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  1. jaworskime

    2008 EXC-R E-Start Dead.......Ideas?

    Any luck, I'm having a similar problem with my 500 exc?
  2. jaworskime

    Efi and low fuel light coming on 500exc?

    Yeah I've checked all of those, need to really dive in and check all connections , I believe it's going on somewhere in that birds nest behind the headlight
  3. I have had this issue happen twice, my efi and low fuel light are coming on, the bike will idle but soon as you give it gas it will sputter and die. The lights aren't on until you roll the throttle back. Any ideas? Also the electric start won't work. Have to kick the bike to start, and the computer doesn't come on when you turn the key and flip the switch to start,. Assuming it's a wiring issue or fuel pump issue, any help would be appreciated.
  4. jaworskime

    2016 500exc exhaust and mapping

    When I get a chance to really ride it this weekend ill update, but I mean I'm sure you have way more open terrain out there in Az than here in Va, just wanted an ecu that I didn't have to jump through holes for with ktm and richen up the motor. And I'm sure we'd all be faster on a 350 lol
  5. jaworskime

    2016 500exc exhaust and mapping

    Just plugged In my vortex ecu.... so I have a different bike now. I only rode it around the neighborhood twice, won't get it to the track till this weekend. But I really can't describe the difference. Power delivery is sooooo smooth. It starts immediately, engine has quieted down, not even the slightest hint of a pop on decel, wheel wants to come up in every gear. This thing is amazing!! Best money I've spent for sure!!
  6. jaworskime

    2016 500exc exhaust and mapping

    Mine is desmogged and descreened. Don't get me wrong the bike runs great, I've been meaning to get a remap to fix the leanness on the top and all over really. Do i need a Vortex ecu or a FMF slip on... no of course not. The vortex is peace of mind knowing its rich enough for whatever I decide to put on it if anything though. The fmf is more somthing i wanted for a throatier sound and the weight savings and any hp gain a plus. I used to race mx and am still young only 28 , been thinking about selling it and just getting another mx bike, but I keep thinking this is why i bought this bike, I can go for a joy ride around town or take it to Budds Creek like I did last weekend. So i've decided to keep it and mod up. I ride it 50/40/10 track, trails, road. Love the bike, have a stiffer suspension on it, better timing and fueling on the way, and maybe an exhaust in the future. Guess I just like spending money lol.
  7. jaworskime

    2016 500exc exhaust and mapping

    Thanks I have your tool already. I've actually decided to go all out and bought the Vortex Ecu!! Gonna wait on the exhaust since the Vortex was $700
  8. I'm thinking about upgrading to a slip on fmf 4.1 or full exhaust and want to get a remap as well. What map should be downloaded?
  9. jaworskime

    Need some help... Tried to Adjust Valves

    It takes 20 min , just check your clearances again, and it's free.
  10. On my 16' 500exc there is a case bolt near the water pump cover that has a copper washer on it, if you remove the bolt and washer and turn the engine over by moving thr rear wheel, when you look in there with a flashlight there is a notch in the crankshaft that allows you to put the screw back in without that copper washer to lock it at tdc. And no need to drain oil. Not sure if your bike is the same but take a look. It will put any worries by the way side.
  11. jaworskime

    Headlight Switch

    The one on my 500 exc is very bulky and leaves you no room to adjust where you want your clutch lever. I would suggest the switches from sicass racing.
  12. Here is the picture..
  13. Ive done similar and cut mine even further up but my Dunlop 606 knobbies still have caught the plate , I started taking my bracket off when I hit the track but am tired of doing that so will probably switch to the xcw or sicass set up.Mine is the one on the right.
  14. jaworskime

    16' 500 exc shifting issues

    Yeah when I mean shifting smoothly, it just seems that I need to pull up a tad bit harder with my foot to hit the next gear, definitely not missing gears or anything. Just doesnt seem to be as smooth as it used to be. Guess you could call it a notchy feel.
  15. jaworskime

    Headlight Wiring

    Yes they did a crappy job with the wiring back there. I have reconfigured it a million times and it all sucks. I frequently take my headlight off to put the number plate on for when I ride motocross with it (because I broke the headlight in a crash on the track once and it cost a lot to replace) and its always a headache when I look back there!! But the awesome versatility of the bike makes up for the crappy wiring provided.