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    Wr250 Gray wire cutting: + or -

    While i do think mid and upper rand is helped with the grey wire out, is low end hurt any? I have done all the mods and not had alot of time with the mods done but the grey wire still in.....so its hard for me to compare. I have heard abit of talk about switch for the grey wire........sounds like you might get better low end torque or power with it in? I do trail riding out here in the desert and we do some nasty hill climbs out of washes and the like....and more traction would be nice.........especially in sandy hill climbs........any advantage to putting grey wire in for these activities? And kinda off subject..whats a good header pipe combo that is 96 db or less that helps the low and and torque the best on the 250f? Needs a a flame arrester too. FMF? What about the slick Yamaha Titaium pipe?
  2. Looking for muffler and header combo that would best boost low end and torque. Also looking to keep sound levels down to 96db max and have spark arrestor. I have wr250f 05. Currently have baffle out and I would want it no louder....maybe a bit quieter if possible. What about FMF Titanium Q? Looks really cool. Power bomb or high flow?
  3. cptsteam

    How often does spark fires on WR250F?

    Hmmm so the ignition system is not as hi tech as that in a modern car. Well then if I got a Tiny Tach variant that was made for a regular 4 stroke.....then maybe it is dividing the sparks by 2 when it should not be. Hence an abnoraml RPM indication! Do those speeds I mention seem right for the gears?
  4. cptsteam

    How often does spark fires on WR250F?

    Oka then there me be a problem after all. I just did some speed test a found that I hit rev limiter at: 27 mph in 1st 40 mph in 2nd 52 mph in 3rd This data is generally averages and obtained via a good hand held GPS. Would this indicate a early hit of the rev limiter? Blue wire disconnect DID require me to use clutch to start. Re engaged blue wire and now I can start in neutral again. So gear switch seems not to be the problem....again if there is one......
  5. Hello, still trying to trouble shoot my 05 WR250F. I think I may actually be nuts and that I may not have an RPM rev limiter problem. I think my Tiny Tach could be a 2 stroke model, and secondly the grey wire mod gave me a bit more mid range that gets me to rev limiter quicker with out as much of a "hit" at the top. Basically the Tiny Tach rev limits at 6000+ which if it was 6500 then 6500*2 puts it pritty close to 1300rpm. Some one mentioned that a spark occures on every motor revolution, though I just talked to Yamaha dealer's parts guy and he said its every 2 revolutions. Again I think between the false info from RPM gauge and different power band after snorkel out and grey wire removed I might just think its not reving as high. Unfortunately with work I have not had but one ride with bike before mods were done. Anyone know for sure if we get a spark every 2 or 1 revolutions?
  6. I have removed the grey wire, put a tach on, put a bash plate on, put fuel tank on, and now it seems that I am hitting rev limiter way to soon. What kinda of things should I be looking for that I might have done . The Mini-Tach I have confirms the reduced RPM( 6900ish), but I have been told some of these tachs are setup in 2 stroke mode and hence might be giving my false data. I disconnect the blue wire plug in an attempt to trouble shoot, and all it did was require me to start with the clutch in (as mentioned on the board here and as expected.) Of coarse the bike is newer and I have not gone on many rides with it yet and I was woundering maybe with the grey wire out and the YZ fuel mapping....that it just getts to red line faster......I am not the most mechanical person alive . Any ideas would be appreciated! 05 WR250F (throttle screw, snorkels, exhaust baffle out, grey wire removed) Joe
  7. cptsteam

    What bike did u have b4 ur 250f

    Got started on freinds 1982 Honda XR200. Fun bike and damn reliable. Simple. If the bandits had Hondas in Road Warrior, Mel would have been screwed! Woud have gotten a new Honda CRF but seems they have really dropped the ball on reliability, and the XR250 is ancient. Hate the color green and the only trail bike Suzuki had of interest was a DRZ-400, but its older tech and weighs a TON. KTM sounded cool but the WR250F is the same bike or better for 2k less!
  8. Got my new IMS tank in, bash plate on, grey wire cut, and Mini-Tach installed. To this point I dont think I screwed anyhting up. Now that I have an RPM read out.....I was wondering what everyone has idle set at.......I have heard 1900-2100....that sounds kinda high.......my bike was set at 800 and I boosted it to 1100 which sounds nice, also seems to be less bog at higher RPM. Allso I have done most of the free mods, bike starts real easily....more easily after I put the new fuel screw in but I still question if I have the right mixture set. I now have idle set at about 1100...and even after a couple mins of running warming up when ever i pull the choke RPM shoots up to about 2200rpm!!! Again bike starts great.........am I to lean..should use fuel screw to richen her up? Last thing....new 3.4 gal IMS tank fits great on the 05 wr250f......the radiator shrouds must be same as YZ shrouds. Couple spots the fuel lines run real close to engine cylinder . Any heat shielding stuff for fuel lines anyone would recomend? Thanks
  9. Just got a Tiny-Tach for my 05. Its says to wrap red RPM pick up wire next to spark plug wire. I see to wires going to plug a black and a red. Should I wrap the red to the red? Is that the right one? I told a friend about what it looks like and he said it may not work since he thinks the coil is ON the spark plug hence no spark plug wire per say. Anyone else put one of these on? Hope I can get it to work.....Tach on board would be sweet! Also just got an IMS 3.4 gal tank and am putting it on........kit did not come with hose clamps for the x-flow line between the too sides of the tank..........worth getting a couple for it? Already put some teflon on the 90 deg valves but I want to make DAMN sure that thing is not leaking under me! Have not put tank on bike but so far it looks pritty nice. Ready to put it on after I disconnect grey wire......
  10. Thanks a bunch for clearing it up! Of to get the carb screw driver at sears!
  11. I have heard that the fuel screw is not accesible and also that is is accesible on 05 WR250s...........is it? Also if it is not.......how in the heck do i get the blocking device out there? Remoove carb? Its in the 40s-50s here in Lost Wages and after doing about all the free mods the bike is harder to start the when brand new. RPM noticablly higher when idling with chock pulled so it seems that I need to richen the fuel screw up a bit....
  12. cptsteam

    05 wr250 jetting

    How did you access that dang fuel screw.....hard to get too and see? Need real small philips or common screw driver? I have an 05 wr250.....is it blocked??!?! Got the after market red adjuster....
  13. Got snorkels out.....though i did hose up and break the little bit of plastic that seperates the 2 snorkels . DOH! Hope that was nothing to important structurally or I may have to try to epoxy it together! Also I have heard optimal idles.........I think 1900-2000rpm roughly list around here. Dumb question how do you messure RPM with no tach? Lastly with grey wire mod.....is the low end hurt at the epensive of mid and top? Have YZ throttle screw, baffle out and snorkels freshly out. Need to change out fuel screw with the red one though. Lastly I have an 05 WR250 and I see the black idle adjustment but the manual shows a screw in the black knob..what is it and should i be concerned? Mixture screw for idle? Of to check out this latest mod..... IMS 3.0 gal tank comming in any day.......hope install is not to big A pain.
  14. Wow this is a great resource web site for the Yamaha! Finally decided on WR250 over Suzuki models and TTR-250.......... Glad I did! Did YZ throttle screw and baffleing removal. Its criminal how badly restricted the bike comes from factory! Its not even the same bike! A few questions to start. Is grey wire worth it? How about Snorkel removal? Not super familiar with carbs and jetting........do i need to modify these any? Bike runs......but takes a little more choke to start...and runs rough a little longer before warmed up.....needs to be richer? I did get this elongated red mixture adjustment screw that goes to carb. Dealer said this was a must and helps with carb mixture setting........controls idle to 1/4 throttle.....should I install it and try to tweak anything? I am familiar with mixture adjustments on aircraft since I fly for a living.....but its a singular mixture....seems bike has a couple. Seems the idle mixture screw on 2005 is not acceible.....the one in the black idle knob....does it need adjusting? Also taking bike from Vegas to Colorado for Summer riding......do I need to buy new jets? Or just adjust somthing? BIKE is AWSOME.......I am so glad i did not get a CRF! This thing runs like a champ and is more capable then i am by far! Thanks for all the good FAQ info! P.S. Before the mods i told my freind who owns an XR400 that after the WR performance mods i might have more power......seems after mods its pritty damn close....or even has a bit more! What is the HP after the big free mods done? What does removal and grey wire add? How about Power Now? Thanks Joe