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  1. Ordered a new Dunlop 606 rear and MT 21 front from Rocky Mountain ATV...(wore out my kenda 760 trackmaster II that came with the bike and have wanted to try the 606) . Also ordered a new Galfer wave rotor from E-bay for the rear and the Nuetech Tubliss system from Amazon. This one click shopping is fun. It should all get here mid week...
  2. Rode her to work and just hit 3000 Miles.....I know I know.....the bike is a 2008....In my defense, I have only owned the bike for 11 months. That being said, she is poised to put on many more.
  3. So what intake are you running?
  4. Vignette style
  5. Took a few pictures on my way home before the rains came... ended with a few lightning strike pictures...
  6. A good pair of mechanics gloves should fix that problem
  7. I have the IMS Pros and they feel great... no issues with sole eating.
  8. Look like aircraft carriers!!! Nice upgrade.
  9. Thanks!! They are the original white panels that I trimmed and then added some 3M Carbon Fiber Di-Noc which is basically a sticker. It came in a 1'x4' roll from amazon. I can't take the credit though. Signman's ol' bike was the inspiration. Just cut it with a knife along the line in the plastic panel and used a heat gun to stretch the stuff around the edges.
  10. Went out for a ride near the lake.. nothing spectacular but i did save this big ol snapping turtle's life.. saw him crossing the road and just as i stopped and turned around to walk towards him A huge semi came right at him...i thought i was about to get splattered with ninja turtle guts but thankfully he dodged him at he last second. ... by the way, never ever put your finger in front of this guy..lightning quick with a surprisingly long neck and a powerful snap... he was not happy when i carried him off the road and back near the lake...he weighed about 8lbs...
  11. Welcome to the DRZ Family!!
  12. Amazing photos
  13. Ouch!! With the new Acerbis 3.7 gallon tank I typically hit 170 before switching to reserve... Side note...that is with the CVK40 and a heavy throttle...48 mpg.