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  1. TakinaDirtNap

    Who went from a 450 to a 250 two stroke?

    +1 here and I will never look back!!!!!!! I had three different 450f's two were crf450f so been there done that! I will ride 2s from here on out. I see more and more 2s at my track every year despite the limited production out of yamaha and ktm. I grew up racing mx on 2s so that will tell you I am a old f* over 40 classs. When I got back into riding I started wtih 2s and like most people I swtiched to 4s for years. I spent a ton of time/money on the 4s that I owned as you know when they grenade its nasty stuff. 4s have strengths as well and I like 4s but I have made my mind up that the 2s is best for me. I like that its requires significantly less maintinance time/labor and less expensive to maintain. Riding a 2s does not take long 2-3 rides and you will feel it, your more connected to the bike you can see lines and just point and go there. No longer will you be forced to the 4s outside line or rut. Light and flickable you can move around in the air.......as others have said. You are a bit buisy on a 2s but I still feel like I can ride longer because they are so light weight and that weight is down low. Who knows maybe some day we will see some of these clean fuel injected 2s in bikes everyone is talking about like we have in the marine market. 2 strokes for me until a sponsor wants to supply my bikes, a rig, mechanic and parts and of course that will never happen. The 2s is just flat out fun to ride.
  2. I have heard great things from many here on tt about the dep pipe on the yz250 adding HP....... I have a 09 yz250 and my stock pipe has seen better days. I am looking at a slightly used pipe on ebay that looks too good to pass up and might cost less than stock unit. Any feedback stock vs. DEP?
  3. TakinaDirtNap

    YZ300 or YZ295 power jet setup

    Anyone running the YZ300 YZ295 change the power jet or did you leave it at the stock 50 setup? thx
  4. TakinaDirtNap

    YZ300 YZ295 Reed Question

    Thanks for the feedback I had planned on buying the #8 tomorrow. Per my other thread I dont think I have a choice as I have tried everything in attempt to jet out the tiny sputter around 1/3-1/2 throttle. But I was curious if I could get that same kind of very low end responsiveness with the vforce on the 300 and if that responsiveness on the 300 would be desirable. It sounds like you like the vforce on your eg300 but the #8 slide was more important than any reeds.
  5. TakinaDirtNap

    YZ300 YZ295 Reed Question

    I am running the stock reeds on my yz300 but I have ridden a stock yz250 with a psi carb that really responded well off bottom. I am not sure if it was the carb or reeds. The vforce psi combo does not feel like it adds true tourque or grunt off bottom. It feels like its just really responsive of bottom and again I am not sure if this is because of the reeds or the carb. Keep in mind that this bike is a 250 and I am riding the 300. So have you guys that ride the 300 tried different reeds and if so how did they perform for you? thx
  6. TakinaDirtNap

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    S14 what did you pay to do your carb work and who did it? Or am i better off just buying a #8 slide? where did you guys buy your slides at and what did they cost? thx
  7. TakinaDirtNap

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    So S14 are you saying that you experience the same issue (uncleaness) that yz250_bm and I are expereincing at 1/3-1/2 throttle or were you looking to tone down the snap with the #8 slide? I ride mx so my bike sees 98% track use and my issue is that when your trying to hold throttle positon when leaving the face of a big jump it is bothersome to experience that sputter knowing you have a long gap to cover and once your on take off face you cant change your mind your committed.
  8. TakinaDirtNap

    YZ300 help mid throttle wont run clean YZ295

    So it sounds like for canon the #8 slide allowed him to select a proper sized pilot and jet from there not neccasarily solving a mid throttle issue but giving him a good starting point for jetting. S14 why did you go with the #8 slide? Anyone else have this issue? Its not real pronounced unless you hold a throttle position leaving a jump face or on a straight.
  9. Any other YZ300 YZ295 riders have issues at 1/3-1/2 throttle where it just will not run quite clean. I have treid chasing it with DEP/Stock pipe, different silencers, jetting all over the place JD kit red and blue needles the stock needle. My best setup is a 45p, blue pos 2 or 3 and 168 or 170 mn here I get good performance accept for the mid. If I hold 1/3-1/2 throttle it kind of cuts it wont run clean until I roll the throttle past this point then its great. It does not sound like a ping to me more of a sputter cutout. I am running 32:1 half C12 and half 93 pump 10% eth and its 95-100 degrees hot hot. Timing is .0009 like ev1 like most factory set yz250. Could it have something to do with the powervalve being close to opening?Anyone else have this issue? Could it be I need staight race fuel or maybe a #8 slide?
  10. TakinaDirtNap

    Yz300 should I do it?

    I would agree with S14 and the others this is a great mod. You get the entire kit from EG bolt it up and go but you will have to work out the jetting. We had to go leaner than stock with this kit.
  11. TakinaDirtNap

    Eric Gorr YZ300 arrives! Small ride report added

    Current jetting is 48p, jd blue center #3, and 172mn. Running 50/50 C12 at 32:1 sea level and its hot hot hot here 94-101 lately with relative humidity in the AM of 86% and PM of 53% this time of year. Based on the plug my main could be one jet rich but I need more time to confirm as it could be good as it starts to cool off. Still tinkering with it at this time but it runs well as jetted.
  12. TakinaDirtNap

    Eric Gorr YZ300 arrives! Small ride report added

    Carver and SBmike I checked my timing today and its .009-.095 so I guess thats about .9-1.0 degrees advanced. Correct? I ride mx and I liked the gain in bottom with the pump set up but I went from pump head to rg head seeking more mid range umph!. I also switched pistons to one with a window like stock again seeking the mid range umph or hit. Currently I am running 50/50 C12. Previously my pump gas set up had some issues on the pump 10% eth fuel but now that I realize my timing is a bit advanced I am not surprised I was chasing pinging with jetting changes. So if I am attempting to harness more mid range power or hit then I am guessing being 1.0 advanced is probalby what I want and no change would be needed unless I just wanted to play around. Would you agree that this if not the sweet spot for my needs is not a bad place to start as I am sorting through this initial phase of my set up?
  13. TakinaDirtNap

    Eric Gorr YZ300 arrives! Small ride report added

    Carver I just recieved my dial indicator from AJ so I will be checking my timing in the next few days at this point I dont know what my timing is set at
  14. TakinaDirtNap

    Eric Gorr YZ300 arrives! Small ride report added

    I had a hard time trying to get my pump gas head set up run on pump gas so I deffinately would not run my high compression set up on pump. I am in TX and I cant find a pump anywhere that does not say "contains up to 10% enthenol". On the pump head setup I had to jet rich to try to get rid of the pinging so my next step was to try 50/50 and see if the problem went away. I did not get that far with the pump head before moving to to the high compression setup. Now I am running the high compression head with 50/50 C12 and after about 2.5 hours of run time all is well so far.
  15. TakinaDirtNap

    Eric Gorr YZ300 arrives! Small ride report added

    Any ride report or confirmation from JD?