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  1. brightonguzzi

    CRF250, being parted out near me

    Thanks all for the replies - I think I'll wait until something else comes along. I'm not in a rush. Appreciate your help. Cheers
  2. brightonguzzi

    CRF250, being parted out near me

    Quick question if I may. Local to me a 2005 CRF250 is being parted out. Should I be interested in the front end and the carb for my 1989 XR600 or am I better waiting for a 450 to come along? Appreciate your help in advance. Thanks
  3. brightonguzzi

    Speedo cover

    How uncanny that you managed to find a new one with exactly the same milage on it - what are the chances of that??? Cheers!!
  4. brightonguzzi

    Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    That looks like a heap of fun! wonder if they have anything quite so bonkers here in the U.K. your photos put a big grin on my face, thank you for sharing
  5. brightonguzzi

    XR600R part or fix

    If you don’t need the money and have the space to store it properly I’d keep it, hidden at the back of the barn. one day you’ll get the urge to do it up, maybe with your kids or grandchildren. Or, one day you might need the money and you can part it out, some parts will only get rarer and more expensive as each year passes, especially an 86. does it run,? Is the roughness cosmetic for only? I’m sure you’ll get offers to buy it, good luck whatever you decide
  6. brightonguzzi

    Sprocket sizes - sanity check

    Awesome - thanks Dave, much appreciated!
  7. brightonguzzi

    Sprocket sizes - sanity check

    Hi all I need a new chain and sprockets for my 1989 XR600. When I bought it had a 13 front and a 43 rear - getting the front wheel in the air was just possible but not easy. I ride a lot of trails and want to be able to lift the front wheel when needed to get over logs, rocks etc. Am I correct in thinking that if I go up on the rear to 47 and keep a 13 at the front I'll find it easier to pop the front up more easily. Not to fussed about top speed, all I want is to pop the front up when I need to. Local bike shop only have 13, 14 & 15 front sprockets. Appreciate if someone could confirm that 13f and 47r is the way to go. Thanks in advance
  8. brightonguzzi

    Keihin FCR41 - what bikes use them?

    Thanks for all of the replies. I ride a lot of green lanes so low down response and easy starting is my main reason for looking at a carb replacement. Maybe I should have reworded my initial enquiry and asked - "what replacement carb is the best, whats the easiest to install and what bikes should I be looking at for a replacement? I'm not fixed on a 41, but looking around it seemed that these were the most popular. I just want a carb that responds to throttle input. The original carb on my bike is fine, its set up just perfectly but there is a bit of bog when I open the throttle. I'm hoping a replacement will eliminate that. Thanks
  9. Hoping that you guys can help? I'm looking for a Keihin FCR41MX for my 1989 XR600 (at least that's what I think I want - correct me if I'm wrong) I can't afford brand new so looking for a second one. Can anyone tell me what bikes this carb was fitted to? CRF450 I know about - any others? When I find one, do I need to get the throttle and cables or not bother? Do I need a special intake or does it drop right in? I'm based in the UK and a lot of second hand carbs are sold by referencing the bike, not the carb model. Any other options for plug & play? Thanks in advance.
  10. brightonguzzi

    Decompresion cable replacement

    Hi Guys I need a new decompression cable, part no: 22890MN1650 OEM is coming in at £40.00 UK Sterling. Anyone got a source for an alternative? Ideally something I can buy here in the UK or Europe as the postage cost from the States will be very expensive. Thanks
  11. brightonguzzi

    Throttle tube recommendations

    Hi guys. i need a new throttle tube and wondered if any of you would recommend an aftermarket over OEM? Going to be putting some hand guards on the bars so will need to trim the end off a new tube. I saw a Pro Factory Racing Billet Aluminium tube on eBay and wondered if it was a better option to the OEM plastic tubes. Thanks in advance
  12. brightonguzzi

    Fork Seals - what am I doing wrong?

    Ok, I've watched a couple of videos and it appears that I need to remove the bush guide from the fork leg, insert the slider leg and then fit the bush guide. This guy explained it in a way I understood in case anyone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrmYJgcGX30 (I like his home made tools, especially the 17mm hex head he makes from a bolt) I'd still welcome links to any other tutorials you feel would help me understand further, especially concerning how to put together the internals of the fork. Thanks
  13. It all looked so easy - change a weeping fork seal, a nice simple job, although not one I've done on an XR600 and not something I've done for many years as all my bikes have boots. Anyway, a 1989 XR600, fork seems stock when I look at a parts diagram. Can't find my Haynes manual but I do have a Clymer manual. My first issue was separating the fork slider from the fork leg, the manual suggested that the slider just pulled easily from the leg one I'd removed the dust caps and circlip leaving just the seal in place. I'd undone all the internals as per the manual but there was no way the slider was coming out of the leg. I eventually got it out using the slider & leg a bit like a slide hammer - the slider came out, so did the fork seal, the washer and then the bush guide (link to part). The bush slider (link to part) was still attached to the fork slider leg. So far no huge drama, it wasn't going as planned but I reckoned I'd be OK. But, I'm having an issue and I'd welcome some help. I've put the bush guide back into the fork leg, its a snug fit, the ends of the guide are touching, no gap. The bush slider on the fork leg just won't push past the bush guide no matter how hard I try. I've lubed the bush guide, I've tried a bit of force to get the bush slider past the bush guide but it ain't happening. Seems to me that the only way to get the fork slider into the fork leg is to remove the bush guide from the fork leg, insert the fork slider into the fork leg and then install the bush guide, the washer and the fork seal over the fork slider - is this the way it should be done? Both the manual and videos I've watched say different. If this is the correct method, any tips on removing the bush guide from its snug housing in the fork leg? If its not the correct way please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Is there a step by step guide or a video that I should watch that'll explain the error of my ways? It all seemed so simple....... Thanks in advance
  14. brightonguzzi

    Restarting an XR600 after a tumble

    Hi Guys Thanks for the replies and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I tried the gas off and kick it over with the de-comp lever pulled - tried it several times. Also tried bumping it in. Neither worked. It was obviously flooded as it started up after I'd left it for about 30 minutes. Its made me want to look at bikes with an electric start but I do love me old XR.......
  15. Hey. I was doing some green laning yesterday and somehow ended up in a hedge with the bike on its side. We dragged it out of the hedge and then struggled for 20 - 30 minutes to get it restarted. It wouldn't kick over nor could we bump start it. Eventually I managed to kick it over but it was a least 30 minutes after it had been on its side in the hedge. Is this usual? Any tips on what to do next time I end up in a hedge? It felt like the carb had flooded. It was a great day out spoilt only by the long delay in getting the pig restarted. Cheers