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  1. Quote from another thread. FYI, if you buy the Rally dogbone and triangle pivot, you can run a Rally shock on the 250L. I'm running a racetech shock built for a Rally and CRF450R front end on my 250L. It's legit...almost makes it like a real dirtbike. The Rally comes with almost an inch more rear travel. Also, the rally is setup with a lot more shock stroke than the L, which means the shock doesn't have to work as hard to damp suspension motion.
  2. So I'm hoping to do some suspension work this winter, or maybe sooner...anyways to my questions. 1. Someone on here posted about lengthening the front travel with the stock legs. How was it done? Do you still like it? 2. What is the difference between the L and the Rally in the rear? How do I get the same travel out of the L as the Rally has? Yes I know I can search for it but I'm not finding what I want. Spoon feed me someone.
  3. If your looking for a bike for a beginner that will build confidence, I'd suggest a CRF250L. Easy to ride on or off road. Maybe not the best at technical off road but it can do anything you will want it to do for a few years. Biggest downfall would be highway speeds...up to 55-60mph it runs pretty good. Over 65 and it will depend on elevation and wind. MSRP CRF450L-$10400 CRF250L-$5200 CRF250L Rally ABS-$6200 The 250L is a much more beginning friendly bike...just throwing it out there.
  4. Gotta do what you gotta do...that is why I carry 6to8 big old zip ties. Of course the one time I needed them, they didn't get transfer from my other pack to the pack I was using. Now I have zip ties in all my packs.
  5. My boy called a GPX dealer in Utah(I think) and one of the salesman said maybe they would do a few, but wasn't really sure cause the head guy was on vacation. Salesman made it sound like the idea has been kicked around the office. Would those bikes be ok on slower trails, ones where you you run a 250 in 2nd most of the time? Not overly rough, but not fast and flowing. How about for someone 200 pounds? What do you think the weight limit is?
  6. Any idea if they are gonna do more? I got a boy who is interested in the Orion FX1, but maybe the GPX version is a better bike.
  7. Not to derail this but... I put in the Antigravity Restart in my dual sport earlier this year. I've had a chance to use on one occasion and it works good. I would recommend getting the newer model with the remote reset switch.
  8. I believe you have to get a permit to be on that trail. If I remember right they are free, but just made to limit the numbers per day.
  9. Nice buy. Keep us informed on how you like it and what if anything you'd change.
  10. Are they still rubber mounted? They look good on your "Africa Single"!!!
  11. That's awesome...a Ralley with a moto-mule. Very nice. Looks like a fun time.
  12. Not to confuse you any further, but if your gonna be doing fire roads with your buddies, you might consider the CRF250L. It has dual disc, FI and is plateable from the get go. Pretty tame motor, easy to ride. Water cooled, but I haven't had any problems with mine getting hot, even when putting with little ones.
  13. Good to hear that your gonna make it. Not sure if my weekend will be open or not. Fun ride, anybody who is thinking about it, should do it at least once for sure.
  14. You don't want to trailer through CA, all towing vehicles have a 55mph speed limit in CA, which is straight up hazardous. Over spring break I pushed 60 or better whenever possible on 101. Made it all the way to Pismo Beach. Then returned on I-5 doing 65 the whole time. Seen a couple coppers and none of them turned around. Saw the "all trailers must do 55", but said F that.
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