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  1. Ctopher86

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Took a trip up Old Stage Coach road in Colorado Springs to find the top of Mt Almagre. Found a bunch of rain, lightning, and hail at about 12,000 ft. One good thing... never changed my jetting from my 1,200ft (flat Oklahoma) set up and I was still pulling power wheelies at 13,000 ft with the CVK-40 carb, big bore, & old school cam.. this bike is just insane.
  2. Ctopher86

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Loaded her up and drove her to Colorado for some Rocky Mountain Adventure. Ride reports and pictures to follow..
  3. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    Final prep for trip to Colorado. Got the rear balanced and mounted. Never ever ever buy the Motion Pro black wheel weights... they just don't stick... after 30 minutes they started falling off the rim.... they look great but that is about it.... worthless.... As for the paintjob on the wheels... it looks better than anticipated... just had to do a few touch ups after spooning on the Tubliss and new rubber. Expect pictures of Rampart Range, Gold Camp Road and Red Cone Mt. Next week.
  4. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    Got the front balanced and mounted. The rear now has a new wave rotor, new brakes and needs a few weights for balancing.. used Tire sealant and no leaks with the tubliss. Man that 606 looks Beefy!
  5. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    Got the tires installed with the Tubliss system
  6. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    McDonald's straws were just a bit too small to cover the OEM nipples... plus they looked at me funny when I grabbed a handful of them when ordering a Happy meal for my son. To get one thing straight. I don't have a Harley but I do have a super sweet 2002 BMW R1150R.
  7. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    Fruit Salad? Those were smoothie straws to protect my spokes while painting the rims black. Black rims with blue nipples is the goal. I saw that Bulldog spokes have anodized nips in blue, and it turned out awesome on Signman606s bike.. this is my cheap man's version. A couple cans of flat black auto primer, a few cans of satin black rustoleum and the blue is a metallic blue found at Hobby Lobby for $2 bucks... few hours later and about $15 in paint. Walla! I do agree though, the colored straws would have been a little much.
  8. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    Finished painting the stock rims. Now I am on Nipple Duty. Only 60 more nips to paint.
  9. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    1 more coat of clear and it will be time to install the Tubliss and new shoes
  10. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    What is better about the Scorpion Line compared to the D606? Can you be more specific?
  11. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    I have heard some say that after about the first 500 miles on the front that it will settle in and get better.
  12. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    True!! Probably depends on type of terrain too. I have been in areas of Texas that is hard packed with razor sharp rock beds that shred a tire within 800 miles or so and then I have had the same tire in areas of soft/mid top soil around Arkansas that seemed to last forever. Now that I have added the extra boost of the Big Bore and Hot Cams- I am adjusting my tire budget regardless of dirt conditions.
  13. Ctopher86

    What did you do to your DRZ today?

    Well the bike just hit 3000 miles and the rear had about 20% left in the middle and the sides were about 60% (more road than dirt miles). The front looks about 60% and probably could have stayed on the bike. It felt good and not many washouts in corners or loose gravel/sand. All in all they have great traction and mount easily. No complaints from me. There is one concern I might comment on and that is that they are softer side walls and I did have a pinch flat with about 15PSI in the front going over a Train track crossing last summer. It probably could have happened with another tyre brand as well but who really knows? I have a trip set for the Colorado Rocky Mountains in two weeks and decided to get new shoes for the trip. Plus the Tubliss system requirements says it is best fitted with new tires and since I had my front off multiple times with tube repair, I was concerned about achieving a solid seal which is critical in the Tubliss system. I felt it best to stick with the combo and get the MT 21/D606 to begin my search for what tire is best for me and my riding style. My kenda will be a back up in-case I shred the front in some kinda freak accident. I am curious if I will get the same mileage or better and will it have better traction/dirt manners than the Kenda. You can seriously buy 2 sets of Kenda Trackmaster 760 or Shinko 244's for the same price as 1 MT21/D606 combo. But people swear it is the best DOT tire for getting in the dirt. Let's compare notes as we put them through the gauntlet of twisty trails and gnarly drop offs.
  14. Dude, you did an awesome job! I really hope you do keep them coming. I am always searching for new vids of DRZ's on youtube and you my friend made a heck of a video. Everide's channel is what got me looking into the DRZ and then of course Thumpertalk solidified my decision. You have mega skill both on the bike and on the camera. I am Twisted ADV on youtube and will be a subcriber of your channel. Thanks again for making a great advertisement for our bike!
  15. Ctopher86

    Pics of your DRZ in action!

    Very fitting video of a guy ripping it up on his DRZ 400 E.