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  1. I'm reassembling my carb and realized I have two jets that look exactly the same, just different sizes. One is a 160, and one is I believe a 2.5? The manual is of no help, as it doesn't have a definition for anything size 2.5, and it also refers to both jets as the main jet in the diagrams 😫 What's going on here? I'm assuming one is the main jet and one is the main air jet. The manual refers to a "jet 1" and "jet 2", but neither are close to 2.5 in the specs. The bike is an 09 DR-Z400, with the stock Mikuni FB29. P. S. I realize I don't have the needle jet installed yet.
  2. KevinIsInUse

    Mikuni Carb Questions

    I've recently bought a running 2009 DR-Z400SM and I've disassembled the carb and have a couple questions: 1) What are the circled holes for? They are both threaded and had nothing in them upon removal. and 2) There was dirty gas in the vacuum diaphragm on the cover side. The carb side was dry. I've never seen this before, is it a problem? This is the first Mikuni carb I've worked on, for what it's worth. Thanks guys!
  3. I put a new o-ring around the float needle valve seat and when I push it back in it doesn't sink in as much as it did before (understandable as the old one was 15 years old). But now I'm worried because if I screw in the screw that keeps it from falling out it sits slightly askew from the pressure on only one side (the old o-ring was stuff enough to not have this issue). Am I doing something wrong or should I just not screw it in all the way? Also, if I do so I'm going to have to adjust he float height as the needle will sit higher as well. Thoughts/ideas?
  4. KevinIsInUse

    Is the carb safe to dunk in cleaner?

    I'll look into the Yamalube. Thanks for the info on the TPS, I was really hesitant to touch it. So while cleaning the carb the throttle arm slid out a bit since it was no longer attached to the slide, as in it seemed to slide a bit away the TPS. Should I be worried or does it only need to be recalibrated if removed at the mount?
  5. KevinIsInUse

    Is the carb safe to dunk in cleaner?

    I used the Pine Sol method, and it worked wonders.
  6. KevinIsInUse

    Is the carb safe to dunk in cleaner?

    I should clarify, the only plastic pieces left attached are the throttle position sensor, the accelerator pump adjuster, and the tiny wheels that attach the throttle body to the slide (not the bigger ones on the slide itself). I think I'm going to dip the whole thing (except the TPS) in Pine Sol for an hour and see how well that works.
  7. Just bought a 2002 wr250f and the carb is disgusting. I've disassembled it as per the Clymer manual (I know, I know). I know not to dunk the throttle position sensor but it seems there's other plastic/rubber parts other than that that would require further advanced dissasembly. Would it be alright to just submerge the bottom half of the throat and below? Or would I miss out on cleaning vital nooks and crannys? Thanks
  8. KevinIsInUse

    Xr250 for street bike

    I have a 1999 XR250 that I've been fixing up since spring and I'd like to pick up a street bike to tinker with over the winter. Guy on Craigslist wants to trade my XR plus extra cash for his $1750 1995 suzuki 600. I feel like my bike is worth more than that (I bought it for $1700), but maybe I was overzealous when I picked it up. What's the ballpark value for a street legal XR250 in good condition? Should I wait until spring to sell? I'm in Denver, if that matters much.