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  1. BTW is weed legal to carry on the bike or inside connectors?
  2. good to know though that the only spare parts you need for your ktm are wires and connectors :)
  3. and that's how it should be made in factory for 10k $ bike, excellent option indeed.
  4. finally got it fixed, another 2 wires were cut, brown and orange in second wire loom on the right side of handlebar. They were undercut and during previous job obviously had to break completely. KTM wiring is definitely Achilles heel of these bikes, especially that spot, when handlebar is turned all the way these wires bend 90 degree, back and forth, back and forth and one day one of them breaks. Bad KTM design IMO.. In addition they're put inside not so flexible shield which in my casecracked and probably their sharp edges cut the wires. Bikes is running fine now
  5. don't worry virgin, there is always that first time for everything.
  6. found the cause, broken 2 brown wires in main loom one leading straight to the lamp, so I'm pretty confident headlight should be fine after I have soldered it. But, bike won't start/crank now at all LOL question how many fuses there are? checked the main two along the relay and 4 below in the box, all good. What could I messed up along the way.... \ spaghetti behind the headlamp
  7. is there electrical diagram available for these bikes?
  8. ok, I'm gonna strip this crappy KTM wiring and try to find the issues then replace with proper wire, it's a shame so good bike with Chinese toy wiring harness.... and everything just to save few grams....
  9. I used it according to intended purpose for which was build. Don't use bars risers and I crash a lot as all enduro riders do. If you ride easy trails only in grandma pace you probably won't have problems :)
  10. but looks to me wire is broken somewhere in the main harness, hard to test it.
  11. As much as I l like my 500 exc '17 I hate its electrical connectors and wires. Few month ago speed sensor cable connector failed, now headlamp stopped to work, when I am turning handlebar it's on and off, mostly off. It's autumn and I need lights dam it. When lamp is off blue high beam indicator is on (but not actual lamp), when I turn handlebar or squeeze main wire harness high beam indicator is off and main in lamp turns on. How to fix this? Whole wires set is very, very expensive. BTW who uses zip ties for electrical wires which are moving??? nonsense, and they were very tied. Wires on this new KTM bikes are a joke, thin like for kids toys.
  12. motf

    What's in your water pak

    go back to school kid. period.
  13. motf

    What's in your water pak

    and your silly point is???
  14. motf

    What's in your water pak

    mineral water plus a pinch of sea salt.
  15. no not outdated at all, I can get any grips I want for 10$ but ODI limited selection for 20$ - nice marketing move... besides no need to glue anything, you wet it with gasoline, slide it on and that's it, never had problems. Sometimes I put wire or 2 to be 100% sure. You think that one screw holding ODI grips are bulletproof? I don't think so. Now I'm getting metals tusk throttle tube and will fit it with any cheap grip I want to.