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  1. Just a couple things you might consider in the surrounding areas www.petersen.org/ www.fairplex.com/fp/Destinations/nhra/index.asp www.californiasciencecenter.org/
  2. No need to raise the fenders to run a bigger tire. Most utility trailers have a straight axle set-up in a spring-under configuration. You could just flip the axle and run 13's. Alot more tire choices at that size. The 12's are fine for this application though. My liitle trailer has a 2000 lb axle and I'll never even come close to approaching that weight with three dirtbikes on.
  3. I just picked-up a used utility trailer and welded on some m/c rails I bought from Harbor Freight. Works just fine.
  4. Mantrasonica

    San Berdo proposed ordinance

    The writing is on the wall unfortunately. There used to be riding oportunities in the San Gabriel Valley back in the 70's...no more obviously. All of the restrictions are heading steadily east as areas become more populated. I doubt there is much anyone can do about it. Non-riders outnumber us. Tim
  5. Mantrasonica

    Jawbone Riding Trip: Mar 3-5 2006

    Looks like conditions were perfect. I gotta get up there before it gets too hot.
  6. Mantrasonica

    gorman forest trails

    Still closed as of last Sunday. Snow is still showing pretty low on the hillside.
  7. Mantrasonica

    Attacked by turkeys!!!!

    My great grandparents used to operate a turkey ranch. Mean little bastards!
  8. Nothing wrong with 12's. I've dragged my little three rail trailer to hell and back and I've never had a problem. As with any size wheel, you just need to make sure the hubs are lubed and the tires are properly inflated. Motorcycles don't weigh enough to be a problem. Hell, even my pop-up camper has 12's. Never had any problems whatsover. Tim
  9. Mantrasonica

    The Gorman ZOO

    Yeah it was pretty crowded yesterday (we just came up for the day), but I still managed to get some pretty decent riding in. Just one minor altercation with a punk kid who thought he owned the place.
  10. Mantrasonica

    Jawbone Riding Trip: Mar 3-5 2006

    Ride report?
  11. Mantrasonica

    Quad dove into the trees on Gorman Trail!!

    Yeah, there were a few retards on quads on Gorman trail yesterday that were having a tough time of it. Also saw a guy on a quad on Upper Brome that looked like he needed his mommy. I can't wait for the forest trails to open so I can leave the quads at the gate.
  12. Mantrasonica

    Utility Trailer leaf vs coil

    Ditto on the shock kit
  13. Mantrasonica

    Ocotillo Riding Trip: Apr 7-9 2006

    Arent you supposed to be at Dove today? Sheesh put the keyboard down.
  14. First things first: Pull the spark plug and see what it looks like. If your quad is burning oil, there is a good chance the plug is fouled. If the plug is burning cleanly, check to see that you have spark. If the plug is clean and dry and you have spark, do a compression/leak-down test.