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  1. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    No there no way it would be a safe weld since it’s so close to another weld. I’m healing good just not fast enough. I now have a rob the complete length of my femur and a plate on my pelvis. I have 51 staples. I snapped my femur in half it hurt like hell
  2. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    So been a while since I posted but I was recently in a very bad crash involving a stupid side by side drive. But I have to do a complete bike rebuild. So any help with where to get a good frame would be greatly appreciated. I only have one picture of my bike since I have been either in the hospital or stuck at home. The bike is at my buddies house who I was lucky enough to have rescue my bike. Any ideas of parts I should look into since this isn’t going to be a quick rebuild would be greatly appreciated Sorry forgot to post the picture.
  3. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    I run engine ice and a cooling fan and I rarely overheat. You'll know if your over heating if you hear a high pitched whine and you can smell the coolant.
  4. Finchy637

    3rd Annual NORCAL Ride..... IT'S TIME!!!

    Failing you. If you guys ever come out here again if gladly show you around
  5. Finchy637

    3rd Annual NORCAL Ride..... IT'S TIME!!!

    I wish I would have seen this post earlier. I live out there and would have loved to show yall show trails.
  6. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    Thank you. I have had the bike since around march and this problem just started happening. My bike has around 75 hours on it if that helps at all.
  7. Finchy637

    What rad supports for yz450fx?

    Is the GYTR supports the only supports that work with the rad fan?
  8. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    So I need some advice. This is my first bike in a long time so im just getting used to the way things feel for how I like them and Im having a few issues. 1ST, is that im having problems shifting from 2nd to 3rd as in sometimes the shifter wont move at all and I have to either let off the gas or double clutch. 2ND, is when I shift into 3rd it feel like the clutch doesn't fully disengage and as I would explain it as it feels like the bike has a long pull/ whind out before actually disengaging. Keep this in mind I do race enduro/desert with the bike so some days there is very very heavy clutch usage. Ive been playing around with the clutch cable tightener do you guys think that I just over tightened the cable or is my clutch going out. I have also tried changing oils but still staying with an ester based oil.
  9. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    Where was this race at this year?
  10. Finchy637

    2016 YZ450FX exhaust and mapping

    As of right now I have around 60+ hours on the bike. I did notice a difference in the bike when I first put on the full exhaust but it wasn't anything huge. The power seemed to be more even and this was before I tuned the bike. Lately I've been riding with the bike in the hard hitting tune and for my riding style its prefect. It has the power there almost no matter what gear I am in with a quick double clutch. I live in a mix of desert and mountains so we have everything from hard pack with a lot of rocks to soft dunes and sometimes if you pick the right trail you get a lot of rocks mix with deep sand. The hard hitting tune handles great across the board for my riding style. I would kinda like to know if anyone has in recommendations on front tires given my terrain. I think im going to try the Bridgestone Battlecross X40. I've read the reviews and it seems everyone love the front tire. Is anyone else tearing up the Dunlop Geomax AT81 RCs? I've gone through three now and this last one only lasted maybe 10 hours but I have been training for my enduro event coming up this weekend.
  11. Finchy637

    What did you do to your YZ450FX today?

    I've gotten flats in both my front and rear tires as well. I put an ultra heavy duty tube in them both and I've had no problems since. I got into a big wreck in may which put my out for 10 weeks with a broken back and when I got back onto the bike I noticed one of my fork seals with leaking just a little bit. It was only leaving a very light oil ring but it went away after a wash bleeding and a few rides.
  12. Finchy637

    Enduro lap times

    You know, that's not a bad idea. I was thinking about that the other day.
  13. Finchy637

    Enduro lap times

    Thanks for the input. I live in a mix of mountains and desert so our events are a good mix of desert and Enduro type tracks. The track we practice on has one section of desert like trials and the rest is light to heavy Enduro to help us prepare for the worst.
  14. Finchy637

    Enduro lap times

    My buddies and I are getting ready to race our local Enduro race series. As of right now we have a whooped out 32 mile track that we have been recording our lap times on. This track has everything from tight single track to wide open fast desert style. This track also has plenty of rocky sections and some where you even have to crawl over. It includes a nice deep sandy section where if you are not going fast enough it will put you into the ground. The fast lap I have put down so far is 32.42 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes. I want to get a general idea of where I am at in my training.Oh did I mention that this track is whooped out beyond belief. My goal is to be in the Pro class by the beginning of next season. I ride a YZ450FX with a Dr. D's full exhaust and I 100% love this bike.
  15. Finchy637

    2016 YZ450FX ride report

    I own an FX and I'm finding that the forks from stock handle everything great but at least from me are way to soft and I found the front end washing out. I'm not sure if it is because I ride to far forward but I did find that after tightening everything up a few clicks it started to handle everything like a dream. I actually tuned my up to the hard hitting tune and I love it. I am also a very aggressive rider. My two grips about this bike are that it is so tall. I'm kind of short (5'8") but if I find that my shortness compared to the bikes height causes me problems. I would lower the bike but the rear suspension is just so prefect. I have not touched the settings since I got the bike. My second grip is the gas tank or mileage that it gets. With my aggressive style I don't get much out of the tank. I would recommend that you and whoever has this bike try to stay away from 1st unless you really have to. 1st gear to me is great in a bind but other than that is a useless gear that only causes more problems than it solves. It creates way to much torque and at least from me makes it a pain to keep the front wheel on the ground. Second will climb anything you throw at it just about. I really love this FX. I live around a place that you can't go anywhere without finding some rocks and I found that the bike will handle them just fine at a good speed as long as the forks stiff enough. When they were soft I found my front end just bouncing all over the place and would send me off the trail or someplace I didn't want to be.