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  1. motf

    What's in your water pak

    go back to school kid. period.
  2. motf

    What's in your water pak

    and your silly point is???
  3. motf

    What's in your water pak

    mineral water plus a pinch of sea salt.
  4. no not outdated at all, I can get any grips I want for 10$ but ODI limited selection for 20$ - nice marketing move... besides no need to glue anything, you wet it with gasoline, slide it on and that's it, never had problems. Sometimes I put wire or 2 to be 100% sure. You think that one screw holding ODI grips are bulletproof? I don't think so. Now I'm getting metals tusk throttle tube and will fit it with any cheap grip I want to.
  5. motf

    Riding by yourself

    I ride also alone, much more convenient, besides hard to find better partner for riding then myself. Don't talk much, similar skills and go wherever I want :)
  6. I did like guy on this video and that method worked fine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaZClhABeb8
  7. I thought I made it clear, I don't want lock on grips.
  8. Hi, I got pro tapper pillow grips and want to install on my ktm 500 exc '17. Clutch side was quick but throttle side it's pain... Looks like the grip rubber is glued on very tightly, I cut it in few places, used brake cleaner, heated with hair dryer and won't come off. any ideas how remove this stupid odi grips?
  9. strange, because dirt bike riding is very addictive. Check if you have still balls attached Redbull may help. p.s. BTW if you ride every six months what kinda progress do you expect???
  10. I ride everyday, sometimes twice a day. When I twisted my ankle I rode street bike instead
  11. that's mitas, not expensive as well.
  12. just wonder, because I put new rear tyre on and it seated OK I guess because it popped twice but bead liner on one side is wider a bit then on the other side. Will it evens up while riding? treid already deflate and inflate twice, no change.
  13. motf

    2016 WR450 engine oil

    that's the faulty thinking, 15$ every 5 hours it's a LOT of money.
  14. motf

    engine oil

    well, unless it is a canola oil. Works great on 4 strokes.