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  1. TomTopDog12

    WP AER vs Xplor forks

    I haded my AER forks even after spending $1000 on them, went back to my 4cs with a rework kit and revalve and i don't want to get rid of them. If i get a 19 i may try and see if i can get them to find on the bike.
  2. Hello Currently on a 16 450SX-F, power is superb and everything about the bike is fantastic except one thing and that's the weight. The bike has plenty of power so this off season i'm looking for ways to lighten the overall load of the bike. I've lost 45 pounds myself so now it's time for the bike to do some. Here's what i'm thinking in terms of how to get some weight off. Currently using a Z ring chain on a KTM stealth sprocket with a normal front sprocket. Thinking of switching to a aluminum sprocket and a mx style chain as well as a pro light front sprocket, As well as new chain guides as mine are worn out now. I'm also going to throw a more powerful battery in the bike. Anybody have any idea of other things i can do to lighten it? I was also going to go with a megabomb header and give it a bit of smoother power as well as getting some lbs off. Any other ideas? I'm not looking to get rid of my 4cs for AER as I LOVE my 4cs with the reworked kit i had put in it. Any other ideas would be fantastic guys thanks!
  3. Hey guys picked up a 17 yz250f not long ago with 42 hours on it. A OEM piston kit was installed 2 hours ago, the bike being broken in well i'm getting kind of worried at the sight of smoke out the exhaust on cold start warm up. Here's what will happen; I will cold start the bike and everything running fine, after i turn the choke off i'll let it warm up good for 3 to 5 minutes or until the cylinder/rad are warm. Upon giving the bike a small blip of the throttle it will emit a blackish smoke that is sort of thick but only for a second. After the bike is warmed up and hot it does not smoke what so ever. Power is fine and it starts first or second kick out on the track/trail. Is this normal for YZs? I'm a KTM guy so i have no idea about the tendentious these motors have. Could this just be a bit of oil leaking from the valves that aren't fully warmed up? Any advice would be fantastic.
  4. I would much rather the 4cs over the AER, my 17 250sx has them and we got them re valved for our weight yet they still suck. My 4cs has been "reworked" and re valved and it's the best set of forks i've ever had on a bike PERIOD. 4cs from the box is pretty bad. it's hard to make it work, pour a little more money on top of them and they can be worked to fantastic forks.
  5. TomTopDog12

    Knee braces or no?

    I would never ride without knee braces, I'm gonna pick up a pair of X8's soon.
  6. TomTopDog12

    '17/'18 450 XC-F Power

    lol the 16 KTM's handle fantastic, it's the same frame as the 17's and 18's. just putting that out there^
  7. Well i don't pull over so i guess not?
  8. TomTopDog12

    16 450SX-F Clutch slipping badly at high RPM

    That's what i'm thinking, i think wiesco gave me an extra plate...
  9. TomTopDog12

    16 450SX-F Clutch slipping badly at high RPM

    no i put nine in, the last slip plate is ontop of another slip plate....
  10. TomTopDog12

    16 450SX-F Clutch slipping badly at high RPM

    really....nobody's had this happen? okay tell me this, is there suppose to be 9 slip/drive plates or 8? i pulled 8 out from my factory clutch but wiesco gave me 9...
  11. Hey guys, I raced a few weeks ago in some bad mud, long story short my clutch got melted. I ordered new wiesco drive plates/slip plates and ordered OEM KTM friction plates, also got new roller bearings, those 6 little bearings that hold it all together. Put it all together with the washer setting on the factory middle 2 spot, felt the clutch and there was a massive dead spot in it. changed it over to the stiffest setting and went for a ride, under normal RPM it's fine and works, but if you get on it and really ring it out it will slip badly until coming back and taking the RPMS, the bikes really lost it's hit and i'm getting more and more upset riding it when it has almost no power. Did i install the clutch wrong? i ended up with putting a slip plate first and ending with two slip plates. the 1mm plate is first and last. I don't understand what's causing this high rpm slip...
  12. TomTopDog12

    Too many hours?

    my 16 450SX-F has 70 hours on it and runs fantastic, They can easily go 130 plus hours on the top end. I'll be doing mine at 85.
  13. LOL WHAT? this is the troll post of the day my friends
  14. TomTopDog12

    2018 KTM 250sx deceleration knock

    I like to goon around sometimes thank yea and it's not a problem ahaha, if it was a problem KTM would address it and there would be a wide span recall to have these bikes fixed from this so called "knock" bottom line is all the KTM 2 strokes do it, it's never been a problem. How many hours are on your 18 250? probably not a lot just go ride it man, if you don't like hearing the sound of it knocking just keep er pinned! that'll take it away
  15. TomTopDog12

    Is 8000 rpms at 74 mph bad for engine

    LOL yes.