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  1. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Thinking about this some more, the biggest mind shift you need to do coming from casual street riding to dirt riding relates to the throttle. While when commuting on pavement the throttle merely gives you speed, on dirt the throttle is essential for control every second of riding even if you're just cruising along. You will use it to stabilize the front over loose ground, generate and control a turn, cross ditches W/O rocking the bike or losing the front, ease the front over anything which is not flat ground, negotiate rock gardens or roots, climb or descend steps and a lot more. And then there are the breaks, which also play a role in bike control, beyond mere deceleration. A lot of saddle time and some youtube will get you there.
  2. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Most important advise is to always wear full protection gear and as much as possible ride with friends. There are tons of riding skills video's on youtube, explaining the basics like correct body position, negotiating turns and obstacles, uphills vs downhills, rocks vs mud vs sand etc etc etc. Since you mentioned sand and the front end washing out: in sand you absolutely have to be aggressive on the throttle, stand on the pegs, take your body rearward a bit and weight the outside peg hard in turns (in a sentence: "When in doubt, gas it"). And it helps having a proper, fresh front tire and low tire pressure, much much much lower than what you know from road bikes. But go ride the bike, not the keyboard.
  3. Micharider

    What to expect for range

    Range is entirely dependent on your type of riding, so no single answer, but generally speaking this bike has an amazingly good fuel efficiency - significantly better than the carbed models and light years better than two strokers. Note the fuel light will turn on on uphills when you still have lots of range, so don't worry about that.
  4. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Sounds like an awesome bike, I wish my '17 had such a clean bill ­čśÇ. Servicing the fork and refreshing the drive train as recommended above is indeed a very good beginning to this relationship. You should also focus on finding riding buddies who will teach you what to do with it, and wipe your tears after the first few falls make it look less shiny.. Enjoy!
  5. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Impossible to say, beyond the fact these motors demonstrate amazing longevity for their class. If indeed oil and filter were replaced as frequently as mentioned along the life of the bike and given the mild usage pattern and if there were no catastrophic events (running W/O water or oil) and if the air filter was serviced and mounted correctly preventing grit from entering the cylinder, you should have many more thousands of kilometers still in it. At least from my personal experience the first thing that wears out is the valves, not the piston - valve clearance goes out of adjustment at an increasing frequency, power is so so and cold starts become an issue due to low compression - so those items you want to look at. Oh and ask if & when was the cam chain replaced.
  6. Micharider

    Keep Your Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

    Good article, thanks! I kind of know all of this but still unsuccessful shaking off those post ride headaches. Summer rides here are 90F or more and oh so humid. Gross riding time 4-5 hours with lots of stops in the shade. Play riding but very technical, slow and can get your inside boil. I easily drink 4 quarts during a ride. 1 teaspoon of table salt plus some sweetened concentrate plus a ton of ice cubes in the hydration pack. Of course pre-hydrating the day before and eating real food before and during and after the ride. Still a few hours (sometime even the day after) I develop a headache to the point of taking mild pain killers. oh yes, I am 53 and quiet fit, thank you, riding also a mountain bike regularly (SO much easier on the body vs this ridiculous hobby of ours..). Anyway I guess I need to up or change my dose of electrolytes - question is how exactly do I know what's needed and what's too much?
  7. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    That last one actually looks sweet. 9000 km is a significant mileage indeed, but if engine compression is well within spec and the rest of the bike mechanics matches the good looks I would give it a serious consideration. Re fixing a bent subframe, I do it by crashing to the opposite side. Never really worked that well though.
  8. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Cannot say from here which would be a better choice, but generally speaking I would not be deterred from an otherwise promising rig due to a bent subframe. Being a newbie you are likely to bend it yourself sooner or later.
  9. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Oh the memories ­čśÇ.. Number of hours looks outrageously low for a 13 year old bike. Your main worry should be how fresh the engine really is both top and low ends, highly recommend an expert inspection. BTW that analogue speed dial is interesting, I don't recall having these on WRF's sold in Israel, nor an hour meter. Then again ours were made street legal by Yamaha Italy at the time, maybe that was one of their mods.
  10. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    At these model years your priority should be very much on finding a well maintained and looked after bike, with which you will actually get to spend time in the woods and not in your garage, not to mention the cost of such fixes. The differences in performance and features are a (very) distant 2nd priority.
  11. Micharider

    WR250f or WR450F new to dirt bikes.

    Definitely go with the 250. You'll learn faster and enjoy yourself much faster. Chances are that also later you will stick to the 250 class or maybe, God forbid, try a two smoker. I actually know very few people who continuously ride a 450, and all of them are physically strong and highly experienced riders. These things are amazing for the open stuff and long straight uphills, but nowhere else. But most certainly not for beginners.
  12. Yup, happened on my 2016 WR250F more than once. Yes the weld didn't hold much after the first fix, but it did after the 2nd attempt (the welder did that re-fix free of charge - of course I still had to take the rear arm apart). This mount also broke on a friend's 2016 WRF, same riding area. Then I switched to a 2017 WR250F and, you guessed it: almost immediately the damn thing snapped on that bike too! So far the fix on my 2017 is holding up to torture, and tortured it is with all the rocks around here. But for sure Yamaha messed that one up, 'old type' WR chain guide mounts were clearly more robust to thrashing.
  13. Micharider

    2019 wr250f fork revalve

    Riding WR's for the past million years or so in similar terrain as yourself, I find two essential basics to have a major influence on fork plushness (especially in the newer models): Replace the stock fork oil with a similar grade quality aftermarket oil. Keep making sure the fork is parallel and no tension was built into the braces, as even the smallest of falls can make the fork feel harsher than it should.
  14. Micharider

    2019 wr250f first trail ride and thoughts

    Re fork harshness, for whatever reason replacing the stock fork oil with a quality aftermarket one made for a very noticeable improvement on my '16 & '17 WR's, and I heard the same from others. Of course only after exhausting other more trivial actions namely fork alignment/parallelism and clickers selection. And while at it, the fork goes out of parallelism quiet easily in certain crash scenarios, so make sure to align it after a fall. Lastly don't confuse fork going out of parallelism, with the handlebar moving in its mounts (dampers) - both result in the wheel direction misaligned with the handlebars direction, but the solution is different per case.
  15. Micharider

    250FX elecronics guard neccessary?

    Agree. 5600 kilometers on my '16 WRF, most of which technical rocks & woods, and zero issues there. Just upgraded to a '17 and since the part became OEM I am contemplating buying it just as well. We'll see, next time I have an irresistible urge to pamper the bike, this cover might be it.