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  1. Lots of night riding shots on here: http://www.youtube.com/user/MotoTally From the Ozark 100 Miler in MO over thanksgiving weekend. None are from a helmet cam though. Cool video.
  2. huskyte250

    I need a picture for a book- it could be you!

    Eh, not sure if this will do, its near as good as CrazyJohnnys but it still looks pretty cool. Hill isn't much of a hill though. Good luck
  3. huskyte250

    New graphics

    Haha, of course! Check out their fb page too though, they just put up a couple videos about how easy their graphics are to apply and remove. ( http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=1397798147028&ref=mf ) Plus, if you've got problems applying graphics, send in the plastic and they'll apply the graphics for free! Good stuff. http://www.facebook.com/#!/bikegraphix?ref=ts
  4. huskyte250

    New graphics

    Sweet graphix man, well except for the KU thing but whatever. At least you got the right graphics company! hah
  5. huskyte250

    Sand Track Riding Pics from Yesterday

    nice photos. i hear you'll be seeing my brother in a few days. have fun. you should come do the harescramble on sunday.
  6. huskyte250

    Pics of the new 08 250f

    there you go.
  7. huskyte250

    Need Pics Of Pastranas Bike

    http://www.transworldmotocross.com/enlarge.jsp?galleryID=1000014185&imageNbr=29&typeID=1 thats all i could find in the quick search i did. hope it helps
  8. huskyte250

    post pictures of pismo

    paddle tires are illegal in AMA racing I think it is. Nice Photos, we could use some of that heat here.
  9. huskyte250

    Over sized tanks.

    I also have the clarke gas tank in the natural color. My bike with the clear tank: My brothers old bike with a black clarke tank:
  10. huskyte250

    Graphic kits

    what year crf250???
  11. huskyte250

    Hey All You Four Stroke Guys

    larocco did not win the US Open... that was the US Open Rematch Race race. It was a race between three retired winners of the event. Mike Larocco, Jeff Emig, and Damon Huffman(?)
  12. huskyte250

    Something is just not right here!

    Mabye you put too much oil in the filter, but then again you would have to saturate the filter pretty good to get those kinds of results. Sorry but that's all i got.
  13. huskyte250

    jap 250s vs 250exc in woods

    The yz handles great from what i've heard, that would be the only reason i would think.
  14. huskyte250

    2004 ktm200sx

    It's not a by-product it was spewing a lot of spooge out...more than it ever has...it's jetting for sure just don't know which way to go.
  15. I love your CRF, thats the look i'm wanting. just scaled down a bit. i'm still working on a black front rim... one at a time a little has changed since then, but not too much.