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  1. I like the new Huskys, but then I like KTM's too! With the previous demise of the sloper-engine Husabergs however Husky now seems to be taking over from Berg as the rebadged "Lexus" to the KTM Toyota. With Berg gone now and Husky under KTM control the marketplace is effectively losing a major player...not good for price competition. The Husky's are now more expensive then KTM's, a long way from when cheaper Husqvarnas were a thorn in KTM's side. Looks like they fixed that problem!
  2. Triumphs

    My new to me TT600

    Looks like fun!
  3. Triumphs

    1976 TL 250 Rehab

    Yes, a nice collection of TL rebuild and other Honda trials history there.
  4. Yes, very comparable and both types early examples of thumper revivals before the Husaberg/Yamaha era of the 90's. Later CCM's grew some suspension travel and horespower as well however.
  5. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    Sorry I have a grasp of the facts but I'll try to do worse if you like! As for yourself... try having a point before reiterating it! 500's have been out of the game for years, since the first modern racing thumpers came along (when 500s were still at the peak of their development) because they can't put power down as well. What MX races have they been winning since? A 500 cc smoker has a thin peak power advantage over a 500 cc thumper that it just can't exploit on the MX track. It's been demonstrated time after time. How many World Championship open class (MX3) victories do you see from two smokes in the last 15 years here...in the last arena that pits these bikes together? I think 1! Thumpers have been winning here often making less hp. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_motocross_World_Championship_results Thumpers have been running 500-550 cc in recent years although the rules technically allow for more. I know....boo hoo...we have to listen to MX bikes that sound like motorcycles now!
  6. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    He he. It's amazing how many people want to go slow, make horrible insect noises AND harm the environment!
  7. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    Not sure what new life you are trying to introduce to this thread here...there is a link exactly on that very comparison! No one denies a 500 cc two stroke makes more power then the CRF or the 501 Berg discussed as well. That was mentioned. The point was that in the end the thumpers lapped faster... as the 500 struggled putting power to the ground while wearing out its rider in a wheelspinning sideshow. The thumpers make much better use out of their 50 hp (over a huge tractable rev range) then the 500 can with it's 55. Please don't ring in here about cousin Billy-Bob's 70 hp KX500, etc...all bikes can be modified and it would lap even slower on an MX track! Doesn't matter what the dyno says...you have to be able to use the power and a rear tire on a 500 doesn't have considerably more contact patch then a 125! That's not news though...250 cc two strokes have also been faster around an MX track as well (barring some euro track with mile long straightaways!) for the same reason...manageable power. The 500s would probably be faster, geared to the moon in the open desert...but we're talking about MX here. Sorry but the stop watch is the measurement of speed and lap times in MX, not the dyno!
  8. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    Quit using facts huntmaster...it has to be a conscpiracy! Anything else would be admitting that modern fourstokes are not only faster, but easier to ride and sound like (god forbid) real motorcycles. Thumpers are not a new innovation...just back after a 30 year absence and have taken over again because they were developed and improved...lost weight, found power, traction, hooked up and smoked the smokers. They've been doing it around the world...even in the obscure other 96% of the world where AMA rules don't apply! A long, dark (or smokey blue) period is over! Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone on THUMPER talk! (just in case you forgot where you were!)
  9. Triumphs

    Honda trials bikes

    Here's another! http://metalmarkers.tripod.com/hondatrials/
  10. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    Absolutely. It's not the state of tune of a given two stroke or four stroke design that makes the difference but the way a thumper produces power and puts it to the ground. In the previous case of the 501 cc Berg vs KX500 the thumper was making 50 hp at over 10,000 rpm...making power over a huge rev range and more importantly, putting it to the ground! The equal displacement KX was making 55 hp at 7,000 rpm at the end of a shorter powerband and a brutal hit. The thumper lapped faster. Where two strokes get decidedly peaky (peakier?) with tuning, even a highly tuned thumper will still find traction... and even having remained at 400 cc they would still be doing the same thing to the 250 two strokes (particularly with the inevitable development after their introduction) and perhaps over a greater rev range with a few more RPM's up top vs a 450. Anyone notice how the drop to 800 cc from 1,000 in Moto GP racing changed nothing? The smaller motors just revved higher and made nearly the same bhp...with power over a huge rev range.
  11. Some of these 4 (and even 6) cylinder hillclimbers certainly qualify as dirt bikes....fastest going straight up anyway!
  12. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    Common smoker conspiracy theory stuff but not true at all! In 1994 Jacky Martens won the first major MX title on a thumper in 30 years (on a Husqvarna) in the 500 cc (MX3) World Championship. That was without any special rule changes and WELL before any current AMA or other class rules. The thumpers started winning because their development allowed weight to come down and power to go up...and they've been hookin' up and smokin the smokers there ever since! The 501-600 cc thumpers didn't make more power then the 500cc two strokes, but didn't weigh much more then them either...and could translate their ponies into forward thrust instead of useless wheelspin!
  13. Triumphs

    The demise of the 2 stroke..........

    No surpise here really. When the first competitive production MX thumper came out (the Husaberg 501) long before YZF's and CRF's...several magazines did shootouts with existing 500 cc two strokes. I remember Dirt Bike using the KX500. Both bikes weighed about the same and the KX made about 5 more hp. But the Berg made power over a huge rev range and put the power down to the ground better then the hard hitting KX. It lapped quicker then the big Kawi. What changed with the new four strokes was not how much power they made over a two stroke but the fact that for once they didn't weigh a ton! With weight no longer a liability the long standing fourstoke advantage of traction and hookup remained, and has tipped the scales ever since.
  14. Triumphs

    History of dirt bikes?

    They didn't come much cooler. Almost makes you want to start smoking...except for the not wanting do die part!
  15. Triumphs

    Best open class big bore

    The big thumpers have been dominating MX3 outdoor motocross in FIM racing since the early 90's in the open class...long before the YZ400, CRF450 and the recent 450 class rules. In 1993 Husqvarna won the first major MX title with a thumper in 30 years, and between them, Husaberg and KTM they haven't looked back. I suspect neither open two stroke or thumper would make a good Supercross tool, but then again....this aint Supercross!