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  1. new2fourstrokes

    CRF450X faster than WR450F?

    Hey Matty where in oz do you live buddy, coz i live in brisbane. Mate you can come tune my o5 wr and the wifes o5 wr cos i'm stuffed if i can get the ol girl to fire without the little twist...
  2. new2fourstrokes

    Dyno numbers WR450F, anyone?

    my 05 WR 450 makes 49.2 rear wheel hp all mods done yosh slip on pipe..
  3. new2fourstrokes

    WHat is the LOUDEST pipe out there for the 250f

    does any one have a yz250f pipe they wanna sell...
  4. new2fourstrokes

    fixing dents in exhaust pipe!!!

    Well i dunno what i did wrong i checked the pipe and there is a 4 inch rip mark in the pipe what have a done wrong...
  5. new2fourstrokes

    fixing dents in exhaust pipe!!!

    Great, thanks for the advice i'll try it now..Hope the wife understands.
  6. new2fourstrokes

    fixing dents in exhaust pipe!!!

    So do i just fill her up and stick it in the freezer? No need to block the ends? the reason i ask is when the wife comes home and looks in the freezer it wont be good. I wanna make sure this works for my sake.
  7. new2fourstrokes

    fixing dents in exhaust pipe!!!

    G"day all, I was reading in here somewhere last week about filling the pipe with water and freezing it will this work!! i"ve done a search found other ways not this one tho.
  8. new2fourstrokes

    Why Does My Wr-450 Suck

    Hey Greg, let me know how it goes I've been stuffing around trying to get mine right for weeks. I didn't wanna change the springs if i didn't have too so I'd like to hear how much or little it helped.
  9. new2fourstrokes

    The old grey wire question

    i'm also looking to unplug this grey wire, but was told there is no rev limiter if i do so... is there any1 that can say 4 sure it will be ok..?
  10. new2fourstrokes

    help needed..

    If i change the tank will i need to change the seat?
  11. new2fourstrokes

    help needed..

    What i'm tryin to do is trun my wr into a yz for the handling...
  12. new2fourstrokes

    help needed..

    hi guy's to cut along story short i bought a wr450 thinking it would suit my type or riding but now the kids ride all the time also only at mx tracks so what i need to do is make my wr into a yz because the wr i feel doesn't handle the mx side all that well.. can anyone help please..
  13. new2fourstrokes

    How to get a job at the local dealership...

    As they say, you pay peanuts all you get is monkeys...
  14. new2fourstrokes

    Another exhaust question

    I'm the same mate i know nothin about four bangers.. I ve taken out the snorkel cut bigger holes in the right hand side... As for the timing I'm sure he advanced it a tooth... The Yoshi i bought from the states landed here I'm sure it was $400 brand new..
  15. new2fourstrokes

    Another exhaust question

    Umm the yoshi was about $400 AUD. Mine is 05 wr air box mods done but i went a little further and drilled small holes in the side cover.. JD jet kit not sure about jet size's etc etc i didn't fit it. i'm sure he said he went up a tooth on the timing...