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  1. Crabtree426

    YZ450FX Exhaust, Gearing, General questions

    Almost forgot. I’d like to possibly add a light. Stock WR light or aftermarket? Would be mostly to make myself more visible and evening rides in forest. Won’t be doing any dedicated night riding.
  2. Long time member here that hasn’t been on TT for years and that is finally making time to get back into riding more. I just upgraded from a 2000 YZ426f which I bought new to a new 2017 450FX. Holy crap a lot has changed in 17 years, EFI is nice! Anyways I have all kinds of questions. 1. I need a spark arrestor. I can get one for $40 or buy the GYTR Powercore muffler that has the SA for around $300. Any HP gains or significant weight savings on the Powercore? Having hard time finding data. My thinking is a muffler only won’t provide much hp gain. If it was 5-6lbs lighter, that would be intriguing. Was surprised this bike weighs as much as my 426. 2. Anyone go to a 52 tooth rear sprocket? I don’t need the bike to do a 100mph. I’d like 1st gear to chug as much as possible. Concerned that it will make the front end want to come up even more. I ride mostly tight to semi open areas here in Ohio. 3. I installed acerbis bark busters, and neoprene seal savers as I’ve always done. Couldn’t bring myself to splitting case and adding a kick starter. Was thinking about the radiator fan though. Anyone install one yet. Is the tuner a must have also? Thanks in advance for any tips!
  3. I'd like someone to correct or confirm what i've been told before I order parts. I called FMF because the bike has a powerbomb header and titanium exhaust. They suggested a 175 main jet and 45 pilot. They also said to put the clip in the 5th position and 2 1/2 turns on the fuel screw. I told them that he will be using the bike for woods riding and is looking for easy starting and less stalling. The bike was bought from his friend who raced so the jetting now makes the bike run hot. Thanks
  4. Crabtree426

    Yellowstone/Grand Teton vacation suggestions needed

    Thanks guys although I have good and bad news. Good news is that i'm still making a trip to YS. The bad news is that it will have to be next year. I have an opportunity that I can't pass up. My cousin and his wife who are both my age just built a house in Anchorage. Alaska is another place that i've always wanted to visit. He's from Ohio originally. His wife is from Alaska. My old man is giving my wife and I plane tickets for our birthdays in March. He has a ton of miles saved up. My cousin just bought 2 new utility quads so that was a major selling point on changing our minds. Riding, fishing and Denali, should be fun. Thanks again guys and i'll still take YS suggestions as i'll be heading there in 2011.
  5. Crabtree426

    Yellowstone/Grand Teton vacation suggestions needed

    Mikea, Thanks for the info. I would have never guessed that the park roads were used by locals going to work.
  6. Crabtree426

    Yellowstone/Grand Teton vacation suggestions needed

    Tech A, This is exactly why I posted for info on here. The other guys gave me great ideas on things to do and you just mapped out my vacation. It's really great getting this info. It sounds like you've made this trip over a time or two. I would have probably ended up at most of those spots but it sounds like you may have kept me from chasing my tail while there.
  7. Crabtree426

    Yellowstone/Grand Teton vacation suggestions needed

    Maddeh, thanks for the reply. Good suggestion on the rafting idea. I'd love to rent a Harley but I only ride offroad at the moment. Utopia, thanks also. You've given me plenty to think about. I have had Snake River beer before and it is damn good. I would have never thought of taking the tram trip. Local info is as good as gold as far as i'm concerned. Thanks guys.
  8. I've done some research but would like a local or semi-locals perspective and suggestions about a trip i'm planning to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and surrounding areas. My wife and I are going. No kids. We're both 30 years old. I'd really appreciate suggestions, do's and dont's, and other general feedback. Thanks in advance. My tenative plan...... 1. Visit in mid-June for 10-12 days 2. Fly into Jackson Hole from Columbus, Ohio. 3. Rent a car, I don't mind driving while on vacation if it means seeing something cool even if it's 5-6 hours. 4. Stay a few nights in Jackson Hole, Cody, or any other quaint scenic/historic towns suggested. 5. Visit the park during the week to avoid traffic. 6. Stay at Park lodges a few nights even if it is touristy. 7. Maybe try to find a cabin off the beaten path within the park to stay at. Possibly a place that takes a horse and mule to get to. ????? 8. Catch a train ride 9. Visit microbreweries in cities and towns outside of the parks. I work in the beer industry. My questions and concerns...... 1. Is mid-June a good time to visit or is there a more scenic or desirable time? 2. I want to avoid any fly or mosquito seasons if there is one. 3. Any day hikes worth doing on my 10-12 day schedule? 4. How many days should I take to visit the main attractions and a few hidden gems in Yellowstone? 5. Do I have enough time to visit Teton or should i save that for another vacation? 6. What towns outside the park are worth a look to relax and get a brew? 7. Last but not least...Can I rent a dirtbike or ATV anywhere to get some riding in outside of the park?
  9. Crabtree426

    Where and what brand or flywheel weight to buy?

    I did a quick search and haven't found a supplier yet. I still need to check MSR and a few others still.
  10. Crabtree426

    GYTR Off-Road Flywheel Ride Report '06 - '09

    Nice write up. I've been pondering the idea of a flyweight for my 426. I think you sold me on it.
  11. Crabtree426

    Where and what brand or flywheel weight to buy?

    Looks sweet but don't have that kind of coin to throw down on one right at the moment. New baby = crabtree426 play money low at the moment. Could still use suggestions on fly weights though.
  12. For the past couple of years, i've thought about buying a flywheel weight for my 2000 426. Now that I have less riding time (newborn) and am more rusty when I do get out, I figured that a weight may be a nice addition to keep from stalling as much and to smooth out the power. Steahly use to offer a bolt on weight but no longer does. Any suggestions on brands or suppliers would be greatly appreciated. I ride some tight single track and quad width trails.
  13. Crabtree426

    10 year old girl KILLED on Yamaha Rhino

    John, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. That hits very close to home. I was involved in a Polaris Razor roll over this past Labor Day. It rolled four times. I was the passenger and we were riding in a flat field making a turn. Although I had my seatbelt on and a roll cage protecting me, I ended up with a massive concussion, head swelling to the point that I didn't even look like myself, and stitches. It is blind luck that i'm even here today. The stress that it put on my wife who was 7 months pregnant is what hurt me the most. We just gave birth to our first child ( a little girl ) last week. The memory of your daughter and the love you had for her just reminds me of how fortunate I am and that every moment with a close friend or family member should not be taken for granted. I applaud you for sharing your tragic story as it reminds us all to live every day to it's fullest. Stay strong moving forward.
  14. Crabtree426

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Hey Dale, to answer you're earlier question. I use to stop in TT often and we never did make it riding at Wayne although i'd still like to hook-up with you guys sometime. I work a lot of weekends at the brewery so my riding has been sparse. When is or was the hillclimb? Jugs of beer sounds yummy.
  15. Crabtree426

    Perry 11/10 Saturday

    Are you guys talking about the buckeye dual sport? I just logged on TT for the first time in awhile so I need to get up to speed..