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    Drz400 Fcr39 Bogging after warm

    So I tried my old petcock and my old tank with new gas, made sure the lines were clear, the fuel filter seemed to be a little restrictive but it is also a filter so I'm not sure how much flow it's supposed to have; it did let fuel pass through though. Unfortunately it still acting the same.. Probably going to get a new fuel filter and a new pilot jet. Thanks for the advice guys
  2. Sumozuki

    Drz400 Fcr39 Bogging after warm

    I did an oil change ~300 miles ago; no fuel in the oil that I can tell. I took the air filter off, could probably used to be cleaned, but it didn't look like anything got past it. I did buy a cheap, generic petcock for my IMS tank when I did the big bore kit and everything else(~2yrs old). I still have the original petcock(don't think it leaks) on the original tank so I will try that after I check the fuel lines and fuel filter and I will report back. Thank you both!
  3. Sumozuki

    Drz400 Fcr39 Bogging after warm

    I'll get a new one and try it. The bike does run top notch when I start it cold, stays that way until warm, do you think it could still possibly be an engine issue? I had the big bore kit done by Eddie about 2 years ago and that's also when I put on the rebuilt Fcr39; but it is an 18yr old engine(2000 Drz S) on its 3rd rebuild at least. Thank you very much
  4. Hello everyone, so my drz400 S has been running very well since I put on the Fcr39 about 2 years ago(with the exception of the carb recently having some new, slight backfiring on acceleration) and today it started backfiring and bogging so bad I could barely get any acceleration at all, it felt like it wasn't even jetted right, I forced it, backfiring and bogging like crazy, and jerking me all over the place, so I could get to work and after about 5 mins of that, I stopped at a red light(it's idling normal) it started to mostly act normal right before getting to work. After work I rode home and the same thing happened when it warmed up, and after about 5 minutes of sounding and looking rediculous trying to force it down the road(again), it smoothed out and I was able to ride home without anymore major issues (still random backfires). I took the carb apart everything looked fine, pretty clean as well. I put it back on the bike, and made sure it was sealed as best I could tell, took it down the street to warm up and as soon as it did, the exact same problem happened... Any advice would be much appreciated, I'm not sure why this would happen out of nowhere, but I'm also no professional. Thank you! MODS: Fcr39 - no problem with jetting prior to today(did have slight backfire at 1/4 throttle, but great WOT) R&D Powerbowl R&D fuel screw 3X3 air box mod K&n Air filter Cylinder Works 440cc big bore kit
  5. Sumozuki

    Excel Takasgo Rim

    Great look great durability
  6. Sumozuki

    Cylinder Works Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    Great power
  7. Sumozuki

    FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Full System

    Great sound, great power
  8. Sumozuki

    Suzuki DR-Z400S 2000

    Absolutely fantastic motorcycle