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  1. Westcoasting

    New helmet after crash

    I've bought two helmets from RMATV that were off in sizing but because i'm in Canada i didn't want to ship them back. Sold them both at slightly higher prices than the "closeout" price i bought them for!
  2. Westcoasting

    Sidi boots fell apart?

    Call them and find out. I had a 10 year old pair of hunting boots (Rocky) that i hadn't used at all, went to use them and the sole disintegrated after an hours walk. Total replacement!
  3. Westcoasting

    Bent Forks - Unbelivable Results

    He claims he does but in reality he doesn't.
  4. Westcoasting

    Bent Forks - Unbelivable Results

    Toss in some octane booster and you'll be looping it out in no time.
  5. Westcoasting

    Team Rude

    Really hoping Terry turns around whatever is holding him back... i was so wanting a stroker project! I feel for you guys with parts and money hanging out there...
  6. Westcoasting

    XRs Only Exhaust for 1983 XR200R

    Is that muffler for a later model xr200?
  7. Westcoasting

    Closeout deal on TCX Comp Evo Michelin boots $199

    What was the fit like? True to street shoe size or other?
  8. Westcoasting

    XL200r Unusual Carb Problems

    rockymountainatvmc.com Here is the pilot jet you should have in the bike, if not try one. I know it says atc 200 but it's the same motor and it what rocky mountain has it listed under. I have the same bike. Originally i had a 35 pilot jet in and it was too lean, tried a 40 and was too rich! Pro X N424-21 Series Keihin Pilot Jet 38 - 1983 HONDA ATC 200 Part # 1259990023
  9. Westcoasting

    Best $2-300 boots?

    I just bought a pair of these but they are in limited sizes now, might want to check them out. Only have worn for 1 ride so no idea how good they are yet.
  10. Westcoasting

    Team Rude

    Let us know if it all works out, i was hoping to get Terry to do some work for me as well.
  11. Westcoasting

    XR400R FMF Exhaust Jetting

    Once again Arthur... Octane does not have any effect on power! You should know better.
  12. Westcoasting

    Team Rude

    Does he still do stroker work Chuck?
  13. Westcoasting

    Wet boots

    Buy some Gore-Tex socks and your troubles are over!
  14. Westcoasting

    It 200 foot pegs

    Awesome, thank you!
  15. Westcoasting

    It 200 foot pegs

    I have an 86 yamaha it200, does anyone know if similar year yz250 footpegs are the same mounting wise?