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  1. Since you got rid of the ears you should ditch the trunk as well and grab the RMZ250 front fender. It would go great with your slim profile
  2. Yeah- I really need to cut mine down- I may even make that a project this evening. We are suppose to see single digits tonight so I better keep the fire lit!!
  3. Hey Wayne, Do you have a picture like this but of the other side? Ondastreet brings up a good point about the battery. Did yours hang out a bit at the bottom of the cut or did you relocate the battery?
  4. Looks Good! I may try a few trial cuts myself.
  5. Totally agree- They are definitely a bit over-sized. Cutting the panels are my next project- I have been back and forth on whether I should buy a spare set from Acerbis and cut those- Either that or I need to buff mine a little with some elbow grease (light scratches and some mud staining of Oklahoma Red Dirt. I have looked into some 3M- Di-Noc carbon fiber as well- If I am not careful I might end up with a Copy Cat version
  6. Installed the new exhaust heat shield and started to fabricate the bracket for the LED light bar. I used the pattern from the old reflector bracket as a guide. Now i just have to measure it out and put in a couple bends to get the right angle. 22 degree temps are hell on the hands.
  7. My wife may put my checkbook in quarantine. I am officially out of Christmas cash so things will slow down a bit- Well - until Valentine's day, Anniversary...Father's Day....lol.....I am an easy Buy.
  8. I just feel like I am a bit late to the party- I watched you and Ron with your Mod sickness and I have fell victim to the same. I sure hope you are enjoying your new ride!
  9. No problem- I found it on DRZrider.com They have a bunch of other dash styles. That is where I found some info on the LED light bar- I needed some extra light but didn't want to mount it into the headlight like you see on youtube. The bracket is actually from JNS engineering which can be bought on Rockymountainatv and the lights are on amazon for $20 bucks (The cheaper lights are typically just "spot" or just "flood". I wanted the light bar that had both spot and flood and gladly paid the extra 5 bucks. I took a quick look at the bracket on RMC and figured I could make the bracket myself.
  10. I just ordered the light and it should be delivered this Saturday I believe. I am looking to pick up the MotoDash 4.0 which has a switch and an USB port and I will eventually tie it into the switch. Until then - I will just wire it into the High Beam as found on this website- http://www.instructables.com/id/Suzuki-DRZ-400-Motorcycle-LED-Light-Bar-Mount/
  11. Ordered a few more things for the bike today. Really needed a heat shield and better lighting for the road. I am going to mount the 7 inch spot just above the front fender and will fabricate the bracket using the JNS template. A 13 dollar aluminum plate is better than buying the $35 version. The final product should look similar to the attached pic.