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  1. kNewc

    What am I missing? I’m pulling my hair out!!

    Looks like you are still a couple teeth off, but it's hard to see if in the pic the dots are completely vertical. The one on the left looks like it is a tooth to the right and the right cam looks like it's off by 2-3 teeth to the left. Did you try starting it like this? If so, you might have created a valve issue as well. Don't listen to me though I don't know shit haha I've done a complete engine once now..Working on my 2nd at the moment. lol
  2. kNewc

    What am I missing? I’m pulling my hair out!!

    Low compression...2 teeth off previously. I wonder if one of your valves is out of spec. You said a bucket was stuck are you sure everything is seating properly? Before any of that - have you cleaned the carb too?
  3. kNewc

    What am I missing? I’m pulling my hair out!!

    What was the compression after all that?
  4. kNewc

    Fork maintainance

    A dealer can definitely do your seals - but I wouldn't take to a dealer per se. Maybe another local bike shop that specializes in dirtbikes? I take mine up to the local shop and he does my forks for $75. I provide the seals. Although he did OEM seals last time and the total was $150. I don't think you need a suspension guy to do the seals. That would be a ridiculous waste of money - the same it would be to take the entire bike to a dealer for the fork seals. Take the forks out of the clamps and take it up to a guy that does race bikes.
  5. I had my 05 kx250f engine on the bench yesterday when I had to move it for another project I was working on. This bike's engine wouldn't shift, and the kick starter wouldn't budge. Original owner claims that it "blew up" when he landed with his foot on the shift lever over a table top (shifting down on landing). So I pick up the engine and go to move it to an oil pan I have on the floor when the kick lever flies off and it lands on the flywheel cover with a loud thud. This was about a foot and a half off the ground. So I pick it up and put it back on the bench and reinstalled the kick starter and... the kick starter moved down... That's odd. So I lock it into my engine vice and WOW the thing kicks over (with decent compression) and shifts into every gear! Before the shift lever would move freely up and down without any "clicks" and wouldn't come out of gear. Now the thing (on my bench) shifts lovely through all gears with audible clicks. Should I try to start it? I was thinking about checking the valve clearances first (check out my other cam cover cap thread). Before I open it up and see what actually happened, anyone want to take a guess at this!? How could it go from not shifting at all to acting perfectly normal?
  6. I have a 2005 KX250f and went to rebuild the engine. I noticed that there are no dowels under the cam cover bolts (but 1) and that there is a non-oem bolt holding down the cover as well. The cam chain is under tension and the previous owner said it had been running before it "blew up" and he gave it to me. Do these cam holders need to have these dowels? Is it okay to just tighten the cam covers until tight? I know that most manuals state certain torque levels and stuff but the service manual doesn't really discuss these bolts at all besides the pattern to tighten them with.
  7. Why wasn't this moved to the KTM section? Every single post is pretty much moved but this one and it freaking states KTM in the title lol.
  8. kNewc

    question on dirtbike boots

    I used the O'Neal Elements and they were great for the longest time but now that I ride a lot I'm having issues. After landing flat and almost blowing out my foot to other ankle problems, take it from me get some nicer boots. I actually upgraded to the O'Neal RDX and have liked that a lot. Also Alpinestars. The Elements are great for the guys who ride a couple times a month.
  9. What does the bike look like, we need to see some pics! Next time you buy a bike, check the VIN! Who cares what the paperwork says you need to see what the stamped VIN on the bike says.
  10. kNewc

    Riding by yourself

    I do this when I go mountain biking. For moto I just have a slip of paper in my car with my emergency contact info and allergies and let the guys near by know that it's there. Quite a few guys ride alone and I noticed they started doing the same thing. It's just nice for strangers to have a way to tell your wife how big of shit you are in.
  11. kNewc

    Graphics Install Cost

    I take my bikes to the shop for quite a few things the old-timers don't do (like valve adjustments) but never for number plates. It's very easy with Windex and a credit card. My first set did have a few air pockets, but you just use an Exacto knife and cut a little slit for the air to escape and you can pretty much get rid of any size air bubble. So even if you mess it up, you can fix the air bubbles. I found aligning everything was the most difficult part. But if you use Windex you can adjust it slightly before fully applying. So go for it next time man, you sound like you would take your time and do a bit of studying. If so, I would say you can't mess it up!
  12. kNewc

    Forum Management

    I agree it isn't a science. I'm not bashing the mods, just a "keep it easy" sort of feeling. I do enjoy the quality of posts here and that is for sure, the mechanical knowledge far surpasses any moto site out there right now. I agree with your last paragraph as well - that's a very machine make/model specific question. Maybe it's the users needing to be more generic. Like that user should have said "what do you think of fcr vs stock?" and then explain he was thinking of upgrading his old bike. I do like that they remain in general for awhile until they are moved (it says "post moved to" but still lets you select it).
  13. kNewc

    Forum Management

    That's good to know you are tracking it via data. Are you separating the page views based on the site age? Like, sure you may have an influx of visitors - but are those visitors from google because they searched a specific mechanical issue that was posted 10 years ago? Or did they legitimately sign up and start using? I'm not saying this isn't being done or you don't have the tools - just pointing out how stats can skew your view of reality. I think that's great though. Here are some examples of thread moves today that I thought were a bit questionable: The one about California - I thought it was a pretty generic and was a pretty general question. Guy selling his old CR250. - Sure it's brand/make specific, but it was a pretty general question about older bikes. If he posted it as "what to price a '89 smoker?" would it have remained? "New to dirtbiking" Thread started - kid asking question about his older bike. Brand/make specific. But got moved to antique bikes. Okay, I get it - he asked a question about his specific old bike. But do we really have to throw it in "antique bikes"? "New bike break in" thread started - again, he mentioned a specific make/model but honestly, it was a pretty generic question that isn't necessarily make/brand specific. FCR carb vs Jetting thread - again, he mentioned a make/model but the question is obviously appropriate to more than one make or model (since those companies make one for more than 1 bike). That's 5 of my opinions. I realize this is all my opinion, but to move those threads just seems silly and doesn't get them the attention they may or may not deserve. If people think the post belongs in the wrong place they are generally pretty vocal about it.
  14. kNewc

    Forum Management

    There is a lot more real advice on this site - especially mechanical. But seriously - this thread was just moved. There's a point where it becomes too much and it's reached that point. I think this site is going to lose a lot of users with the changes. But who knows. it still has all the old posts which are where the real value to this site is anymore. If they lose that, it will probably become a thing of the past. Oh, and now my content must be approved by a mod? WTF?
  15. kNewc

    Forum Management

    This may be the un-popular opinion... I've noticed that the mods have really ramped up moving posts to their correct forum section. I think it's causing the forums to stagnate a bit, and users aren't getting as many answers to their questions that would normally pop up in "general". I think that makes forums like Vital and Reddit look a lot better than this place. Vital rarely moves posts as they do not have as many forum sections. I enjoy that. I don't mind the "hey I'm moving to CA have any tips?" posts. But today that got moved to the "California" section where a minority of the audience will see his post. Which then, why would he stick around? A quarter of the audience, no responses - that pretty much forces them to go elsewhere. I realize it probably takes quite a bit of time to manage forums this size, but I think it's alienating it's users and turning people away. I've certainly switched over to Vital the last few months and rarely check this site anymore due to it.