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  1. hwy1strat


    thanks they sound pretty good too
  2. hwy1strat


    i am making a street cruiser out of a 1978 honda 75. the suspension is shot and i was wondering where i could get it redone or where i could buy new front and rear suspension
  3. hwy1strat

    Funny vid

    lol pretty funny
  4. hwy1strat

    Who needs Electric start???

    my next bike will have electric start
  5. hwy1strat

    Selecting the right bike

    the drz 400 might be too powerful but since you rode street bikes for 20 yrs. you might be fine but if not yamaha makes a 225
  6. hwy1strat

    messed up knee

    i can walk but barely so i dont think its my acl
  7. hwy1strat

    messed up knee

    how do i move it because people get mad when you post stuff in 2 or more forums
  8. hwy1strat

    Tracks or Trails?

    i like both so i voted for the 3rd one
  9. hwy1strat

    Clash of the Titans!

    i ride red
  10. hwy1strat

    messed up knee

    yesterday i was going around a track on my bike and I bit it. I went to my side and twisted my knee so now i have to see an orthopedic (i think thats what it's called).The doctor i saw today said she thinks i torn a bunch of stuff.I think i fell because it was really dry and loose and i have bald tires.i also noticed my axle bolt had come loose.I f anyone has had knee problems could you tell me about it and how they found out what was messed up? Thanks for your help.
  11. hwy1strat

    Thumper Talk Smog Block Off Kit

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=252636 they talk about one in this post
  12. hwy1strat

    05 CRF250R Break in???

    http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm read this
  13. i downloaded it through bitorrent but it wont play when i click finish
  14. how do you play it once you downloaded it
  15. it wount work for me