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  1. chud

    a3 torret

  2. chud

    Southwhick torrent, anyone have it?

    Anybody know when it's going to air? I can't look for news like that because I'm afraid I'll see the results.
  3. Man, I've noticed all the top riders are hooked on that stuff. Ricky and Bubba especially just after the race can hardly get a sentence out without needing another gulp of their Red Bull and Monster. Seems a little rude when somebody's trying to interview you. I can see wanting some water or gatorade after a race, but that sugary carbonated energy junk would make me sick.
  4. chud

    baffle in the carburetor

    Thanks for the responses. Dang, are those fairly stock weight XR's that Summers is holding? He doesn't even look like he's straining. You sure those are real pictures?
  5. What does the white plastic baffle in the carburetor do?
  6. Thanks. I was thinking about carrying it on a plane with me, but I guess that's a bit heavy.
  7. Anybody know the weight of the xr400 motor? I need to know for shipping purposes. Thanks.
  8. chud

    smoking xr400

    Yea, I never noticed any smoke until it got the water in it. If it was just a little smoke I wouldn't worry about it, but it's a lot.
  9. chud

    smoking xr400

    I have a stock 01 XR400 that is putting out a lot of whitish smoke. There's probably a little more when it's first started but it keeps smoking even when hot. A couple of months ago I sank the bike in a puddle and took a lot of muddy water into the engine. I changed the oil til it was clean and the bike seems to be running well except for the smoke. I don't get to ride much and the bike stays parked for months at a time. Any ideas on what the problem is? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the good advice. I like those trials pictures. That looks fun.
  11. I'm going to try to adjust my valves. The manual says to install new O-rings for the crankshaft hole cap, timing hole cap, and valve hole cap. Is this necessary each time the valves are adjusted? thanks.
  12. What is the recommended rider position for going up steep hills? I've been standing up and leaning over the handlebars to keep the bike from flipping backwards, but this doesn't allow much traction for the rear wheel. Thanks.
  13. chud

    memphis riding

    I'm also looking for places to ride in Memphis. I'm going to be in town next week and would like somewhere to ride besides the field down the street. Thanks.