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  1. I really like your light bar and spot light setup. Do you mind sharing what set you went with?
  2. Went back to look in the box the blue tank was shipped in and found the gas cap which was the chrome flat version and doesn't screw onto the tank. Unfortunately the key was not in the box....The good folks at Johnson and Johnson Locksmith were able to take my California gas cap and change the internals around to accept my ignition key from my DRZ along with a spare key. Only cost was $25 bucks. Picked up a white headlight cowling- just need to get some of those white UFO front and rear fenders.
  3. I wish that were true but there is a difference.. even has it's own part no. I have a 2008 S model and of the three metal tanks I bought. Only 1 (yellow) used the same gas cap from my 08. I have attached some pics to show the difference. The yellow tank matches my 08 S black tank while the white and blue tank are different. Also, notice the vent tube on the white and blue tank. The scorpion was in the sink... looks crazy big right..... until you give it some perspective.
  4. Man, I saw the second pic before the edit. Sure hope you are alright. Hated seeing that new 2017 laying in the dirt. I am guessing you fell victim to the poorly sprung OEM suspension and a hard landing with those deathwings. You got some cahones putting her in the air like that. Very nice photo by the way.
  5. So it turns out that there is a different gas cap for the CA model and the one I have on my current 2008 model will only fit the yellow tank. Both the white and blue tank require a slightly smaller gas cap....SMH[emoji13] Does anyone supply an aftermarket gas cap that fits the California version. OEM wants $100
  6. The Australians are so lucky
  7. This picture is from the Suzuki AU website. Speedo cable guide points downward... good catch Ptgarcia...
  8. Glad the surgery went well and you are feeling a little better. This sure has been a long process for you to go through. I appreciate your positive outlook and updates
  9. Nice job. I didn't have to modify my bracket either. I would like to hear more about your settings for the higher elevations. My father lives in Colorado and I am planning on taking the bike up the hill to around 13,000 ft. I am running 142 main and at about 1200ft. I know I will have to make an adjustment once I get to the Springs but want to have the right sizes ordered and ready to go.
  10. Another satisfied customer. Excellent report my friend!