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  1. akeldamach

    Flood pics from WA St

    shit man, im living in pullman while going to school. i was in that area over thanksgiving break. i heard it was bad, but these pics are crazy! hope you get back on your feet.
  2. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    i could post the mri's but its really hard to see whats going on with those. doc has the xrays. as for the surgery time, insurance problems coupled with doc's busy schedule... believe me if i had a choice in the matter i would have had the operation done a few weeks ago.
  3. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    ok, so i got some more information about my injury. my acl is pretty much intact, but i broke off a chunk of bone where it attaches to the tibia. so the doc says the surgery is gonna go one of two ways: 1. he will try and pin the piece of bone back into place and repair any damage to the acl that may have been done. 2. if the piece of bone is too small to pin it, he will just have to replace my acl. oh, and he will be repairing the meniscus tear on top of it. surgery is set for next wednesday, exactly 4 weeks after the initial injury. i talked to the surgeon about pre-hab, and because i have almost all my range of motion and can bear weight on it says i should be ok. he recommended a stationary bike or swimming to get some strength back. one thing i forgot to ask was if it was gonna be an orthoscopic surgery or not. i assumed not because of the amount of work needed to be done on the acl. as for rebound time, he said a month before i walk. and i MIGHT be snowboarding in december. as for my summer apprenticeship, i guess im not gonna be the bitch doing crawls to run wire anymore.
  4. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    this is the kind of news i keep hearing. you have any tips on staving off the boredom/depression? watching helmet cam vids on youtube only makes miss riding so much more. i am gonna be scheduling my surgery tomorrow hopefully, so i will keep you posted with all the gory details and pics.
  5. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    no xray, i had an MRI done. im gonna try and get images from the orthopedic surgeon on monday. i'll post em when i get em.
  6. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    i was doing something equally lame. new years eve i was getting the bike ready for a new years day ride. i had just cleaned my carb and was kick starting. the compression kicked back weirdly and my sneakers slipped off mid kick. my shin hit my foot peg and the foot peg kicked back. i was then staring at my shin bone and then decided i probably should call my riding buddies and let them know i wasn't gonna make it. needless to say i rang in the new year at the ER. nice thing was i got all closed up (30somthin stitches and 24 staples) before all the drunk drivers stated showing up. anyway, im starting to think i should come up with better stories...
  7. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    doing absolutely nothing cool. riding my buddy's yz250f up the street, was making the turn next to his house and leaning into the turn and i grabbed apparently way to much front brake. locked up the front wheel and went down on my left knee really really hard. i slid for a bit but i couldnt have been going more than 15mph. so fing gay. its great how all my major injuries happen when im not on the trail. i guess its the gear or something...
  8. akeldamach

    so there goes my summer...

    i just got back from the doc and heres the diagnosis: 1. fracture of the lateral tibial plateau as well as a fracture of the head of the fibula. 2. complete tear of anterior cruciate ligament with a 6.5mm separation. 3. large joint effusion. 4. deep infrapatellar bursitis. 5. grade 1 sprain of popliteus muscle. 6. complex tear of posterior horn of the lateral meniscus. i got referred to an orthopedic surgeon to see what my options are. so basically im not riding for the rest of the summer. this is what it looked like the night it happened.
  9. akeldamach

    Best scars!

    jesus these are some gnarly pics. i really cant compare to most of these. but this is what i got: did this on new years eve this year. some 30 odd stiches on the under layer and 23 staples to close her up. did all the recent stuff laying my bike over on the street. i just got back from getting an MRI of my left knee. Docs think it is probably a torn meniscus. i may need orthoscopic surgery pretty quick here.
  10. akeldamach

    Mattawa or Odessa race?

    desert 100 takes place at odessa. you just missed this years by about a month or so. be sure to mark your calender next year, its the event of the year.
  11. akeldamach

    babes, bikes... INJURIES!

    my new years eve this year was spent stapling my shin back together. http://photos-914.ak.facebook.com/ip002/v57/127/64/1581750071/n1581750071_30003914_517.jpg and this is what kept me from working the last 2 days... nothing major just a bit of scraped skin. and a very swollen knee. http://photos-340.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v74/127/64/1581750071/n1581750071_30006340_7932.jpg
  12. akeldamach

    chill spot!!!

    all my favorite places are at naches. if you have ridden there, you know what i mean. i can wait to get up there again!
  13. akeldamach

    Some Dez 100 experiences

    haha, i did the same thing with my stock yamaha hour meter. it lasted a few rides. i had it mounted getto style with some velcro and what not. it finally came loose in the at some point between a belfair ride and mr sudsy because when i was unloading the bike my driveway, the wire got hung up on somthing and locked my handle bars all the way left. i dumped the bike over and smashed the meter to hell. i know now that the new one wont be going under the bar pad and its gonna be a hell of a lot more secure.
  14. akeldamach

    Some Dez 100 experiences

    i bet you find all sorts of bike carnage... i am gonna have to find out my buds plate numbers, and i will get back to you after your clean up ride. my brother in law was disappointed that he lost his plate on the first lap of the ironman, he was planning to do the dual sport ride as his "second lap". i figured no one would care if he went, but he went ahead and finished the ironman with me. I just wanted to thank the guy i borrowed a cell phone from on friday night. i think he might have been with stumpjumpers, as another SJ staff member directed me to him. i owe you a beer!
  15. akeldamach

    Some Dez 100 experiences

    you lost yours too? 3 of the guys i was riding with lost their plates. we thought somebody stole them by breaking them off, but one of the bikes in the group still had its plate. i kept my eyes peeled for plates on the course, but never saw any. so if anyone did find a plate or two, let me know.