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  1. PO said he honed the cylinder walls when he installed new piston. When I measure it as best as I can it seems to be exactly 70mm still. Do I need to increase piston size in any way if It was honed? How much skirt-wall clearance can there be without a problem. The rings seems to be completely flush against all sides of the wall, so It should be fine just want to make sure I shouldn't go up.
  2. I think 20:1 is a little lean too, but not sure if that would stop the bike from starting. Try adding some fuel to the tank w/o oil in it.
  3. JDeich

    Honda 05 CR250 No start but backfires?

    I guess it could be coming from intake it is hard to tell.
  4. JDeich

    Honda 05 CR250 No start but backfires?

    Through the exhaust. It wants to start. Previous owner says he thinks it's the rings because he didn't replace when he rebuilt. So I'll probably end up changing the rings. But since it's backfiring seems like it is something else.
  5. The engine is was supposedly rebuilt last year. Parked it for a couple of months and now it just backfires when I try to start it up. What could be causing this? I am not sure I see any other symptoms...
  6. JDeich

    Please HELP ASAP! Blowing Fuses

    Whats the easiest way to find the short? Should I just inspect all the wiring or is there some way I can test with my multimeter?
  7. I ordered a tusk enduro kit for my Yamaha YZ and it blows the fuse. The fuse is a 10 amp fuse and it has something to do with the headlight. The kit comes with a switch to run the headlight through so I connected headlight to ground and to the power through the kit and I think it draws too many amps from the kit now. Can I just put a really big fuse in there or something to keep it from blowing? The fuse will not handle the power and there is no other way to set it up that I can think of! Also my bike runs best when the air screw is all the way screwed in... Are my jets too big or too small??? I need to know this stuff this morning! Thanks