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  1. crfke

    JT RACING Bad Bones

    Hello Ladies, this Belgian motocross lady is searching for old school JT Racing Bad Bones pants in size 28 or 30. We have them here in big sizes, doesn't fit me. Can you help me please? Thanks a lot !
  2. crfke

    Fox pants, sizes????

    Thanks durt duchess, I'm going to order fox undertow size 5/6 at Bto sports. Have fun!
  3. crfke

    Fox pants, sizes????

    Hello Ladies, I'd like some advice. I wear Fox mx pants mens in size 28, good size for me. The undertow pants womens 2012, what size do I need in them??? Don't understand the womens sizing, please help. In Belgium we do not use that sizes. Is there anyone who uses both, mens and womens? Thanks, crfke
  4. Hi guys, I have a new 08 and I don't like it. Problems on heavy tracks, we have those tracks a lot in Belgium. It are the 22mm clamps, I know. Not only that, the engine of my 07 was faster on low and midrange (37mm carb and pc ti dual). And that's better for a novice like me. There's the hard to start problem too. Conclusion, I want a new 07. They are sold out in Europe. So can you help me on a new 07 for a good export price? Transport is no problem. Thanks a lot, crfke
  5. crfke

    2008 clutch

    yes, it does work! I've placed the plates and fiber and the pressure plate 07 in my 08. Like it more, better for holeshot. I have better controle on the clutch. crfke
  6. crfke

    08 CRF250R with 37mm carb jetting

    I agree with RHC. Tryed the 07 carb on my 08: better trottle response (reduce the peak power, the stock exhaust does that too). I'm just a novice so I like this power band. With my dual PC it works fine!
  7. crfke

    Is it worth selling my 07, for the 08

    My 07 was fantastic, very fast. I've sold it and now I have the o8. Engine works fine, smooth. Don't like the 22mm clamps. Good for hard tracks.(USA) Steering problems in the sand and soft Belgium tracks! If I could turn the clock... or buy another clamp perhaps. Keep your 07, don't waist the money.
  8. The flat feeling on top is the stock exhaust! I've tryed an aftermarket exhaust, big improvement on top. And good response.
  9. Thanks for the information! I'm glad Honda made the motor powerfull in low rpm. Think I'm going to use 13-49 gearing.
  10. crfke

    08 crf 250 jets

    RHC, did you use the ap method? Change the leak jet? Neadle? Why does honda use 188 main jet when the bike is lean on low rpm? I read this threads always, and jetted my 07 bike from what I've learned on the forum. Works great! Friday my 08 arrives, so I can use some help. Thanks, crfke
  11. MKR this year I used the 0.43 Was good for me. But settings of the fork are changed perhaps... Have a race next sunday, 07 is sold. I have no other choice, so I'm going to order the 0.43 again. thanks
  12. mxengineer4, fantastic review! Can you see in owner's manual at the fork springs standard please? I'm told they are stiffer. last year it was 0,45kgf/mm Are they 0,47 kgf/mm? (26.3 lbf/in) The bikes are in stock next week in Belgium, so I can order softer springs already. I'm just a small belgian motorcross girl. Thanks a lot.
  13. crfke

    who uses 174 main jet, 06 crf250 ?

    On my 07 with 05 carb and PC dual I use: 45 leakjet, NKUS needle 3e clip, pilot 42, main jet 175. Works fantastic!!!
  14. crfke

    Pro Circuit Ti gp dual exhaust 06

    So I'll have to buy the low boy header and place that on my second hand PC. (Or learn to race faster!!) Did not change a lot on my bike: carb 05 with boyesen, a softer spring on the rear shocker, gearing 13 - 50 and some red colored parts. Next thing; the PC exhaust and PC clutch springs. And I like red wheels.(not the prices:-) You guys have fantastic bikes, I like the pics. Thanks for all the information.
  15. crfke

    Pro Circuit Ti gp dual exhaust 06

    So 2 different headers for the dual system. We don't have these in Belgium. I can buy one for a good price (06 PC dual system) from a friend, it's not a low boy. My bike is the 250 07. He said that it fits my bike. A guy at the track told me that a low boy is better for me, (because I' m a novice) that it gives more lowe and midrange power. Is it so? We motorcrossgirls needs the opinions from the guys... sometimes :-) Thanks for reply. #199