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  1. geo199

    hey randyWRF..remember taking this pic

    I got arrested back there many years ago with Rich Carrino and Billy Pouch from Hasbrouck Heights. Never forget that jerk's name, Patrolman Scott Storms arrested the 3 of us at my van after a practice session. Had his hand on his weapon when he approached us. Brought us in and we spent the next 3 hrs at the state police station in Hackensack. The chief asked us what we did to get arrested and called the cop an A-hole for bringing us in. We went to our court date and were promptly cuffed and brought into a holding cell for processing. Long story but we went to court an the cop lied, I took pictures the proved that he lied and the judge reprimanded the cop in front of everyone and let us go. Lots more to that story but thats the jist of it.
  2. Buy the thing, it'll only go up in value if you keep it clean and STOCK. I have 2 of em. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a383/geo199/rz350frtlt.jpg
  3. geo199

    To ship a bike??

    Try these folks. http://www.motorcycleshippers.com/s_whychoose.htm http://www.funtransport.com
  4. geo199

    40 yr olds , what was your spot back in the day??

    I am about to turn 50. Grew up in Wyckoff in northern Bergen County. We had mx tracks in Wyckoff, Ramsey, Oakland, Mahwah, in the meadowlands and more. Woods riding all over. Too many people destroying too much wooded land since then has ruined all of the places we had. I'll take the riding opportunities we had over todays modern technology any day of the week.
  5. geo199

    Fmf Q2 = Bad

    So call FMF and let us know what they say/do about it. Personally I've only had bad experiences dealing with FMF directly. They don't seem to care very much about a customer who has 1 pipe of theirs.
  6. geo199

    Post a pic of your garage setup

    here's a pic of my shop now that it's almost finished http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a383/geo199/garage-shop001.jpg and garage http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a383/geo199/garage-shop003.jpg
  7. geo199

    What was your first bike?

    1971 Yamaha 175 CT1
  8. geo199

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    30 years plus? ummm uhhhh eeeeooooo yeah it's been that long.
  9. geo199

    New era in SX

    You don't see how people can say Carmichael is the best? LOL Count the championships man. Reed couldn't hang this week could he?
  10. "Go watch the video of Stewart. He looked before he got T-boned" uuuuuuuhhh no he didn't This is so simple, it was a racing accident caused by one of the riders being reckless by entering the track without looking. It ain't rocket science if you've ever raced you know it's proper to do so.
  11. geo199

    Lifespan of a helmut

    whats a helmut?
  12. geo199

    Scotts steering dampers

    I believe this is the correct answer.
  13. geo199


    AHRMA and ACR vintage classes are 1974 or earlier. Thats how it is kids.
  14. Some people just never get tired of being wrong.
  15. You can be pretty sure that DeCoster made sure James knew what was most inportant here.