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  1. Saint728

    Wheel chocks?

    The regular Lock N Load is made out of steel. It clamps the pegs from top and bottom. It's a solid unit and you can't remove or widen or narrow the arms. The Lock N Load Pro is made from aluminum. It's fully adjustable with ratcheting system. Has rubberized jaws to secure and protect foot pegs. Has a switch release. Has a wide mounting plate so you can use it with wider or narrower bikes. You can remove the arms so if you are using your truck bed or trailer for something else they won't be in the way. Just look at the links below and see for yourself. https://riskracing.com/pages/lock-n-load https://riskracing.com/pages/lock-n-load-pro
  2. Saint728

    Wheel chocks?

    Have a look at Risk Racing Lock N Load Pro. Last Black Friday they had them for 40% off at $167.99. If you can wait to get a discount then I would. If not, I would still buy these. https://riskracing.com/pages/lock-n-load-pro
  3. Saint728

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Did you buy it new? If so it should have looked like this. It comes with tap and drill bit.
  4. Saint728

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Why didn't you use the supplied drill bit and tap that came with your kit instead of buying one from Home Depot?
  5. Saint728

    Soft armor with side protection?

    I also use the Klim TekVest. It has rib protection and lets air flow through. I have 2 TekVests, one in the original black and grey and the new version in black with yellow accents. I also have the optional shoulder pads as well.
  6. Saint728

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Where you riding? Your in celcius so not in america He's in Alberta, Canada.
  7. Saint728

    The ultimate socket kit

    I ordered the KTM PowerParts Tool Box. I ordered it from Amazon for $145.99 with free shipping. https://www.amazon.com/NEW-KTM-PIECE-TOOL-00029098100/dp/B00DRFUYJC
  8. Saint728

    Lowering 2013 pds

    I lowered mine 2" front and rear with the KTM PowerParts lowering kit. I also used the KTM PowerParts low seat which took off another 1/2". I'm sure you can order the parts without the springs and it will be cheaper, just be sure you have the correct fork springs for your weight. The KTM PowerParts fork springs are shorter that the normal springs your bike comes with. I made the mistake and ordered another spring then the one that came with my kit because it was too stiff so I ordered one for my weight, but it was too long to fit into my lowered forks, so I had to buy another set of springs that were the correct length.
  9. Saint728

    inverted fork corrosion

    If you want to make them colored again I guess you can take the forks off, than take them apart and have them re anodized or maybe have the Cerakoted in whatever color you want. Or you can also buy upper and lower fork covers and just cover them up. They make carbon fiber ones that look super nice and will be cheaper than having your forks re anodized. My forks are brushed aluminum with no coating on them and they still look brand new. Here is a link to the carbon upper fork and carbon lower fork covers https://www.pro-carbonracing.co.uk/kawasaki/kawasaki-top-upper-fork-protectors-kx125-to-450-all-years https://www.pro-carbonracing.co.uk/kawasaki/kawasaki-upper-fork-protectors-kx125-to-450-all-years
  10. Saint728

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    I use it to melt down styrofoam then take out the glob of goo and light it on fire.
  11. Saint728

    38mm VS 36mm Carb + Lectron or Smart Carb

    I wasn't really trying to sell it, but here is the SN:38BAH00041.
  12. Saint728

    38mm VS 36mm Carb + Lectron or Smart Carb

    No it isn't, but I'm sure you could send it to them to do the mod. You would also have to buy the shorter intake flange anyway.
  13. Saint728

    38mm VS 36mm Carb + Lectron or Smart Carb

    I'm was trying to sell my barely used 38mm billet SmartCarb for $450.00, same price as that guys cast SmartCarb. I guess I'll just reinstall it back into my bike.
  14. Saint728

    How to de-water or dispose of gas?

    Put your contaminated fuel through Mr. Funnel and it will get rid of the water and you can reuse the fuel. http://www.mrfunnel.com/Mr._Funnel/Home.html