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  1. 4strokeclueless

    Where is throttle stop on 2006 WR?

    HOLY CRAP. What a difference the throttle stop bolt and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, the grey wire cut made. After doing the throttle stop, I saw minimal gain, but after the grey wire cut...MAN...Totally different motorcycle. Thanks for all of the advice. This site saved me from throwing my new WR through the Yamaha dealership window (it sucks out of the box).
  2. 4strokeclueless

    Where is throttle stop on 2006 WR?

    I cut it down but it still isn't running very well. I was expecting a lot more. I am STILL disappointed. Does the grey wire and airbox make this thing come to life any more?
  3. 4strokeclueless

    Where is throttle stop on 2006 WR?

    In my owner's manual, it calls the idle adjuster a 'throttle stop screw'. This isn't the infamous throttle stop screw that needs to be cut down is it? Anybody have a picture of the 2006 throttle stop screw?
  4. I just got a brand new wr250f (and rode it for the 1st time yesterday) and am VERY DISAPPOINTED. I hope this thing wakes up after the throttle-stop mod. My 2004 XR400 had more balls than this thing. Somebody PLEASE tell me it will get better.
  5. 4strokeclueless

    New 2006 WR250, what to do 1st?

    Where do I get this GYTR kit?
  6. 4strokeclueless

    New 2006 WR250, what to do 1st?

    I haven't even ridden it yet. Is there anything that I'll have to do to it to unlock it's full potential? A friend of mine said that there is some governor screw that needs removed but the Yamaha mechanic (crusty old guy that doesn't know his head from his ass) says not true.
  7. 4strokeclueless

    Does the klx compare to the crfx?

    I'm trying to decide what to get. I like what the crfx has to offer but like the looks of kawasaki. Does the klx compare to the crfx in performance? I'm mainly lookin for the elec start but a bike that has a little motocross inbreeding to it.
  8. 4strokeclueless

    crf250x competitors?

    I am new here and am trying to decide what to get. I just sold my 2004 xr400so I can get something a little more moto x with electric start. My research makes me believe that the only direct competition for the 250crfx is the wr. Is this true? If not, what also compares to the 250crfx (elec start being important)?
  9. 4strokeclueless

    Getting XR400 front tire up

    I have an 04 XR 400 and want to know what the easiest thing to do to it is, so I can get the front tire off the ground easier to clear rocks..etc... Thanks
  10. 4strokeclueless

    Honda How to give my 2004 XR400 more power?

    Are there any 'free mods' or easy mods to get my bike to get the front tire off the ground a little easier. I am looking for an extra little grunt to get my front wheel off the ground so I can more easily clear rocks...etc... Thanks
  11. 4strokeclueless

    which one?? xr 250 or crf 230? or xr 400??

    Get the 400
  12. 4strokeclueless

    Should I buy XR400?

    Just bought an 04 XR400 and love it
  13. 4strokeclueless

    whice one?? crf 230 or xr 250 or xr 400?

    Get the XR400. You'll outgrow the 250 and regret it.
  14. 4strokeclueless

    Why do you like your XR 250 or 400?

    Well, I decided to go with the XR400. It is brand new, pretty, smells good, and I love it. I'm getting the seat shaved a bit and the sag adjusted some to fit my short legs. It's still at the shop being serviced. I'm so stoked about it. I can't wait to get on it.
  15. 4strokeclueless

    To XR400 riders

    Good stuff. Can't wait to join the XR club.