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  1. vs779

    E-Town 2011=No Friday practice!

    every wed at racetrack every fri before a race at practice track (new for 2011) every sat and sun at practice track this is what i was told after i called raceway today
  2. vs779

    2009/2010 CRF450R Clutch fix?

    3 steps call Hinson order 4 Springs and a pressure plate install This is a cheap fix that works very close to a 6 spring setup.
  3. vs779

    Ace op 11/14

    Glad I didn't go
  4. vs779

    09 gas in the oil

    I agree but 15 hr oil change is his thing. I know a few others like this as well. Funny thing is they never blow up.
  5. vs779

    09 gas in the oil

    Just called a friend to see about his 2010 250F and yes he has gas in the oil at approx 5 hours on his first oil change. He did a oil change on his 08 450 just to smell the difference and no scent of fuel whatsoever.
  6. vs779

    09 gas in the oil

    Same thing here fuel in vent tube and oil. At 1.5 hrs I did the first oil change and vent tube drain, no fuel smell or fuel. At 5.4 hours I did the second oil change approx 770cc came out with a strong fuel smell and thin oil I only put 700 in (90%oil 10% fuel). I am calling my dealer Tue to get a new injector. The real question is can fuel in the oil do any damage to the engine? Is the fuel not washing the oil off the cyl?
  7. vs779

    Pic: Wow 2010 Crf 450 !!!!!!

    Maybe Honda is not saying much about changes to hopefully get rid of the 09's. If they tilted the engine back slightly to reduce the weight on the front end Im sure they won't mention it til later. Just a thought, Honda now has some convinced the 09/10 is the same but is it really?
  8. So I have had my 08 CRF 450 about 40 hrs with no screen in the air filter cage with no problems until yesterday. After I pulled the filter out I noticed the filter was charred and the cage was slightly melted. I did do a rebuild of the top end 5 hours ago and everything was fine including the valves in spec. Should I be concerned with anything or just get a new filter, cage and reintall the screen? I know removing the screen was worthless and dumb but it does make putting the filter on easier.
  9. My 08 CRF450 (35 hrs) once in a while not always has a real hard time shifting 2nd to 3rd. If I come out a corner hard in 2nd and go to grab 3rd nothing happens it just stays in 2nd. I have even tried letting off the gas for a second and still holds 2nd. This never happens with shifts in the air only on the ground and like I said only once in a while. Any ideas?
  10. vs779

    Hours til crank needs replacing?

    08 CRF450 MX racing oil changed every 6hrs filter 12hrs piston was changed at 53hrs looked good valves were in spec at 53hrs air filter and boot cleaned as needed
  11. About how many hours of mx use is safe on the crank?
  12. vs779

    07 to 08

    airbox same
  13. vs779

    MXA Race Test 2008 CRF450R

    I only read MXA all the other mags are silly. MXA gets to the point, all the other mags go on and on about stupid things like weight, lap times and repair cost. Just go to MXA's "What do we really think" and get your test in two lines or less.
  14. vs779

    crf450 '08 new basevalve

    I run them flush just like the bike came stock. I think Honda may have gone a little too far by taking 2mm off the tubes (steepens head angle) and putting on 22mm clamps ( add'l weight on the front wheel) I didn't get a chance to try the 24's but I will next week. I have been all over the place with the clickers and have settled on stock settings including the stabilizer.
  15. vs779

    crf450 '08 new basevalve

    I agree with them 100% but I didn't want to be the first one to say it. I already have a set of 24's off a 07 which I will be testing with Fri.