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  1. I was being hyperbolic. Good to know they have someone with experience
  2. I think I would trust someone like motoxgiant just as much if not more than a factory beta tech which is probably some kid that just got out of MMI
  3. I won't sell you, but I will tell you what I think. You really need to ride one and decide for yourself. The bike that fits you the best may not be the lightest, most durable, or lowest maintenance bike on the market, but it makes up for it because you have confidence when you're on it. Reliability / Durability I think Beta is okay here. They aren't the fragile pieces of glass everyone makes them out to be. However, they do have some issues, none with the engine. Once you correct them the bike is fine. I'm talking about plastics, computer, mudflap rub. I think Yamaha takes the cake in durability. as far as reliability, we have 3 betas in our riding group. None of them have quit on us for any reason. The engine is the best part of the bike and is rock solid Low maintenance Again, I think Yamaha takes the cake. I am a tinkerer by nature, so the bike is either running and I'm riding it or its in pieces in the garage. The bike is probably low maintenance if I would stop messing with it. Light and the weight carried down low No other bike carries it's weight lower than the beta does. I love it. I can lean the bike over to handlebar in turns with complete confidence. I don't have a particularly long inseam, so the bike inspires a ton of confidence. Handling and chassis are the things that stand out to me most when I ride another bike. Beta nailed this.
  4. wow I thought the same thing So they want $2K just to upgrade components, service, and revalve? My tuner would charge me 25% of that EDIT: I see that they are throwing in an Ohlins shock with that $2K price tag. Still crazy expensive, $1200.
  5. paper towels stuffed into the boot. Twin air wash cover on. I begin washing with the seat and tank on. Then take both the seat and tank off. continue washing EDIT: I, like WWGuy, use plastic, saran wrap, to cover my hour meter. I don't use a pressure washer unless I was riding thick mud, and I always lay the bike down to get her under carriage EDIT: I forgot to mention I use a leaf blower to dry my bike when I am done washing it.
  6. I looked for them, and could not find them when I rebuilt my slave. I couldn't even find the rebuild kit anywhere. Called my dealer, and they got a rebuild kit for me for $30. I was tired of looking.
  7. I got a gas pressure washer from Costco for use on the bike and other household chores. Runs good. Although, I stopped using it on the bike and went back to using the hose. Pressure washers eat bearings. I haven't had to replace one since I stopped using it, and it's been almost 2 years
  8. I have also done this. I assumed everyone had. it did make a big difference though
  9. Alright you guys talked me out of a clake. I purchased an MME.
  10. Congrats on the new bike. You may not have to rework that suspension. The xplor forks are pretty good out of the box. The only thing I would do right away is put a top out/stink bug killer on the shock.
  11. 5.10. Bigger is better. It's actually not that big. I had a 130 motoz that was way wider.
  12. I run mine with tubliss 9 lbs in the front 5.5 in the back. I can't find a better all around set up from the slop to the rocks Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  13. Has anyone used one of these? I use the 3 finger technique to modulate my clutch. Which also means I don’t cover it, and I abuse the clutch like it’s a 125. Looking for something I can cover and one finger modulate.
  14. M59 - VE33 is what I run. Can’t beat it. I’ve tried