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  1. it is interesting to me how enduro skills don’t translate directly to trials, but trails skills translate directly to enduro. Usually a trials rider can get on a dirt bike and rip it. A dirt rider can’t necessarily rip a trials bike.
  2. This. + a Bullet proof designs guard is the best protection. Not cheap. I have unabiker, and they are fine, BUT my rads have gotten mangled inside them
  3. I've ridden trials, and it is much different than riding dirt fun factor wise. Trials is more like bouldering/climbing. You work on a technique or line till you solve it and then on to the next one. It's more cerebral than riding dirt. If the joy you get from riding dirt is the adrenaline rush of going fast or doing something gnarly, then trials may not be for you. The first 3 levels of trials (novice to sportsman) there is nothing that would scare me enough to give me adrenaline, but there is a lot satisfaction in completing a line you could not before. Just like bouldering
  4. Watch @ the 4.20 mark. There may be debris in the oil injection line
  5. The ibex is my new favorite too. They have come down in price considerably since they first came out. I do love the ve33, but I have a lot more confidence when riding on the Ibex in the the gnarly stuff. The ve33 does last a lot longer though Everyone I know that has ridden a 525 says, it chunks.
  6. Sedona is a great tire MX907HP. Often overlooked. Good in everything but the slop. Cheap too!
  7. always have a million different opinions on tires. I have a buddy that runs nothing but the equilibrium. I tried it. It wears awesome. I found that it kept breaking loose on me in the corners. Now I won't run anything without side knobs. To each his own
  8. Some good info on this thread already I converted my 300rr to KYB, then I stopped racing, haha. It had nothing to do with the forks. It's just I didn't want to be on a 5 mile closed loop with 100 retards anymore. It has been mentioned already, but the KYB forks make the biggest difference in the fast and flowy stuff. they shine in 3rd gear trails. In the gnarly stuff, they are still better than the Sachs OC forks. They just aren't that much better. Also, I would use the correct geometry, meaning if the for lugs are 32mm offset, I would correct that with the beta 4t triple clamps. Some have reported the bike felt sketchy and knifed easily without the correction.
  9. ve33. If you ride a lot of rocks, then the ibex
  10. I did exactly this ^ I ended up picking up a mid 2000's Sherco 250 trials bike for $1800.
  11. I don't think it is out yet. I cannot find it anywhere The IRC VE-33s GEKKOTA is brand new to the line and was developed and tested in extreme enduro/off-road conditions making it a viable option for single track riders and enduro racers. IRC developed a new gummy compound that doubles for riders looking for a little less knob flex than their standard Gekkota. The 2 ply + Breaker carcass structure resists puncture and optimizes stability over a range of speeds. The new stiffer gummy compound acts as a suspension component within the tire and is stiffer th Proper rigidity of the sidewall with gummy compound will provide extra bump absorption performance. Tall blocks are designed to provide a larger contact patch and also flexibility for maximum traction no matter the conditions. Available Size 110/100-18 Price $116.00
  12. I didn't want to hijack another thread more so than tire talk can hijack any thread. Looks like IRC is coming out with a gummy version of the VE33 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT STICKY ENDURO TIRES
  13. Yeah my buddy destroyed his in a couple rides too. I’m fully not expecting it to hold up, but we have one place here called brown mtn ohh that’s particularly rocky with tons of slabs. I was going to slap it on there to give me a little more confidence. The ve33 doesn’t like to do anything but go straight on those slabs
  14. Do you like it in the muck? I figured it’s would be good in the dry and rocks OP: I agree with GP. Send your forks and shock to Steve at plus one performance (motoxgiant) before you do something like swap them out for CC forks
  15. the ve33 has to be the best non-rock race tire I have ever used. The only issue I have with it is I quit racing. ha! The 505 and 525 I tried chunked, and neither were good in the slop, but both better than the ve33 on rocks. I am giving the Ibex and Motoz arena hybrid gummy a shot since I have been riding a lot more rocks @NW_drZ you like the fatty more than the m59? have you tried the shinko 216 copy? I really want to give the fatty a shot but I get less adventurous with front tires.