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  1. vega25

    XRL Forks

    Thanks for all the replies and help:applause: It appears I am getting a great set up from a TT member. I also hope I will be an owner of a XRL again. That bike got me back into riding and wish I had never sold it. Thanks, JIM
  2. vega25

    XRL Forks

    You are correct Sir. I have heard the same you have about the XR600 forks. The XRR has a 41 spring and XRL 46?ish. So, true for XRL package... upper clamp for gauges and ignition and the heavier spring. If I can get it all at one time less hunting for me. Thanks for your help
  3. vega25

    XRL Forks

    Does anyone have the triple clamps, stem, and forks for a 93 or newer XRL? Need a set for my Transalp. Thanks, JIM
  4. vega25

    My 03 L

    My 03 L. I just returned from my third trip to Colorado. This year we had 6 riders, all work buddies. And we had 6 different bikes. 650L, DR650, DRZ400, DR350, KTM625, and a Husaberg 450. For those of you who live in Colorado..... gotta love those ROCKS!!! For the third year in a row we stayed at Three Rivers Resort in Almont, just north of Gunnison. They are a motorcycle friendly place. They have everything from tent sites to 12 man cabins. We stayed in their 10 man cabin and it was nice. We again tackled the usual places. Fossil Ridge trail, Dr. Park Trail, and the high altitude passes; Pearl, Taylor, Tin Cup, Hancock, Cumberland, Ohio, and a new one this year Scofield. We also took a scenic ride up to the Alpine Tunnel. What a thrill it was to once again leave the heat and humidity of the Smokey Mtns to enjoy the warm days and cools nights of the Rockies. I bought my L three years ago and it was my first dual sport bike I have ever owned and only my second motorcycle. I have really enjoyed riding it and have found I am more of a technical type rider than any thing else. I love the slow rocky, tight, rooted stuff. I found Thumper Talk about a year and half ago and I have learned some much about my bike from you guys. I have rebuilt the top end after a valve seal went bad and I have felt empowered to do more ever since. Thanks to good old Dave, I opened the bike up. She runs great and I get a little kick in full throttle second gear. I got a Clark 4.7 gallon tank for those long rides. 14/48 gearing seems to do the trick. Super Trap pipe seemed to smooth things out too. But I must admit my eyes have wonder sometimes to my buddies KTM and was given a chance to try out the Husaberg on a tight single track. Wow, what a difference in torque and weight. But with all that said I am committed to the BRP. We know each other and we have been through a lot together and she has always gotten me home. She has sometimes limped home, and from this recent trip to Colorado the frame was cracked and broken in 5 different places. My plan is to strip her down to the frame, take it to a welding shop and have her put back together again. So, once again I need some help. I have researched gearing on TT and have only found talk about front and rear sprocket changes and nothing about internal changes. What can be done to close the gap between 1st and 2nd gear? Also, a pumper carb...what advantages will I get there. The KTM and Husaberg have much better throttle response than my BRP. Can that be achieved with the L? A few last words about my L. If you have not tried the Tera-Flex rear tire you are missing out. As one guy stated in a tread “two things will happen when you dump the clutch, you will be looking at the sky or the earth will start spinning a little faster”. The tire held up great in the rocks and on the hard ball. Having gone expensive on the rear, I went cheap on the front, a $25 Cheng Shin. That tire has been the best front tire I have had on my bike!! The final word on my Colorado trip and the BRP is that the bike will go anywhere you are brave enough to point it. If you’re an East Coast BRP you need to go West!!
  5. vega25

    Jetting for Colorado

    Yes, Yes. It is an "L". I am currently running Dave's Mods. with an after market pipe. It runs great in the NC mts..at around 5,000 ft. These mods were done after Colorado last year. Noticed a little power reduction going over some of the high passes last year. Don't they all come the same??? What does a Honda dealer do for his customers in Colorado??
  6. vega25

    Jetting for Colorado

  7. vega25

    Jetting for Colorado

    I've gone twice with only a little power loss on stock. I did the the Dave's Mods and need to know what jets to get for this trip. Help ....I leaving in a week!!
  8. "L" it is. There were no warnings signs before the failure/no start. I have done a little wire tracking and could not find anything obvious. I would love to have an "R"...can't get it tagged in NC. I have seen them tagged in NC...not sure how though.
  9. Hey Guys went on a great ride here in the Great Smoky Mtns. today. Went into a right hand curve on a half gravel half paved road and hit some pee gravel and went down fast and hard! Nothing broken....but I found out that I need more protection. My buddies got the bike up and she started right up..we then went up the Mile High Campground off the Blue Ridge Parkway and took a rest/recovery. Stayed about 45 minutes. We mounted up and the BRP would not start!! Was getting gas but no spark! I had to be towed out by my buddies..which was an adventure all to it's own. Any ideas on what might have gone wrong? Thanks,
  10. vega25

    Breaking Bolts!!!! 03 L

    Sounds great...the manual shows one how to read the values.. N-m(kg-m, ft-lb). The first one was a cylinder bolt. This one was a cylinder head bolt. After further investigation into the $8.80 bolt. I mistakenly had it set for 36 lbs rather than the change in value from the cylinder to the cylinder head bolts of 26 lbs....so there you have it....pilot error. A series of small mistakes led to the fatel crash. I should have double checked.
  11. vega25

    Breaking Bolts!!!! 03 L

    I think your right...I need to become one with the bolt....let the bolt speak to me:-)
  12. I once again have broken a cylinder head bolt. What am I doing wrong? I have set my torque wrench to 36 lbs and things just don't feel right when tighting them down and then snap. First, I don't trust my torque wrench and second...those bolts are expensive. Any tips/tricks.
  13. I've been reading the manual on how to re-install the cam shaft and cam chain. The manual calls for a special tool "cam chain tensioner holder" for the install. I have priced this tool at a Honda dealership at $45. I was able to get everything off without it. Any tips/tricks on the best way to install the cam and cam chain back into the bike.
  14. Can you reuse the cam cover gasket? That baby cost $42.00 What are the other options?
  15. vega25

    Ebay Supertrapp

    Thanks for the reply. I have been in contact with SuperTrapp and maybe I can get the plate you speak of. Thanks again. It just did not make since to bolt it up where the stock did.