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  1. Okay I need to know if this is normal. 2017 dr650 replacing the clutch and this doesn’t seem right. I have play im my clutch back and forth is this normal?
  2. Looking for a set of direct bolt on supermoto wheels for my dr650, its a 2017.
  3. My bad it was an xr frame with 84xl motor, and I don’t recall ever saying the old carbs are better..... their not, but I personally never had a problem starting my bike old bike, 2 kicks cold, 1 kick hot and usually around 25 kicks after a tip over. And what i was getting at when I asked why he wanted that carb was the fact that its an 89 xr600r, it is a great bike and will out last most bikes 10x over. But if he expects a totally different bike he should know that it will have better response but thats about it for the amount of money and work he would have to put into it the cons out-way the pros for me. And I have ridden a bike with a flat side pumper carb, and it was god awful on the trail to jumpy great response but way to peppy for the trail. Heres a pic of my old bike..... regretted selling it until i got my dr[emoji41]
  4. Nice bike!!!! Motor looks really good
  5. If you dont mind me asking why exactly do you want that carb for that bike, I used to have an 84xr600r and that was the dual carb setup and never wanted a better carb, as the older bikes aren’t really emission choked like the new ones.
  6. Yz450’s used them, maybe yz426’s, i dont know that it will drop in but should be pretty easy make sure you get as much of the hot start assembly as possible
  7. Yes it should work But it will take some re engineering, heres a good post on what to expect to have to do: Xr650r muffler on a 94 xr650l will it work? https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/1046797-Xr650r-muffler-on-a-94-xr650l-will-it-work%3F
  8. Was the petcock on prime, if it was that bypasses the vacuum and lets gas flow freely
  9. Also make sure the breather tubes on the carburetor aren’t clogged
  10. Check the spark plug wet= flooding. Dry= no fuel but make sure you kick it before you do this test, I would also clean the carb and replace the spark plug if all this fails than adjust the valves(should adjust them either way) and replace fuel with fresh 87 octane these old bikes do best on 87 as they are lower compression and do not need hight octane rating
  11. Check all grounds and power wires, sounds to me like a wiring issue you can find wiring diagrams all over the internet just takes a little research, id bet on a loose wire or improperly secured ground. And about the bike never wanting to start hot, that is a sign of needing a valve adjustment, it is very easy on these bikes. Good luck~jake.
  12. Well had to take carb off my dr650 last week reassembled and it had almost no power and surging untill past half throttle, turns out i routed a carb vent hose wrong they should be routed twords rear of bike out of wind. Its a longshot but could be the culpret
  13. Could be allot of things, check easy things first, #1 get new spark plugs 2 check plug wires for cracks, make sure ends are pressed on all the way, 3 MAKE SURE CARB VENT HOSES ARE OUT OF WIND if a vent hose is routed wrong it will cause pretty much exactly what you described. All vent hoses should be pointed twords rear of bike out of wind, routed under seat.
  14. Lol i got my 2017 dr650 in april by august i had 5000 miles on it now i have 6000 i personally love the kenda k270 with 80 dirt 20 road i get about 2500 out of a rear