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  1. 92dlxman

    JASO Explained Part 1: 4-Strokes

    no, you got it! no sarcasm or any sort of word trickery involved lol. last line should have read more like, "i feel silly for not paying attention to labels, now that i have learned better from your article." with the genuine "thank you" for writing it lol. the diesel oil has been a one time experiment and my 15 hrs is almost up before i scrutinize filters and screens. i will not do uoa because i have no baseline (bike bought used, with guessed hrs) anyway, i will likely go back to motorex though i hate the expense
  2. 92dlxman

    off roading out of tulare county

    good idea. im looking into it!
  3. 92dlxman

    JASO Explained Part 1: 4-Strokes

    soooooo, i take it using an unlisted lube from a manufacturer catering to hd diesel equipment that claims jaso ma/ma2 rating, and then taking the japanese rating and using it toward an austrian bike, might be a little counter-intuitive? i admit i feel quite silly now that i have learned from this post. thank you
  4. 92dlxman

    off roading out of tulare county

    hey yall, not a big poster here i know, i try and read more than write. i was wondering if any others from the valley could start collectively helping each-other on where to ride, and any ideas for helping to preserve public lands for off-road use. i currently have zero understanding who and how laws are made that close off areas to ohv use. a co-worker of mine just asked me where i ride that is CLOSE and i suddenly became very frustrated. no-where. Eshom is fairly close to me, but, in the last few years i have seen more and more gates, fences, and laws put in place against having any fun there. Seems much of it is turning into "national monument" and i dont have a clue what that means, but it doesn't look very friendly to ohv anymore. any ideas? same with pierce valley. miami trails/ miami creek: near bass-lake, i have only been once and plan on going again. lots of fun, no complaints easy day-trip. shaver lake ohv: huge system of trails but only open for a relatively short window when there is no snow. also hard to find people to ride with up there because the trails are word-class 4x4 busting madness. i only feel comfortable up there when a razor or other dedicated 4x4 can haul the fishing poles and ice-chest. hard to day-trip, but, fun to camp with 4x4 truck to get tents off the main drags, and using bikes from there for access to lakes. monache meadows: im familiar with the area from past hunting adventures, and rode for the first time last year while my brother chased the deer around. way better riding than hunting! 5+ hours one way driving means its a big trip. take friday and monday off. coming over via sherman pass means dedicate at least 5 gal of extra fuel for your truck. also access from 395/ 9 mile canyon. tons of fun riding. 4x4 access only if you want to camp down in the meadow. heading west brings hollister hills: only place i know of to my west. we day trip it but 3.5 hours drive there for a bit of riding and 3.5 hours back gets old. tons of people. tons of riding, and i appreciate the signage and organization to prevent accidents. that makes the crowd seem much smaller when your all riding in the same direction. spangler hills ohv: near ridgecrest, so figure 3.5 hours one way again. we day-trip on occasion, but is much better to camp. never crowded like i have heard the other places are on weekends. riding access to randsberg for lunch and a cold beverage. legality issues arise when you want to access the "real" hills which seem to be mostly taped off. i dont understand why that happens, and why one trail may be taped and one may be open, and i wonder if the "open" trails arent supposed to be closed also and then i get paranoid that im going to get a ticket. good hills though, and all the area surrounding camp has good whoops. thats all i got
  5. 92dlxman

    KTM 525 MXC (2003)


    its a bit dated, but not as much as me!
  6. 92dlxman

    Best "do anything offroad" bike

    i talk more crap about my "old" 03 525 than i should, cause i love that bike. it is big, it is powerful, and is a handful at times, but compared to a newer 450, its pretty easy going. very predictable power delivery. so if a newer 450 were a ferrari maybe an ol 525 is like a cadillac, or maybe a bentley. . . . . it makes great power, but not in a way to be deadly, its got all sorts of doo-dads and clickers and "real race bike" stuff, top notch components, great aftermarket support, and if i cared to, i could take it to the store and load it with groceries i consider it a do-all sort of bike. the fastest guy at the track would hate it, the fastest guy in the woods would hate it, the fastest guy in the desert would hate it, and the fastest guy on the street would hate it, but i love it cause it goes all those places just fine for me and i think ktm has always appealed to guys who didn't want to specialize. not a race bike, but not something you buy and wish you could bolt different forks onto
  7. im in a similar situation over here op. my son is turning 7 around christmas and im looking to upgrade him from his ttr 50, which he now dwarfs. he is about 48" tall im stuck on the xr/ crf 80. i cant believe they quit making those as they are imo, an excellent kids bike. clutch, 5 speeds, big wheels, etc. i dont like the 110's because they just seem so bulky and heavy and squatty, and just bleh. but, the 80 is a MONSTER at 29" tall, and the clutch will be intimidating without being able to place both feet on the ground, but i remember how i learned to ride the 65's are another option, but boy howdy they have some power. i know you can get lowering links for the kawis and zukis, but they are FASSST! i had a ttr125 when my brother had a kx65 and his 65 was downright scary in comparison to my easy going 4 stroke. whatever you get him, he will be very happy, but i would get as tall and sophisticated as i could for him, without going up to a 65 yet. let that be a 2nd or 3rd bike lol. my son got his 50 cause i thought it would be nice to have him start on something small and comfortable, but i feel the little wheels and goofy ergo's held him back after the first week or so of riding.
  8. im in the same boat, op my son is 6 going on 7 and i am stuck on what to get him. his little 50 wheels are holding him back more than anything. the newer 110's dont interest me at all, they are soo bulky and heavy, and dont look like something i can see him learning on. . . . .just another put-put. i did run into a guy saturday that had his wee one on a klx 110 with kx 65 forks and some other swingarm and shock, and that was a goin machine! kid rode the crap out of it and could barely touch the ground xr/ crf 80 seems like a likely candidate, but will be quite tall for him at christmas. the clutch lever would be great though, he hates not having that cool lever kx 65 is another option, with a lowering link, but here in cali, if the bike is at all new, he cant ride it anywhere hardly but a race track, which, well, he's about like me and not all that competitive, so. . . . .we need green stickers. . . . .the jump in power from his little 50 to a 65 would also rock his world. i remember when my little brother had one, i jumped on it once or twice and decided it was "explosive"
  9. my thought when buying was to buy big and learn to control it, so i ended up with an 03 ktm 525. its way more bike than i need, and unless im being a doofus and drag racing on easy terrain, i never ever open it up. i sometimes wish i would have gotten a newer 250, which would have cost me about the same, and would be a lot more comfortable for me to ride the way i like to ride, which is usually pretty safe that being said with full knowledge that any newer 450 will spank my old 525 as far as power output goes, and not meaning to offend anybody there. i can jump on a newer 450 and i am no faster so might as well have something lighter and more forgiving to an often tired throttle hand i'll never do it though, cause everybody i ride with has a 450, and i need whatever power i can get for those rare times i try and keep up
  10. 92dlxman

    KTM 525 MXC 2003

    i have lots of fun on mine! i think the motor is fantastic, very predictable, but brute force when you need it, in any reasonable gear. kind of a bastard trans with tall (sx 1st through 4th) and two more gears on top of that. not as roadable as an exc, but plenty of top for anything i would want. a lower first gear and i would be happy. fuel capacity is the main point here. well over 3 gallons (3.4 i think), is really cool to think about for a second, but i feel it adds a lot of bulk. it feels like im riding a fuel tank. i dont mind when other guys freak out and have to call it quits but and im able to just smile and keep riding
  11. 92dlxman

    wp 4860 oc 03 HELP!

    5.56 bore brush works well in the rebound tap to clean the junk out. waiting on seals, wipers, o-rings, and bushings before i re-assemble. hopefully i can document enough to make a write up for peeps such as myself that are new to old wp forks
  12. 92dlxman

    wp 4860 oc 03 HELP!

    blows me away that the rebound adjusting rods (im learning) were at different heights, which to me means that the p.o. had forks adjusted completely different. thats irritating to think about.
  13. 92dlxman

    wp 4860 oc 03 HELP!

    haha!!! thanks mog! i joined ktm talk and surfed their forums for a bit until i decided the same thing! i have one needle removed (i dont even want to tell how i did it. . . . .it was brutal). i learned that stuck needles tend to have destroyed o-rings upon removal. so now, im trying to source a re-build kit that would have all o-rings, bushings, etc before i go any further. so, to any wp 4860 owners out there, maybe try and cycle your rebound knobs every once in a while to prevent sticking. . . . .just sayin
  14. 92dlxman

    wp 4860 oc 03 HELP!

    ok, so the small aluminum tube is supposed to have some "bounce" to it once sitting all the way down into the dampner rod/ cartridge thing. neither of mine do
  15. 92dlxman

    wp 4860 oc 03 HELP!

    The forks on my 03 ktm 525 mxc have been "junk" since i bought it. . . . .but i chalked it up to being old and i could only compare to my brother's newer yamaha's. i knew it was relatively soft sprung to begin with, plus it has stickers on it that say it was re-valved by a good suspension shop. maybe it was set up for. . . . .pebbles? or maybe rider error, i have been trying to just learn to ride it. its all in my head. a couple weekends ago, my brothers both jumped on it and i heard them bottom over really minor stuff. we all decided that maybe there was no oil in them. i was eager to take them down anyway, cause, in desperate attempts at adjustments in the past, i had noticed that one of the forks only had 12 positions of adjustment on the rebound side. they needed to be taken down and inspected. i had never done this before, but im the guy that cant have anything in front of me for long before i take it apart. usually it goes back together better than before, whether its a motor or a writing pen. so yesterday, i started on the more screwed up fork, dumped what little oil was in there (mind you, i have never noticed any leaks), cycling out the dampening rod, re-filling to 100mm air gap, following procedures from my manuals and from . . . . .well, youtube. feels better, (just by cycling complete fork by hand), but still only 12 positions of adjustment. i learned how the rebound needle in the cap indexes the small aluminum rod inside the dampening rod, i learned about the o-ring in the fork cap that indexes the dampening rod, and that the needle should bottom against interior aluminum rod. its easy to see that the rebound knob should be backed all the way out, ensure that the aluminum rod is ALL THE WAY DOWN in the dampening rod, and that the plastic spring guide is screwed all the way down before spinning the fork cap onto the dampening rod. still no dice. so like anybody, i took apart the "better" fork (26 clicks total adjustment), and noticed right away the little aluminum tube is slightly recessed into the dampening rod, versus the 12 click fork being slightly exposed. so i compared the aluminum tubes and they are the same length. . . . . .so naturally i decided to completely disassemble the dampening rod on the 12 click fork to see why the little aluminum rod wouldn't slightly recess like the more "correct" fork. trouble is, any pictures i have found show the little rod slightly exposed, like my 12-click fork. also, after my first experience with shims, i prematurely abandoned disassembly of the dampening rod. sorry for the essay, but i like to try and be thorough, so, the ultimate question is, am i missing some stupid step, or do i just need to send these babies off to somebody that knows what to look for. im not interested in having race ready forks, but they by all means have to be RIGHT for me to be happy. im affraid that the local feller that used to work on this bike before i got to it may have screwed something up, but i have only heard good things about him. . . . .of course, this is a goofy ktm, so maybe screw ups are a given. the original setup was done by what i understand to be a good suspension shop, but that was 13 years ago. who knows how many hands have been in there since then. i just want to ride the darn thing again. thanks for any tips guys and gals. i really appreciate anything.