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  1. Pancho_Jsy

    Deep Water Crossing Failure

    What should you do then? If you're hundreds of km from home, with no spare oil or anything to drain it into?
  2. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some replacement bar clamps for my '07 that'll raise the bars by about 20mm. I don't want to use those inserts that go on top of your existing clamps and I know i could fit taller bars but I'm having clearance issues with my roadbook mount so taller bar risers would sort that. Have you fitted something similar to your bike? The bolt looks like M12 so I guess anything with the same size bolt will fit. Failing that, Do you know what the stock rise is so I can shop for something taller?
  3. Pancho_Jsy

    Well time for a redo on the 08 WR450

    Hardly looks worth replacing anything! Does the electric start still work with such a high comp piston?
  4. Pancho_Jsy

    any of you guys excited for the tenere 700!???

    That was the WR450 Rally. Nothing shared between the two other than graphics and styling. I for one am really excited for the Tenere 700. I live a long way from anywhere fun to ride so something with proper road manners that's also light enough and robust enough for off-roading sound perfect. Price is expected to be <£9000 in the UK which makes it a total bargain. I could see myself entering roadbook rallies all over Europe on it. It's got the legs to ride there, compete and ride home again. Of course the KTM brigade will come along and say ''Oh it doesn't have TC and Cruise control and 25 riding modes and active suspension, blah blah blah'' But frankly that's the appeal. It's simple. The 790R has way too much going on for me and the price difference is enormous. I hired a Tracer 700 in Spain for a weekend a few years ago and it was a right laugh. All wheelies and slides. Plenty of usable power and so keen to rev right out to the redline. Of course it's not as fast as my Tiger 1050 but honestly, I think that's ok. I've got a sportsbike for going silly fast. And massive apologies to all the North Americans who have to wait so long for this
  5. Pancho_Jsy

    2019 WR450F & 250F ???

    2019 WR 250/450 aren't Euro4 compliant so they wont be road legal in Europe. They'll still be available though, and without any emissions controls most likely since they're for closed course only. I hope they do like Honda have with the 450L so we can still buy blue. If not, I'll be getting a Tenere 700
  6. Thanks for the info, I think you're right, no easy fix it there's multiple pulses per revolution.
  7. Hi All, I'm entering my first roadbook rally event in May. It's a 7-day race in Greece called the Hellas Rally https://hellasrally.org/ I have a 2007 WR450F that I'm building to do the job and I would really like some advice on suspension setup for this kind of riding (see video at the bottom) Locally I can only ride the bike on muddy MX tracks and (i assume) setup is very different for something like rallying. Generally speaking, what characteristics do you want to promote in a rally bike? Should it be soft and forgiving or stiff and capable of soaking up big hits? I'm 70kg plus kit, the bike will be around 20kgs heavier with a rally tank, tools and roadbook holder. I've fitted 4.8nm and 58nm springs, as recommended in the Yamaha manual. I also have Racetech Gold compression valves in the forks, currently shimmed towards MX riding. I wont have a chance to test the bike until I'm in Greece so any advice would be fantastic, many thanks
  8. errrrm. KTM have already done all the work for you.. Their EXC250 and 300 TPI use transfer port EFI. Find a bent one and graft the parts on to your bike. Job done. https://www.ktm.com/en/enduro/300-exc-tpi/
  9. Hi All, As the title suggests, I want to run a back up ICO trip meter (Using a GPS ICO as main) on my '07 Yamaha WR450F. Has anyone used the stock electronic speedo drive as a wheel signal instead of using the ICO supplied sensor unit? The stock Yamaha unit is much more robust than the ICO unit and if it's a backup it really needs to work when i need it to. I could make up a connector to plug the ICO into the Yamaha speedo wiring, but no idea if the ICO is compatible with the signal from the stock pick up Alternatively, has anyone used the stock dash board during a rally?? It looks difficult to use and it would be obscured by the roadbook holder. Any help/tips greatly received
  10. As the title really. How have people removed the electronic speedo drive without leaving the wheel bearing exposed to dirt? I'll be using a trip master so no need for the original dash but i dont want to cut the lead off the speedo drive as they're £120 new. Any solutions out there? Maybe I could fit a mechanical speedo drive and blank off the cable hole.
  11. Pancho_Jsy

    CRF450L vs '19 WR450F

    You're correct, the 450X and Wr450 are a better comparison but the 450x (RX in the UK) is not road legal, doesn't come with lights or any road gear.
  12. Pancho_Jsy

    CRF450L vs '19 WR450F

    Sounds like it has better road manners than most Enduro bikes then. All the hate I've seen has come from KTM fan boys. Having had the unfortunate task of fixing many broken Orange bikes over the years I wouldn't touch one, in any flavour. Of course it's not as powerful as a 690, nor does it have the range. I'm fine with that. You can keep your ABS and ride by wire. I'd like to do the odd MX event on it so a 690 is definitely the wrong bike. The price is a bit of a sticking point though. 2018 Yamaha is £8,000 on the road vs. £9,599 for the CRF450L Does the CRF have a radiator fan? The WR does.. and fat bars
  13. Pancho_Jsy

    CRF450L vs '19 WR450F

    I guess I meant rides over several days. Some Rally Raid days can total >500km including road work. Coming from MX, an oil change every race weekend isn't an issue. I also read a review somewhere where the reviewer grilled the Honda test rider and the guy let slip that they were changing the oil every 2000km. I wouldn't dare do that on any enduro bike but worth bearing in mind for DS guys. Is 6th gear really tall? One bugbear with my '07 WR450F is with enduro gearing, the engine is revving quite high at 50mph on road. Not exactly pleasant. A tall 6th that let you at 50ish would be great Regarding derestriction, I'm lucky enough to have access to a Dyno so even it needs a PCV it's not a huge issue. I'd be interested to know what's holding the EU model back. The WR450F comes with the 'offroad' kit so there's no extra spend to uncork it, which is a plus
  14. Pancho_Jsy

    CRF450L vs '19 WR450F

    As the title suggests, has anyone ridden both? Ideally uncorked. Both bikes come heavily restricted here in UK. No sane person would leave them this way. Is the sound deadening and 6th worth the extra weight? Both bikes appeal for enduro and rally raid adventures. Plenty of aftermarket stuff out there for RRing a WR, I'd imagine aftermarket 450L stuff will be more DS orientated. The fuel range and service intervals dont bother me on either bike. Both would get bigger tanks and i dont mind changing oil after every ride Riding a '07 WR450F at present