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  1. ridindirty

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Nice that place looks awesome. Cant be gone all weekend this weekend or id take you up on that. May go ride Sunday somewhere, not sure yet.
  2. ridindirty

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Meant to update group on Lawrence County. Rode there with a buddy on Sunday. First ride for the year and man was it great to get back out. Bike started right up, new gear and bike upgrades performed flawlessly, and left in one piece. All you can ask for early in season Conditions overall I would say were fair. Pretty sloppy and muddy, but we rode early in the morning. I'm sure it was better as the day warmed up. Also, trails were washed out pretty bad, lots of erosion from water and weather. However, I saw freshly groomed trails, so think they are getting to work with the tractors fixing trails. Still had great time and was able to find most of the single track we had laid out from last year. Two positives. First, 37 construction around Bloomington is all cleared up, was able to make it down from Indy in 1.5 hours or less. Was much better than the 2 hours I'm used to. Second, they now are offering season passes for $100. Not a bad deal if you will be riding there more than 6 or so times (think its $15 per ride). Anyways, all I know for now. Hope we can get a group together soon from this forum. Would be pretty cool. Let me know if you guys have any ideas!
  3. ridindirty

    Does Roczen Win a Race?

    what you mean stole his chic? didn't Kenny just get married/engaged recently? your saying Webb is now dating that girl? If so, Webb is winning off and on the track this year.
  4. ridindirty

    New Competition for Orange at the GNCC's

    Jarvis and those guys take riding a dirt bike to a whole new level. I don't understand how they get up some of those rock faces, with basically no run-up, and the run-up they do have is like in a river or something.
  5. ridindirty

    New Competition for Orange at the GNCC's

    And the "easiest" course with hills you can hardly even walk up, lined with fans from bottom to top Im feeling daring today so ill say it, but to me, GNCC is way more demanding than riding around 20 times on a groomed track...just saying...
  6. ridindirty

    Green spring better for technical riding?

    Big believer in green spring, but I ride mostly woods. Not sure about he HP numbers, but in real world bike feel of green vs. red spring, I found that overall top speed and acceleration is mostly the same, the power is just spread out a little. This is due to the PV opening a little later in the RPM range and opening in a more controlled manner. For racing woods and technical terrain, it makes a big difference. You have to be much more precise and don't need wide open throttle like in Moto. In moto, id be ripping the red spring for sure. Worth a try for sure and helped me not get fatigued as quickly when on longer rides/races.
  7. ridindirty

    Energy Gels for Racing

    Interesting that fat can produce twice the amount of energy of carbs, makes sense to try and get your body to run off them. I'll have to check out those Greenbelly bars. Never had one before. Its so true that eating the right foods makes you feel and perform better. Just to note, I did try the GU energy gels at the Mathews IN national enduro last year, (amazing race btw, anyone close to the area should ride it) and did notice benefits. I am a believer that during rigorous activity, sugars should be put back into the body. Weather that's through sports drink, granola bar, or energy gels, I feel it makes a difference. I liked the gels because they not only had a little sugar, but also amino acids, electrolytes and even a little caffeine. Just helped recovery my body a little. I mean watch all the pro GNCC guys, they all do the same thing but use the kind you mix with water. You'll see them grab the water bottles when pitting for gas. Anyway, cool thread and Hans appreciate your input. Definitely a compelling take on nutrition. May try to adopt some of the thinking in my riding/racing this year.
  8. ridindirty

    Energy Gels for Racing

    Glad it's working for you. Just curious, how many carbs are you limiting yourself to each day? and do you introduce more when training hard or are racing? I know you said you carb overload on race day right? Just wondering how you get your energy if its not from carbohydrates.
  9. ridindirty

    New Competition for Orange at the GNCC's

    TP is a freaking maniac! Id like to know the story as to why he did this race. Just for fun? Surely his knees didn't think it was fun. Remember how they looked when training for MXdN? He's got nothing more to prove, this guy is great for doing this.
  10. ridindirty

    Bagget has a personality

    yeah you got to think there is at least some psychological affects between the two when they were battling. Or maybe Marv was afraid to have another Tomac situation on his hands...
  11. ridindirty

    Alessi is Back!!

    Not even make the main? dang I was just watching some old footage of him and he looked fast. Didn't he just win a Canadian title or something? Oh well, just thought it was interesting, especially with all the drama of the past.
  12. ridindirty

    supercross Alessi is Back!!

    https://racerxonline.com/2019/02/25/vince-friese-to-undergo-surgery-for-torn-acl-mike-alessi-to-fill-in-at-select-rounds Looks like Mike Alessi is filling in for Vince Friese for the remainder of the supercross season. Just when I thought the year couldn't get any more exciting...bam! Mike Alessi is back in the mix. Personally, I am very eager to see how this goes. Seems like his dad Tony is doing a great job with the Smart Top team. All you hear is positive stuff about him recently. Just hope it can stay that way with Mike now on the team. What are your thoughts? Can Mike podium? Stay out of trouble?
  13. ridindirty

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    There is a big difference in passing and riding with style, compared to just t boning a person because he ran into you like 6 months ago. Go back and watch the two videos, big difference. And thanks, hope you have a good season too.
  14. ridindirty

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    That's what I'm saying!! but no disrespect...but super gay...
  15. ridindirty

    Bowers posts about Barcia incident

    Yeah but Barcia wins races and has a hell of a style to his riding. You ever seen him at an outdoor national? one of the coolest guys to watch.