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  1. dusty8474

    2017 CRF250X Larger gas tank

    I got a Clarke on my 09 and the metal hardware molded into the tank that holds the plastics on melted out in the heat in the sun, and even before that it fit terribly. The seal surface for the petcock was warped so it leaked and I had to get a new much much thicker o ring to fix that. I bet the ims would work and fit better. I’ve had good luck with them.
  2. dusty8474

    CRF250X A Good Beginner bike?

    My 09 250x was my first bike and got it while I was around 5’9” and completely out of shape. after riding 3 or 4 years that bike could take me take me anywhere and E-start is super nice on trails. I eventually sold it since I got a ktm because I was starting to get serious with motocross, but if I still rode trails I would totally have kept my crf. I never had any problems ever. I even have a friend who is 5’7” and rode a stock 04 250x and did just fine
  3. dusty8474

    Crf250r header on a 250x

    I had a 250r header on my 09 250x before I got a yoshimura pipe. So I'm pretty sure it should fit for you since it did for me. Good luck and ride safe!
  4. dusty8474

    Riverdale Raceway MX race rules

    And terrifying in the mud Never rode it in good conditions, I'll be there Sunday
  5. dusty8474

    Riverdale Raceway MX race rules

    I'd love to get out and ride during the week but I've got school. I'm definitely going to get out at least one day this weekend, maybe both days because the weather looks good and this might be the last time until I put the bike away and switch to skiing.
  6. dusty8474

    Riverdale Raceway MX race rules

    I was signed up in 250 c class with my 13 250sx last race but wasn't able to make the race sadly. So I guess you can ride a 250 2t in 250 class as far as I know. I live in wilsonville and riverdale is definitely one of my favorite tracks even though it's an hour and a half away. Maybe I'll see you out there sometime. I'm the orange and blue 250sx #81
  7. dusty8474

    CRF250X VS KTM 250 EXC-F

    I think that hits the nail on the head right there, I agree completely.
  8. dusty8474

    CRF250X VS KTM 250 EXC-F

    Assuming your are buying new I would pick the Ktm. I don't have any experience on a 250 f Ktm, but have experience on a 350. The 6th gear is nice. My 09 crf250x will go on road but not without screaming in 5th gear. Also the crf x is almost a decade old. Having 6 gears is great, but you are also getting efi, a street legal bike, and a much more modern bike. I love my 250x, but It seems Honda gave up on the crf x line a long time ago, while Ktm has kept improving their enduro bikes.
  9. dusty8474

    Looking for recommendations near SE Portland OR

    My favorite trailhead would definitely be diamond mill. There's tons of gnarly single track and some nice trails that flow really well. I'm fairly new to dirtbikes having only ridden since 2013 or 2014. I'm also new to Oregon but I'm loving it so far and am also always looking for new places to ride and people to ride with.
  10. dusty8474

    13' 250sx carb overflow leak

    The floats weren't out of adjustment. The problem was that the sealing surface on the needle had gotten gummed up letting a small trickle of fuel through when the floats were up.
  11. dusty8474

    13' 250sx carb overflow leak

    A couple days ago I picked up a 2013 250sx. The bike ran great for a day accept the bike wouldn't idle, When got the bike home I washed it and warmed it up, but after running it for about 30 seconds the carb started leaking out of the overflow and the bike started running really rich. I took the carb apart and cleaned it even though the inside was nearly spotless, after reassembly there was no leak for about 10 minutes and then it started again. I've taken the carb apart several times at this point to no avail and I don't want to spend hundreds on having a shop fix it. Has anyone else had this problem or know what it might be and how to fix it? I'm stumped at this point and I don't have too much experience with carbs or two strokes.
  12. dusty8474

    Turbo charged 250x?

    I honestly have no idea if this would work but I'm interested to find out. Only problem I foresee is the carb not running right due to the pressure... or the bike blowing up if you got it running. I'm sure someone with more experience will give you more help, but I'm definitely following this.
  13. dusty8474

    Air filter

    I usually go through one a year on my 250 sense I live in Oregon where it rains most of the time, keeping the dust down. Never came across a $60 usd air filter though, it sounds like you bought a stock one which I found for $37 on Motorsport. I use no-toil products and they have been the best to me so far.
  14. dusty8474

    Engine and Transmission Oil

    I use maxima synthetic for the engine side and pro Honda HP 80w/85w for the trans in my 09.