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  1. maybe, but I don't feel comfortable taking off the tank in the Sahara desert for instance just to check the spark plug...
  2. quick, question - is it doable without removing the tank? thanks
  3. thanks, will check this but didn't remove tank yet BTW is it o-ring which come with fuel hose wash cap set?
  4. Hi, I was doing oil change today and noticed small fuel leak at the fuel line filter connector, what can it be? Any tricks to seal it?
  5. personally I don't give a damn if number of dirt bike riders is declining, in fact that's not bad although I don't see it happening anyway. Bikes maybe are expensive but as far I know they are back ordered most of the time and not so easy to get one, at least new models. I August this year I bought last 500exc available in my country. All were sold out. On rallies I still see big crowds as usual, way to big to my liking so if indeed some will drop off, it's fine with me less crowded trails and racing events translates to safer riding.
  6. learn to read topic before you give silly advice and make stupid comments or maybe you're too stupid for that?
  7. yeah right, float in my hands especially when I coming down from wheelie BTW, i think I may have problems because my handlebar position as I pushed it farther hence the angle of my wrist could be bad. Got to put them back to neutral position.
  8. they are, but I don't think so you want flexing in all directions...trail riding is a precise riding
  9. exactly, I ride almost everyday for an hour or two and I'm fit but some strains and pains are normal from time to time and it's not the point. I know I should have a day or two break from riding in a week just to let body recover and heal but most of the time can't help myself. I had previously writ pain during pushups and it went away after a while. Usually trigger points massage helps, but if there is a way to reduce the possibility of getting injured why not. Will try some of suggestions posted here for sure. Starting point will be better grips.
  10. So can I fit regular pro taper pillow grips on them?
  11. anybody tried EVS wrister gloves with built in protection?
  12. duct tape wrist or handlebar...
  13. So what is the procedure now with new, easy fit grips handle? I see some screw below the handle, anybody replaced grips already? My felt apart after 80 hours and need to change them.