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  1. When i did mine this past weekend I loosened the air bleed screws near the pump and the left side radiator and tightened them once they began to leak during the fill up (the pump side one first and then fill coolant until the left radiator leaks, then tighten that one). Once both screws were tight I filled it up until it was topped off. To get the last remaining air out, I leaned the bike as far over to the left as I could with out dropping it until it stopped gurgling. Then I leaned it far to the right until it stopped gurgling. It is really noticeable. After all the gurgling stops, fill it again to the top and put the cap on. Go for your initial ride/ break in and when you get back to drop your oil and check your valves (after the motor is cool). Check the coolant level and fill if needed. Mine did not need any more coolant due to the initial bleeding of the air.
  2. What I would like to know: Did you hang on at the 1:08 mark or was that a convinient cut off on the video? Looks like a great area to ride BTW.
  3. You will definitely want to put the case saver back on. If you just so happen to snap the chain during a ride, the chain will whip through that area and smack and rip a hole in the front case, you will wish you left it in place. Hopefully the attached pictures scares you enough to consider just how important the case saver is.
  4. Got the exhaust leak figured out and I no longer have the decel popping. I decided to try a little something different and add a little more blue to the bike. I saw you can buy anodized nipples for your spokes but for $50 bucks or so. I was at Hobby Lobby with the wife and saw a $1.90 little bottle of premium ultra bright metallic paint. Figured what the hell...got a little brush and hit a few just to see how it would turn out. Quite therapeutic I might add. Anyways, I wanted black rims but the Big Bore took all my money so...I am looking for the cheap and easy and I am considering some plastidip for a quick blackout of the rim. We will see how it holds up...hopefully until I can save my pennies...
  5. I saw that in a post back in from 2015. I wasn't sure about it- I just did a google search using the part number FMGV 2820(2008 DRZ S) and found the best price- oemcycle has them for $119 with free shipping. $50 bucks cheaper than procycle and other like sites- RT prices them at $169.99 I looked on Rockymountainatv but they wouldn't come up for the DRZ- Guess they don't stock them.
  6. Those are really really nice pictures. I need to add that to my bucket list of places to ride!!!
  7. Nothing lime adding a few squirrel power to the motor!! I did get a chance to check for a leak and sure enough, the mid pipe and exhaust is not sealed. I will pull it tonight and reapply some muffler sealant. The head pipe was good and no issues at the carb. That should help solve the decel popping.
  8. The Big bore install is complete- turned on the choke, put on the petcock and twisted the throttle a few times to fill the carb bowl. I was a bit nervous getting ready to turn the key but she fired right up on the very first push of the button. There was a slight hesitation consistent with what most referred to as a TDC start but she fired right up. The new cams are to blame for the hesitation of course. On the plus side, I didn't even have to adjust the idle or MCCT at this point. I put in about 26 miles of break-in time keeping at no more than half throttle and having multiple roll on attempts in 2, 3, 4 and 5th and decel in reverse order. No lugging and no high rpm WOT. I began the ride right away after about 20 seconds of choke. I won't dig into the "my bike is so much faster/better" routine until the bike has been properly broken in. I will say that the bike felt good and got stronger as the mileage continued. I did not change my original jetting so I was curios how the bike would respond. There was a few pops on hard decel and this could be because of a possible air leak, mixture screw needs a slight adjustment, lean jetting or maybe it has always been there and it is just a little more pronounced. I don't believe the CVK with the fmf pipe and stock cams/motor was ever popping (at last to the point where I could hear it). Once, i feel comfortable letting the bike sit at idle, i will adjust the mixture. Right now i am at 2 1/4 turns out, 42 PJ, 142 MJ, dynojet needle 3rd clip. What I will say is -WOW--- I am super happy with the outcome. I Remember the impact the CVK40 gave going from the Stock carb and it was like a shot of adrenaline. The bike was much better. This time around doing the Hot Cams and the Big Bore together violently transformed the bike. It was like a quadruple dose of adrenaline straight to heart and I haven't really even gotten into the RPM range to see how hard she will pull. Good times ahead. Mushy Moment: I do have to say thank you for all those of have shared their thoughts and experiences here on Thumper Talk. I have read many of the topics on here dating as far back as 2003 and have not only learned more about my machine but have truly met some amazing people. Signman606, OhioDRZ400SM, Bermudacat, Driverdown, Samarcat, HeavyRotation, HansLanda, Eric Marquez, and many others who have offered their support and shared experiences to assist me and I am grateful. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and more importantly, a sense of friendship among other DRZ addicts. THANK YOU!!! The break in ride ended with a light rain as i was heading home and a rainbow for a great photo op.
  9. That go cart needs a 600cc sport bike motor. Yeah, this one has a 150cc motor. Could use a little more pep but it has plenty for my boy. He will probably cart my 2 yr old around.
  10. Super sweet Green Flip Flops!!!! And thanks for the vote of confidence in my ability to properly rebuild and break-in a motor. Once i get my wife's car done, i will let you you if i can even get the bike to start.
  11. I have to check off the "Honey Do List" before I can ask for the special hour of break-in. First up is replacing the struts and brakes on my wife's car. On a good note...picked up a cool little Go-Kart for my 10 year old early this morning. It needs some TLC but for $500, i couldn't pass it up. I bet the 434 DRZ motor would make it a monster!!!
  12. Big Bore kit and Hot Cam install complete. Everything is prepped and ready for the break-in. I finished putting her all back together around midnight so I figured it would be best to wait for some day light to start the initial break-in. Hopefully she will start right up. Here she is after the install.
  13. Not a bad choice!! I just sent Forrest an email because he was out of stock on the front guards. He is ordering some for me and they should be in next week. I will have to check on the brake lines.
  14. Yeah, says Offer ONLY available to fitment with two or more front brake lines....