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  1. XRalways

    2003 XR50 - not running well

    I tried popping the pilot jet out tonight. Didnt work. But I bent it. So I gently bent it back and tried compressed air. I also changed the throttle cable. It seemed to be running alright for a bit, but with a hanging idle. The cable seems a tad shorter than stock, but not by much. The hanging idle was before I changed the cable. Changed the cable, problem still there. Carb boot is tight. The manifold gasket looks like it could be changed - but I’ve seen much worse. Not sure what to do about the pilot jet Has anyone used one of the aftermarket carbs off Amazon?
  2. XRalways

    2003 XR50 - not running well

    I did not. I didnt realize the pilot jet was such an issue on these bikes. Going to clean it up tonight.
  3. Just picked up this bike. When I went to look at it, the guy said it had been sitting for almost a year. Took a while to get going, had a hard time idling. Drove it around once I got it to stay running. Changed the spark plug, air filter, oil, removed all the gas, rebuilt and cleaned the carb ( wasnt dirty to my surprise ). Fired it up tonight, idle seemed very low and when I moved the screw around, not much changed. Had to keep on the gas to keep it running and the revs would hang every couple times I would rev it up. I managed to ride it around for a few minutes, but it still wouldnt stay idling and still seemed a bit underpowered and sluggish. Any ideas?
  4. XRalways

    Should I trade?????

    Would really like an XR400. They are cool bikes and that one looks clean. Its up to you really. Look at used prices for your bike and XR400’s. Then decide if you want to ask for some extra cash.
  5. XRalways

    KTM Haters

    Does anyone actually care? In my experience, the “haters” crowd is usually the same as the “jealous” crowd.
  6. XRalways

    battery powered light bar

    I think the pencil is the key piece here. Interesting. VERY INTERESTING.
  7. XRalways

    School me on hydration packs

    I bought a REEBOK backpack / hydration pack from Costco 3 years ago. It has held up great. Carries the water, has enough room for keys, phone, wallet, snacks. Fits over my body armor and has a chest strap and a belly strap. Have had no issues with it. Cost me $20 and would buy again.
  8. My biggest concern is the cab corner rust. It seems that no matter what you do, a 3/4/5 year old F150 is going to rust in the cab corners. I see it mostly with the crew cabs though.
  9. Looking for a pickup and just wanted to get everyones take. Looking at a 2011-2014 F150, 5.0L, probably over 100,000miles ( 150,000km ), probably a crew cab but ext cab maybe. Basically looking to get an idea of most common issues and repairs people have had to make.the reason I am looking at something with a few more miles, is the cost drops at that milestone. Im in Canada and rust can be an issue, but most of that is visible and its not my first te buying a used vehicle. On these newer trucks, I’m really only concerned about longevity.
  10. XRalways

    94 YZ250 for $200 good deal?

    I LOVE when people buy something and then ask if it was a good deal
  11. XRalways

    Looking to buy first dirt bike ever

    Go buy a used bike. Learn. And see if you like it. Buy something a bit smaller and underpowered. You will have more fun. Guaranteed.
  12. I had an 01 WR to get back jnto riding from a 10 year hiatus. It had the 03 cam in it ( no starting procedure ). It was a decent bike, it was tall ( im 5’11 ). But a good bike. Will probably be lighter than your DR and have the same usable power - in my opinion
  13. XRalways

    ktm300 to wr250f.... maybe

    You could always get a Big Bore Kit for the new 250’s. There is a 270 kit for sure, maybe a 290
  14. XRalways

    Why Do YOU ride dirtbikes?

    Because its cool. Obviously. I rode streetbikes for a while, and I do miss it. But I do not miss paying $1700/yr for insurance, riding 6 months of the year only, idiot drivers, $250 tires, idiot drivers, etc. Back to dirt bikes for me and loving it.
  15. XRalways

    ktm300 to wr250f.... maybe

    I cant compare, because I have not spent much time on a 300 ( only a little ), but the modern 250’s have a lot of snot. I have a ‘15 FX and I have never felt it didnt have enough power. I ride mostly single track, tight woods,etc. No open dunes or anything. Im 185lbs without gear, and it will lift the front end with little effort in 4th gear