least for an old man like me. You'll probably be a bit kinked the next couple of days. With the expected (& hoped for) rain there won't be much riding this coming week. Time to heal.
  4. That is awesome BG. Bet your student was really proud to have his teacher ride with him! Clever horse & buffalo get ups.
  5. BG..I live in Forest Lakes during the summer (June-Oct) and followed up a note of yours when you were going to interview at Bayfield school. Don't know if there was someone else you were looking for. I haven't been riding much this summer though. When we got here the forests were closed for fire danger, then I messed up my back clearing brush and cleaning needles from our lot. Back is still not 100%. I haven't figured out how to pm on this site. I have met a couple of other riders here, but don't know them well or have contact info.
  6. There's a kiwi on ADVrider that has an excellent and ongoing ride report on Epic Rides that started an unsupported adventure ride on his 2015 500 EXC across New Zealand, then shipped to S. America, rode to Alaska and back to Oregon. Finally did the first top end at 870 hours, 46,000 miles. Replaced about 3 countershaft seals, some wheel bearings and quite a few tires along the way. Shipped the bike to England and now is in Morocco with over 1000 hours. Lots of trails, gravel, dirt and some slab. I think I'll just enjoy mine some more with only 300 hours on the clock! A bunch of folks are showing these motors aren't grenades with the pins pulled. Change the oil and keep air filters clean.
  7. 50 hours on mine on 500 exc. Works great. No issues.
  8. If you think Hick is a problematic political hack...just wait for Polis!
  9. You gotta know it's dry when someone shooting supposedly standard ammo northeast of Durango on North Texas Creek started a fire yesterday. Hope some rain starts happening in the SW soon.
  10. Good luck with your interview. We bought a summer home at Forest Lakes 5 years ago, and love it there. As you probably already know the houses at Forest Lakes are more reasonably priced than those in and closer to Durango and it's only 7 miles from Bayfield (plus you don't have to drive 160 at "rush hour"). For some casual mountain bike or motor biking there are some fun non stressful trails at Saul's Creek just east of Bayfield and as CJ knows there's good lower elevation riding near Aztec and Farmington. Too much snow.....go skiing for hell's sake. For sure it's a lot warmer in the winter than Butte (been there in January at the School of Mines and didn't like it much). Let us know how it turns out.
  11. georet

    Older (Novice) Rider

    Wouldn't even think to advise you about what to do...can only tell you what I did. Bought my very first bike, a used 2012 KTM 500 EXC 3 years ago on my 70th birthday. It had 100 hrs/3100 mi. on it and was in really good shape. Since then I've run the meter to 300hrs/8100 mi. mostly on 2 tracks and forest roads in the San Juans of SW CO. I've learned a lot and have enjoyed many good hours in the high country. I've checked the valves 3 times and not had to adjust them yet. Oil changes by the book, regular air filter servicing, replaced a thermo-couple fan switch, clutch dampers, chain, sprockets and tires....that's it so far. Starts easy, runs great to 12,000+ feet, uses no oil yet. I weigh about 210 lbs and did upgrade fork and shock springs. I like that I can ride it to trail heads and not have to haul it if I don't want. I'm sure a 2t would be fun, too and probably lighter, but I've found nothing lacking with the 500 4t. Good luck.
  12. This makes me absolutely love my '12 500 EXC. Think I'll go out and give it a good bath and change the oil! I'd be really pissed if a new bike treated me like that. I feel his pain. Almost has to be electrical I'd think.
  13. Fox Bombers for me, too, but 2X. Like 'em a lot.
  14. I found on my '12 500 that if I go to 1st then just slip the clutch a tiny bit...then fully disengage the clutch I can find neutral every time by carefully lifting the shifter even with my moto boots. This on a bike with 260 hrs. It used to frustrate me, but I've got it down now without a problem. Like others have said I never had trouble going from 1st to 2nd on the fly...that's good thing. Practice...practice....
  15. Where did you find/buy the pop in vent?