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  1. strange, because dirt bike riding is very addictive. Check if you have still balls attached Redbull may help. p.s. BTW if you ride every six months what kinda progress do you expect???
  2. I ride everyday, sometimes twice a day. When I twisted my ankle I rode street bike instead
  3. that's mitas, not expensive as well.
  4. just wonder, because I put new rear tyre on and it seated OK I guess because it popped twice but bead liner on one side is wider a bit then on the other side. Will it evens up while riding? treid already deflate and inflate twice, no change.
  5. that's the faulty thinking, 15$ every 5 hours it's a LOT of money.
  6. well, unless it is a canola oil. Works great on 4 strokes.
  7. Tasmania tours
  8. the trick is use dual lenses, and any goggle will do. Personally I use Scott and 100%
  9. I use motul semi synthetic 5100 oil exclusively from some time with great results, no problems. BTW I think IMO you change oil too often.
  10. ok, those examples convinced me I don't need to keep diet after all and yes that's true if you have more "meat" crashing is safer.
  11. if you want good protection then you need mx boots, then there are no waterproof. But I don't see a big problem with getting feet wet from time to time, boots dry out fast.
  12. so Dave Knight is a big giant I guess then but not fat though.
  13. usually yes, but look at this guy
  14. just wonder, because from what I see pro riders are kinda jockey body build type, rather short and slim. I'm curious was there any big and fat pro good mx or enduro rider?