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  1. DRZnXJnWI

    TE310 is the S%^T! the real deal

    DRZnXJnWI Likes this My brother just bought a 11TE310 for the same purposes- offroad. He picks it up from KeytimeMotorsports tomorrow.
  2. DRZnXJnWI

    Adventure ride on a TE449?

    Why do you want to use te449 for an "adventure bike"? Just because someone has done "it" does not mean it should be replicated.
  3. DRZnXJnWI

    Husqvarna 450te 2008

    I'd check the valve clearence before anything else- if its off too far it will disable your ADC. ALSO don't kick it without decompression- or you'll cause damage, luckily you have the manual decompression.
  4. DRZnXJnWI

    449/511 Racer Feedback?

    did you post in the wrong thread? Dartyppyt- if you are riding locally in Illinois/ D16 harescrambles and enduros like your location states by your id... I'd say the 250/310 Xlites would be a better platform. Most guys I know that race are running 200-300 2-strokes. 450s that race in these areas are usually dualsport cross overs that really just want to ride some trail moreso than be competative. Yes there are guys that run 450s but if its by choice they are Brutes and not human by any means to get those bikes through this stuff. 450 power is overkill for the enduro's I know about. I don't care how you set it up or who sets it up its still a 450. I also kinda figure if you were one of those AAA imortal guys you wouldn't even ask the question- sorry if I am mistaken. The TXC449 would be a fun bike and could do it- but if you are planning on winning races in this area- I think the xlite would give you an advantage over the 450. A good contact for racing harescrambles and enduros in Illinois/d16 is Ryan Moss from Midwestenduros.com.
  5. DRZnXJnWI

    where to get decomp lever for 2006 te 510

    its a Magura part- so its every where- you could buy that from the Thumpertalk store- about any MC retailer or a Husky Dealer.
  6. DRZnXJnWI

    Brand New 2011 TE250 $5963 OTD

    Your bike does not need a Power COmander to go into Power UP mode... However at some point, whether immediately or down the road- you will need to calibrate your efi settings and TPS, wheter with Ibeat, PC, or JD. Going into power mode does not make that more likely- in fact performance wise, it is more likely you will find what appears to be fueling problems in 'stock' mode due to being lean- intentionally lean. The O2 sensor is a narrow band o2 sensor- that attempts to lean out the system when it can- not really adjusting for best performance but best emissions in theory. fuel milage is probably best right now in stock mode- but the motor is not as happy and you will have a greater likelhood of stalling, flameouts, hesitation..... take it in the woods when you get a chance you'll see what I mean:thumbsup:
  7. DRZnXJnWI

    Brand New 2011 TE250 $5963 OTD

    Curious what dealer in WI is selling on Ebay??? The Power UP MODS are your first order of business search on that- those are your "free mods" take o2 sensor out, CAT, throttle restrictor, ensure airfilter is using the cage, don't use any of the Charcoal canister stuff, Properly remove the nipple and fill hole in Throttle body that goes to the canister with a proper sized bolt (don't just use a vacume plug), don't use the gas tank one way valve (use a straight vent hose (no valve))... grease it up, tighten bolts, let air out of the tires, and have fun!
  8. DRZnXJnWI

    Buying a Husqvarna te450/510 06-08

    Nope- different strokes: 97.0 x 60.8 mm (3.8 x 2.4 inches) 450 97.0 x 67.8 mm (3.8 x 2.7 inches) 510 You will like either- but the 450 will be easier in tight stuff for sure- the difference is the 510s wheel comes up a little easier at higher speeds but the 450 winds up fast. between corner's the 450 seems faster or the difference doesn't matter- I have a 09TE450- I have buddies with 06 08-10 250s-510s and 610s- I prefer the 450. check out the "stickied post" what to do to your bike or whatever one of the first posts- it has alot of info- for the most part though I think there's no big "thing" to look for on these- more or less the same stuff on any used bike. BIG difference is EFI in 2008- if you are hesitant about buying a first year efi bike and like the familiar keihin 41 get the 2007. nice bikes:thumbsup:
  9. DRZnXJnWI

    Heinen's Motorsports...!!!

    Interesting research- the filter itself apears a weak link as you point out- hopefully we all continue being lucky or an alternative is found- I think a few have swapped out the filter for an all metal one... but I don't know if they spec'ed it out correctly though- as you have attempted to do.
  10. DRZnXJnWI

    Heinen's Motorsports...!!!

    The pump, plate, regulator, filter are sold OEM as one- but they are not "one" you can inspect and change the filter as an individual part like the pump. I think Some Dude didn't explain it the way he meant and you understood it the way he said it. I haven't heard of a filter spliting- but I've heard of fuel lines comming unattatched on replaced pumps that lack a barb/flare on the end... that would cause problems for sure. to PO- I would work with dealer that is closer to you. You bought it from Heinens- leave it at that. Move on and resolve the problem- if you can' t resolve it yourself from help on forums- go to the nearest dealer. Someone needs to go through it- Hooking it up to Ibeat would be helpful to verify some issues are not present- like the temp sensor (etc). Sometimes- the right diagnostition looking at the bike will find the issue quicker than you think- it could be 1 of a hundered silly/ substantial things. Start simple- if you are unfamiliar find someone who is otherwise it will take that much longer. Forums can help- but you are the hands and the eyes. good luck:thumbsup:
  11. DRZnXJnWI

    08 TE300kit Throttle Stuck..... Got Theories?

    So this is a 08TE250 with a bb kit... If so- I'd take the cover off the Throttle body on the right side of the bike that covers the throttle wheel. Disconect the throttle cables- Turn the Throttle wheel on the Throttle body to inspect it is turning smooth- if it catches a little when closed- your butterfly might be bottoming out on the throttle body bore or the bore has dirt/gunk. If its bottoming in the bore rather than the throttle stop- you should have this adjusted by someone knowledgeable with Ibeat. Then I'd inspect the cables/ throttle itself for binding / stickines/ wear. Clean and lube as you go.
  12. DRZnXJnWI

    TE 310 front axle

    I had originally bought a single 12mm Alen socket at the local hardware store for about $4.00 and that worked fine and obviously was pretty easy to find. Then I figured I would at some point find myself in a situation where I would forget that socket at home or loose it and need to remove my wheel. So I felt blingly and bought the <<< Zipty Axel Nut >>>- which uses a 3/8" square drive (socket wrench)- which is overly common and conveinient-
  13. DRZnXJnWI

    Rid of Husky

    Don't change the oil or clean the air filter.... and you'll find out. Take care of it and bimoto will look silly on his soapbox and you too won't know his pain. Too bad things worked out the way they did bimoto- go get a honda 230 or klx 250 and it will suit your needs better.
  14. DRZnXJnWI

    TE610 brand new cam chain+tensioner rattling

    Cam Chain Guides worn
  15. DRZnXJnWI

    TC 250 exhaust rattle

    If its the Insert or spark arrestor held by the C-Clip- then it's normal- install with heat resistive RTV or there are many other attempts that have been tried. If its the endcap- then check for loose or missing rivets. If its the Core itself- Than disassemble and have it rewelded in place- repack and rivet.